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League of Legends: New Void Grub Changes

League of Legends: New Void Grub Changes

Exciting alterations are shaking up the landscape of League of Legends, with Riot Games rolling out significant adjustments to Void Grubs, the little goons that help you boost your turret demolishing potential. Combined with some balancing tweaks to the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor as well. 

In this article, we will talk about how the Void Grubs will now spawn one minute later, reshaping early-game dynamics. The underlying buffs to Touch of the Void empowering split pushing champions with adjustments to Void creeps summoning. Not to mention the Herald's orientation correction and Baron's increased damage that underscores Riot's commitment to balanced gameplay.

So without further delay, let us take a look at how these changes will impact the dynamics of the Summoner’s Rift.

Void Grub Spawn Time Delayed

Prepare for a shift in strategy as Void Grubs, affectionately dubbed "Kevin" by the community, now make their entrance one minute later than before. Previously, these formidable creatures emerged at the 5-minute mark, but players will now encounter them at minute 6. 

Should you eliminate the initial set timely, the second wave will rear its head at minute 10. This alteration promises to intensify early-game skirmishes, particularly around the first dragon spawn, fostering more dynamic conflicts.

Touch of the Void Buffed

touch of the void buffed


The Touch of the Void buff undergoes a significant transformation, offering heightened potency to champions seeking its power. The true damage bonus per stack receives a substantial boost, escalating from six for melee champions and three for ranged champions to eight and four, respectively. 

This augmentation not only enhances champions' ability to siege towers but also amplifies their impact in team fights. Additionally, the threshold for summoning small Void Mites to assail towers undergoes revision. Previously requiring five stacks per champion on a 15-second cooldown, the threshold now sits at four stacks, a noteworthy alteration that promises to spice up tower sieges.

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Herald's Orientation Adjustment and Baron's Might

Herald's Orientation Adjustment

Rift Herald, the formidable ally of those who dare to summon it, undergoes a slight adjustment in its behavior. Previously, the Herald would occasionally display a peculiar inclination, gazing towards the southeast wall instead of facing the Southwest as intended. This minor correction ensures that the Herald's attention aligns with its intended direction, maintaining consistency in its behavior. 

Meanwhile, Baron Nashor, the harbinger of late-game dominance, receives a boost in his offensive capabilities. Acknowledging feedback regarding his perceived lack of threat in the late game, Riot Games has opted to increase the damage output of certain attacks, ensuring that encounters with the Baron remain formidable affairs.

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All of these alterations promise to usher in a new era of gameplay dynamics, with implications stretching across all facets of the game. As players adapt to these changes, expect to witness a redefined meta and strategies that capitalize on the newfound opportunities presented by the revised jungle landscape. 

The forthcoming patch heralds an era of innovation and adaptation, and it will be fascinating to witness its impact on the League of Legends competitive scene.


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