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Hand-leveled: What are hand-leveled accounts?

While some players who sell accounts level them up using bots and exploits, there are some more dedicated sellers who instead use genuine methods to get their accounts ready for selling. Those legitimately leveled accounts are called hand-leveled accounts.

The reason accounts are hand-leveled before being put up for selling is that many games require your account to either be on a specific level or to have played a specific number of quick or unranked matches before unlocking ranked/competitive game modes. For example, to play an Overwatch 2 competitive match, you’ll have to first win 50 quick-play matches.

However, not everyone wants to go through the hassle of playing so many unranked matches, and most want to jump straight to ranked, and that’s where the pre-leveled accounts come into play. Of course, there’s the option to purchase botted accounts as well, especially since they’re cheaper than hand-leveled accounts.

However, because account trading, as well as botting, are both not allowed by most games, chances are any botted account you buy will get banned soon. Hand-leveled accounts are comparatively much safer and it’s harder to detect that the account has been traded or bought.

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