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Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends?

Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends?

League of Legends, Riot's popular MOBA golden child has been going strong for years now, but the one problem the company hasn't been able to solve yet is the high number of bots and cheaters. Well, it seems the answer to this problem was in Riot's other game, Valorant, all this time and it's called Riot Vanguard.

Today, we're here to tackle everything we know about the rumors of Riot adding Vanguard in League of Legends. This includes going through what Vanguard is, what the developers of LoL have to say about this, and when fans can expect the anti-cheat to be implemented in League of Legends.

So without further ado, here's whether Riot is adding Vanguard to League of Legends. With the implementation of Vanguard, bot accounts will decrease drastically in number. Fortunately, that doesn't mean you have to grind all of your smurf accounts to unlock ranked, as you can always buy some win boosting from Eloking. Factor in the 20% discount you'll get by using the code "BoostToday" and you have yourself a cheaper and safer alternative.

From VALORANT to League

Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends? - Image 1

The anticipation surrounding Vanguard began with its tease during the preview of the 2024 LoL season. Andrei "Riot Meddler" van Roon, the Head of League studio, officially announced Vanguard's integration into League, setting the stage for its imminent arrival. Now, with the release of the latest dev blog, players are provided with further insight into this groundbreaking addition.

Jeremy "Riot Brightmoon" Lee, League's producer, outlined the deployment strategy for Vanguard. Initially launching in one region, Vanguard will undergo rigorous testing and observation before a global rollout in April. This phased approach ensures a seamless integration and allows Riot to address any potential challenges or concerns.

How Will Vanguard Effect League?

Originally conceptualized for Riot's tactical shooter, VALORANT, Vanguard has been tailored to combat cheating, scripting, and botting across different games within Riot's ecosystem. Its expansion into League of Legends underscores Riot's commitment to maintaining a fair and competitive environment for players worldwide.

At its core, Vanguard serves as a real-time safeguard against cheating. By detecting and swiftly addressing suspicious activity, Vanguard preserves the integrity of League matches. Legitimate players can rest assured that their gameplay experience remains unaffected, as Vanguard targets only those engaging in unfair practices.

As the community eagerly awaits the arrival of Vanguard and the enhanced bot system, discussions abound regarding their potential impact. While some welcome Vanguard as a much-needed solution to cheating, others express concerns about its implementation. Nevertheless, Riot's unwavering commitment to fostering a fair and enjoyable environment remains evident.

League of Legends Planning to Introduce Improved Bots

Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends? - Image 2

In tandem with Vanguard's introduction, Riot has unveiled enhancements to the game's bot system. Beginner and intermediate-level bots are set to undergo significant upgrades, offering a more dynamic and educational experience for new players. This initiative aims to address community feedback and provide a more engaging introduction to League of Legends' mechanics.

Darcy "DashiJador" Ludington, a League developer, has been instrumental in the development of these enhanced bots. Scheduled for release in March, these bots aim to bridge the gap between tutorial and live gameplay, empowering new players on their journey to mastery. With Vanguard and enhanced bots working in tandem, Riot is ushering in a new era for fair play in League of Legends.


Does this mean you can't use bots to rank up anymore?

While you can indeed technically use some bots to rank your account up right now, as soon as Riot implements Vanguard, all the scripters and cheaters will be banned. While Eloking's LoL boosting services were already the best and safest method of ranking your accounts up, this will make it the only safe method now. Good thing you can use the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on all Eloking services so you don't have to spend so much just to play in the rank you deserve.

Will Vanguard affect my gameplay experience?

Vanguard is designed to target cheating specifically, ensuring that legitimate players are not unfairly impacted. Its goal is to enhance the overall gaming experience by maintaining a fair and competitive environment.

What’s next?

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