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Botted Account: What is a botted account and how it differs from hand-leveled accounts?

The people that consider boosting to be cheating have probably never heard of botted accounts. A botted account is one that, instead of being played on by an actual human being, levels up in either account level or rank by using automated instructions programmed by people.

The reason people make botted accounts is that it cuts down the time it takes to get an account to unlock ranked. For example, every League of Legends account has to play 50 quick matches and get to summoner level 30 before ranked mode gets unlocked. People who get suspended, lose their accounts, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of meeting the requirements to unlock ranked mode buy botted accounts.

How do they differ from hand-leveled accounts?

Unlike hand-leveled accounts that actual people have leveled up by playing multiple quick matches, botted accounts use automated methods. Not only are said automated methods not allowed by Riot’s terms of service but are also very likely to get caught resulting in a ban. Because of this, botted accounts tend to be cheaper.

The quickest way to spot a botted account is by checking the match history of that account. If they only have 30-40 quick games played using random free champions, then chances are it’s a botted account. In cases like these, if someone were to report the account then it would almost always guarantee that the account will be banned. If no one reports it, however, then Riot’s automatic ban waves are famous for not being able to spot botted accounts.

Why do people use bots?

There are several reasons why people use bots in games like League of Legends. One of the main reasons is to quickly level up their account to level 30, which is the minimum level required to play ranked games. Using a bot allows the player to automatically complete games and gain experience points without having to spend time actually playing the game. This can save the player a significant amount of time and allow them to unlock ranked games more quickly, especially if they want to smurf.

Another reason why people use bots in video games is to farm for in-game currency and rewards. Bots can be programmed to automatically complete games and earn rewards such as experience points, gold, and loot. This can allow the player to accumulate these rewards more quickly and without having to put in the time and effort to earn them through regular gameplay.

Finally, some people use bots in games like League of Legends to cheat and gain an unfair advantage over other players. For example, a bot may be able to automatically aim and shoot abilities, allowing the player to win games more easily and climb the ranked ladder more quickly. However, using bots to cheat is against the game's terms of service and can result in the player's account being banned.

How do video game developers detect if a player is a human or a bot?

One method that game developers use to detect bots is to track the player's in-game behavior. For example, a bot may be programmed to take certain actions in a game, such as repeating the same movements or making the same decisions over and over again. Game developers can use algorithms to analyze the player's behavior and determine whether it is consistent with human behavior. If the player's behavior is unusual or unrealistic, they may be flagged as a bot.

Game developers may also use other techniques to detect bots, such as monitoring the player's hardware and network connection, or analyzing the player's in-game chat messages for signs of bot-like behavior. Overall, detecting bots is a complex and ongoing challenge for game developers, and new methods and technologies are constantly being developed to help identify and prevent the use of bots in online games.

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