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League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots

League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots

Skillshots in League of Legends have the potential to instantly turn the tide of a fight in your favor, especially since most of the best ADCs have skillshots. However, according to most players of this game, successfully landing skillshots is the most difficult part of the game. Well, they must have not gone through the various tips and tricks we're about to go through then.

Landing skillshots might look difficult initially, however, it's more than possible to get better at it. For starters, you should understand your champion's abilities, as that's the most crucial aspect of getting better at landing skilshots in League of Legends. 

With that done, you should remember to practice and observe calmly. When you're confident enough in your accuracy, you can move on to more technical things like utilizing the fog of war and bushes.

Today, we're here to go through some game changing tips that are sure to help you get better at landing skillshots.

Know Your Champion's Abilities

League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots - Image 1

To truly master skillshots in League of Legends, it's imperative to gain a deep understanding of the unique abilities your chosen champion possesses. Each champion offers a distinct set of skillshots, ranging from straightforward projectiles to skillshots that require precise timing and positioning.

Knowing your champion's abilities inside out will give you a significant advantage in both laning phase and team fights.

Begin by studying the details of your champion's skillshots. Pay attention to factors such as their range, speed, width, and hitbox size. Some abilities may be narrow, requiring pinpoint accuracy, while others might be wider and more forgiving. By grasping the intricacies of these abilities, you can gauge their effectiveness and anticipate how they will interact with enemy champions.

It's essential to acknowledge that different champions have different learning curves when it comes to mastering their skillshots. Some may be more straightforward and easier to grasp, while others may require more practice to wield effectively. 

Embrace this learning process and avoid getting frustrated if you don't see immediate improvement. With time and dedication, you'll become more proficient, and your skillshot accuracy will significantly improve.

Observe and Learn

League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots - Image 2

One of the most effective ways to enhance your skillshot accuracy in League of Legends is to observe and learn from experienced players. Watching professional players or high level streamers can provide valuable insights into how to effectively utilize skillshots in various situations. 

Take the time to analyze their gameplay, paying close attention to how they position themselves during engagements, how they predict enemy movements, and how they adjust their aim to land those crucial skillshots. By studying the decision making process of skilled players, you can gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in hitting those challenging shots.

As you watch experienced players, focus on the champions they use and the specific skillshots they employ. Each champion possesses unique abilities with different projectile speeds, ranges, and hitbox sizes. Understanding the nuances of each skillshot is essential for mastering its usage.

Practice To Improve Your Aim

League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots - Image 3

As with any skill in the game, repetition is key to developing muscle memory and sharpening your reflexes. Whether you're aiming to land Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow from across the map or hit Zoe's tricky Paddle Star through winding terrain, practicing in custom games or training modes is essential. 

Take the time to understand the intricacies of each skillshot, including their projectile speed, range, and potential hitbox adjustments during animations. By investing time in focused practice, you'll gradually gain a better feel for the timing and trajectory needed to consistently land your abilities.

The goal is to improve your accuracy with skillshots to the extent that you start landing more than you hit. You need to be confident enough in your ability to land skilllshots, especially when in a match where the unpredictability factor is ever present.

Utilize the Fog of War and Bushes

League of Legends: How to Get Better at Landing Skillshots - Image 4

In the chaotic battlegrounds of League of Legends, using the fog of war and brush to your advantage can be a game changing strategy when it comes to landing skillshots. The fog of war refers to the areas of the map that are not currently visible to your team due to a lack of vision. 

By positioning yourself in or near these obscured regions, you can obscure your intentions and movements from the enemy team. When opponents can't see you, they won't be able to predict your skillshot attempts as easily, giving you a tactical edge.

Similarly, brushes can provide the perfect cover for skillshot setups, even in ARAM. Whether you're in the jungle or near the lanes, patiently waiting in a brush can catch enemy champions off guard, as long as you're weary of the enemy jungler

As your opponents have no vision inside the brush, they may not be aware of your presence until it's too late. When they walk into your skillshot range, you can surprise them with a well-timed shot before they have time to react.

By using these two out-of-sight areas, not only can you observe the enemy without being seen, but you can also take advantage of them not knowing your location. Observe the movement of the enemy champion, predict where they'll be, aim your skillshot, and hit it. This will drastically increase your chances of landing that skillshot.

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