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Rocket League: How to Air Dribble?

Rocket League: How to Air Dribble?

How do you differentiate a Rocket League professional from a regular player? Is it from how many goals they score? How far they're able to climb on the ranks? Well, Grand Champ rank players aren't the only players who are skilled at the game. Some players judge a player's skill from how many tricks they can do, and there's no trick more popular than dribbling.

To air dribble in Rocket League, you first need to select the right car and then you need to properly practice your boost management. With that done, you have to practice the technique, which includes the initial touch, ball positioning, and, of course, maintaining the right distance. Once you get the hang of things, you can start using advanced dribbling tricks like wall aerials.

So, do you want to learn how to air dribble in Rocket League? Then keep reading to learn how to master this trick in no time!

Getting Started



Before you start practicing air dribbling, there are two things you have to do first. You have to get a good car and you have to practice your boost management. Naturally, we also recommend you know how to fly in Rocket League, and you can pull off some basic finessing skills like spinning in the air.

Car Selection

Your journey towards becoming an air dribbling maestro begins with the selection of the right car. Rocket League offers a variety of cars, each with distinct hitboxes and handling characteristics. When it comes to air dribbling, opting for a car with balanced attributes can make all the difference.

Two of the most common options for air dribbling are:

Boost Management

Boost management is a fundamental skill in Rocket League, and it's especially critical for successful air dribbling. When attempting an air dribble, you need a steady supply of boost to maintain altitude, adjust your car's orientation, and keep the ball under control.

Remember that effective boost management not only improves your air dribbling but also enhances your overall gameplay. A well-timed boost can be the difference between a successful play and a missed opportunity.

The Technique



Air dribbling in Rocket League is an art that requires finesse and precision. To master this advanced maneuver, you must understand the intricacies of the technique. Let's break it down into a series of steps and delve deeper into each aspect to ensure you grasp the nuances.

Initial Touch

The foundation of a successful air dribble lies in the initial touch you make on the ball while you're both airborne. It's crucial to strike the ball accurately with the nose of your car. This initial contact sets the tone for the entire maneuver. If you hit the ball too hard or too softly, it can throw off your control.

Ball Positioning

Once you've made that all-important initial touch, the next step is to position the ball on the roof of your car. Picture your car acting as a cradle for the ball. This involves making delicate adjustments to your car's orientation to ensure that the ball remains perfectly balanced. The goal is to keep the ball glued to your car, minimizing any erratic movements.

Maintain Distance

During your air dribble, it's essential to maintain a suitable distance between your car and the ball. Being too close can result in the ball slipping away. Meanwhile being too far can make it challenging to make precise adjustments. Striking the right balance is a skill that comes with practice and experience.

Feathering the Boost

Boost management is a crucial aspect of air dribbling. Rather than holding down the boost button continuously, you should learn the art of feathering the boost. Use short bursts of boost strategically to stabilize your car and make subtle adjustments to the ball's trajectory. This technique allows for greater control and prevents overcorrection, which can lead to losing possession of the ball.

Advanced Tips



Now that we've covered the basics of air dribbling in Rocket League, it's time to delve deeper into some advanced tips that can truly elevate your skills and make you a formidable force on the field.

Reading Bounces

One of the hallmarks of a skilled Rocket League player is the ability to predict how the ball will bounce off surfaces. This skill is invaluable when it comes to air dribbling. Spend time honing your ability to read bounces by playing various training packs that focus on ball trajectory. The better you can anticipate these bounces, the more precise your adjustments during an air dribble will be. It's like being one step ahead of your opponents.

Wall Aerials

To truly excel in air dribbling, you'll want to master the art of wall aerials. Wall aerials allow you to transition seamlessly from the wall to the air, giving you more opportunities to set up and execute air dribbles. 

Practice wall aerials extensively, as they provide you with a unique advantage, especially when the ball is positioned near the walls. Being comfortable with wall aerials will not only improve your air dribbling but also your overall aerial control.


Are there any specific Rocket League coaching services that can help me master air dribbling?

Yes, Eloking is a platform that offers coaching services for Rocket League. They have experienced coaches who can provide personalized training and feedback to help you improve your air dribbling skills and overall gameplay. You can find expert coaches on Eloking who specialize in various aspects of Rocket League, including air dribbling.

What are some effective practice methods for learning how to air dribble in Rocket League?

Learning to air dribble in Rocket League can be challenging but rewarding. Effective practice methods include starting with basic aerial control to get a feel for the ball in the air. Experiment with different angles and approaches. 

Utilize custom training packs designed for air dribbling practice. Analyze replays to identify areas for improvement and practice consistently to build muscle memory and improve your air dribbling skills over time.


What’s next?

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