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Valorant: Best Sova Lineups Ascent

Valorant: Best Sova Lineups Ascent

Sova is definitely one of the best agents to use if your goal is to make setups to take down enemy agents. However, it isn't as though you can simply use any of his utilities anywhere to get good results, as it's important to know which lineups actually work. Well, we're here to help with just that.

Sova, the information initiator, offers a unique playstyle with his ability to gather crucial intel and control the flow of the game. For those navigating the lanes of Ascent, mastering Sova's lineups can be the game-changer your team needs. We're here to list two of the best lineups for attack, two for defense, and two for retakes so you're set no matter what the circumstances call for.

So, if you want to know what the best Sova lineups are in the Ascent map, keep reading. If you want to learn how to use these lineups and more then consider having a professional-level coach from Eloking show you the ropes. You can do this and more by using the code "BoostToday" for 20% off all of our services.

The Art of Lining Up with Sova

Valorant character with blond hair and futuristic armor

Sova's toolkit revolves around his ability to line up shots accurately, creating opportunities for his team by revealing enemy positions and disrupting the opponent's plans. Here's a closer look at Sova's key abilities and how they tie into his knack for precise lineups:

Recon Bolt (Shock Bolt)

Recon Bolt is Sova's primary reconnaissance tool. When deployed strategically, it can reveal enemy positions and disrupt their plans.

Sova players often study maps meticulously to find specific locations where Recon Bolt can reveal the most information. By perfecting lineups, Sova can consistently gather critical intel without exposing himself.

Owl Drone

The Owl Drone is a mobile drone that can be controlled to scout enemy positions. It's a valuable tool for checking tight corners and flushing out opponents.

Sova players use specific lineups to navigate the Owl Drone through areas, ensuring it reaches its destination with minimal risk. This skillful control allows Sova to gather intel efficiently and make informed decisions.

Shock Dart (Hunter's Fury)

Hunter's Fury is Sova's ultimate ability, unleashing a series of devastating energy blasts. It can clear areas, damage enemies, and provide valuable information.

Mastering the trajectory of Shock Darts is crucial for maximizing Hunter's Fury's impact. Sova players often practice precise lineups to hit key locations on the map, denying enemy movement and creating openings for their team.

Sova's Impact on Ascent

Aerial view of a fantastical floating Italian village with historic architecture surrounded by clouds

Ascent, one of Valorant's dynamic maps, offers unique challenges and opportunities for Sova players. Whether attacking, defending, or retaking, Sova's ability to line up shots plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of rounds. Specific lineups for A, B, and Mid enable Sova to control the flow of the game and provide his team with the information needed for successful engagements.

Although these lineups are for use as Sova specifically, if you want some lineups for another agent on this map then here are the best Viper lineups for Ascent.

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Best Attacking Lineups on Ascent

Firstly, we want to go through two of the best Sova lineups that you can utilize as an attacker. Although some of them might be confusing, you can always use code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on our coaching service to have someone show you the ropes.

1. A Site Execute

Player aiming with a bow in a virtual game with a stunning sky and ancient structures in the background

Executing a successful attack on A site requires precise information and coordination. Use this lineup to gain an advantage and catch defenders off guard.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand near the green box in A lobby.
  2. Align your crosshair with the antenna.
  3. Execute a one-charge dart.

This lineup is specifically designed to reveal enemies in Generator or backsite on A site. By utilizing this lineup, you provide your team with crucial information about the defenders' positions, allowing for a more effective execution and minimizing the element of surprise from the opposing team.

2. B Site Fast Push

Player aiming a futuristic weapon in a first-person shooter game

For a swift assault on B site, it's crucial to clear close corners efficiently. Use this lineup to eliminate the need for time-consuming checks and speed up your B site push.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand against the wooden box in B main.
  2. Align your crosshair with the letter "P" in the sign.
  3. Execute a full-charged one-bounce dart.

This lineup is optimized for revealing opponents playing close to B site. By targeting the specific area near the letter "P" in the sign, you effectively clear out potential threats in close quarters, providing your team with a smoother entry onto B site and reducing the risk of unexpected confrontations.

Best Defending Lineups on Ascent

With that done, it's time to go through two lineups you can use when defending too. These lineups will help you gather intel on which direction the enemy is coming from and are best used with a reliable teammate by your side. If you want a professional-level teammate you can always use code "BoostToday" to hire a professional Valorant teammate from Eloking with a 20% discount.

1. A Site Early Information

Floating islands and futuristic weapons in a video game

Defending A site demands not just solid gunplay but also timely information to outsmart attackers. Sova's A Site Early Information lineup provides the necessary intel without compromising your position in A heaven.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand in the corner next to the wooden box in A heaven.
  2. Align yourself carefully and aim your crosshair to the left diamond.
  3. Place the left diamond at the bottom of the tree in the middle.
  4. Execute a one-charged bar arrow.

This lineup strategically places the dart on A lobby's wall, revealing any lurking enemies. By aligning the crosshair and leveraging the one-charged bar arrow, you gain early information on opponent positions without exposing yourself. This valuable intel empowers your team to adjust their defense, providing a tactical advantage over attackers.

However, this lineup requires accuracy that might be better learned if you have someone by your side showing you how to do it. The best way to get that someone is by hiring a professional-level Valorant coach from Eloking, something you can do with a 20% discount if you use code "BoostToday".

2. Mid Control from CT

First person shooter game screenshot showing a gameplay interface with a aiming reticle and a tall clock tower in a desert setting

Maintaining control over Mid is a crucial aspect of defending Ascent. Sova's Mid Control from CT lineup not only secures B site but also offers vital information on Mid Link and tiles.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand in the rightmost corner on CT B site.
  2. Aim your crosshair at the rock.
  3. Align the crosshair carefully.
  4. Execute an almost full-charged arrow with one bounce.

This lineup strategically deploys the dart, hindering attackers' movements through Mid. By aligning the crosshair and utilizing an almost full-charged arrow with one bounce, you not only defend B site effectively but also gain early information on Mid activities. This intel allows your team to anticipate and counter attackers, maintaining defensive control.

Best Retake Lineups on Ascent

Don't worry, we didn't forget to include retake lineups either. Although most would count these as regular defense lineups, we believe retakes deserve a category of their own for being so crucial to winning a round. Additionally, the circumstances are much different from just defending a position as you're trying to win a spot back.

Retaking A Site from Heaven

Player aiming with a futuristic bow in a first-person shooter game

Retaking A site demands a swift and calculated approach, and Sova's Retake A Site from Heaven lineup provides the critical information needed for a successful retake, especially when dealing with opponents holding A main.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand in the stairway of A heaven.
  2. Find the line in the stairway.
  3. Aim your crosshair on top of the identified line.
  4. Execute a double-charged dart.

This lineup strategically lands the dart in A main, revealing enemy positions and allowing your team to plan an effective retake. Standing in the stairway of A heaven, aligning your crosshair with precision, and executing a double-charged dart ensures a quick and accurate deployment of the recon bolt. The revealed information aids your team in countering A main aggression during the retake, increasing the chances of a successful recapture of the site.

Retaking B Site from CT

First-person view of a character using a futuristic bow in a game

Retaking B site on Ascent presents unique challenges due to its closed and tight layout. Sova's Retake B Site from CT lineup offers a strategic solution, providing critical information on key locations to aid in a successful retake.

To efficiently execute this lineup:

  1. Stand in CT while retaking B site.
  2. Place your crosshair on the wall as shown in the picture.
  3. This lineup is not pixel perfect, making it user-friendly for quick deployment.
  4. Shoot a full-charged dart.

Retaking B site requires gaining crucial information on lane and site positions, pivotal areas for a successful retake. Standing in CT, this user-friendly lineup simplifies the process. Place your crosshair on the wall as indicated in the picture, ensuring line of sight. Execute a full-charged dart to reveal key locations and provide your team with essential information for a well-coordinated retake.


Can I use these lineups in other maps, or are they specific to Ascent?

While these lineups are tailored for Ascent, the principles behind them can be applied to other maps with adjustments. Sova's versatility allows players to adapt and create map-specific lineups for effective information gathering.

Are these lineups effective for players of all skill levels, or are they more suited for advanced players?

These lineups cater to players of all skill levels. The simplified explanations and user-friendly alignments make them accessible for beginners, while the strategic depth allows advanced players to maximize their effectiveness. Regular practice will enhance their application regardless of skill level.

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