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How to get out of ELO hell in Valorant

How to get out of ELO hell in Valorant

With this guide I'm going to show you how can you escape elo hell. First we need to explain what is elo hell. Elo hell is when you are playing in lower ranks with most likely poor quality games and often determined by factors that are out of your control, such as bad teammates. In order to climb out of elo hell, we have had a discussion with our Radiant players and asked them how can a player get out of such ranks as Iron, Bronze, and Silver. We have collected the main points that could get you out of elo hell, so make sure to follow this guide and you will achieve good results!


Let me tell you this, a team with a little bit of coordination in these ranks is most likely going to get more rounds, and as you might know, coordination is a little bit hard in Elo Hell so if you could, try to play with premades so that you'll be more coordinated than going solo. Try to always call stuff to do and not let everyone play on his own on the map, always call strategies to do and everyone should follow them. So if you work on that with your team mates you're most likely going to win most of your games.

Being a Team Player

Sometimes it's not all about being the top fragger - getting an entry for your team is way more better than getting 3 kills when all your teammates are dead. So always try to be impactful, if you're playing a flasher then flash for your teammates, if you're a smoker then smoke for your teammates, always make sure to go first as a duelist and never bait and try to get impactful kills that could actually secure you some rounds.

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
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Stop Blaming

Yes, blaming your teammates gets you and your whole team, since you could lead up a fight that will grow through the whole game and make you lose a lot of rounds. If you're stuck in Elo Hell then no wonder you'll have games with not-so-good players, so instead of blaming them try to motivate them by saying "Nice try" or "It's all good" and focus on the next round. Trust me, doing this will make you win lots of games, so always try to be positive and it's going to pay off.

Aim and Mechanical Practice

In order to be more consistent and be able to carry most of your games then you will have to practice your aim every day and actually improve. So always set 15-20 minutes every day on Aimlab or Deathmatch before hopping on ranked games.

Don't be afraid to lose games

Some players take the game way too seriously and it doesn't affect positively, It's a game you're trying to have fun (and win of course) but just take it easy and play to the best of your ability. It'll make you improve!

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