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How to Spin in Rocket League?

How to Spin in Rocket League?

While flying in Rocket League is already a rather invaluable skill to have, some high level players also know how to make spins successfully. However, the fact of the matter is that spinning in Rocket League demands a significantly higher amount of skill and finesse to pull off when compared to simply flying for a couple of seconds.

Now, there are a couple of different spinning techniques you can use in Rocket League, and most of them depend on the players to discover themselves. However, we're here to guide you on how to pull off three of the most common spinning techniques. Additionally, we also want to highlight some advanced spinning strategies you can use to add some extra finesse.

Therefore, if you've been wanting to learn how to spin in Rocket League then keep reading.

The Basics of Aerial Control

Before we dive into the intricate details of spinning in the air, let's establish a strong foundation. Aerial control is the cornerstone of any advanced maneuver in Rocket League. If you haven't already, check out Eloking's comprehensive guide on how to fly in Rocket League for a thorough understanding of aerial control. It's essential to be comfortable with flying and maneuvering in the sky before attempting spins.

Spinning Techniques

With the basics of aerial control down, it's time to teach you how to spin in Rocket League. To start with, we'll be going through three of the easiest spinning techniques to ensure you're able to get those down first instead of instantly jumping to the difficult techniques.

The Barrel Roll

The barrel roll is a fundamental spinning technique that serves as the building block for more advanced maneuvers in Rocket League. It's relatively straightforward and can be executed rather easily.

The barrel roll is not only a stylish move but also a practical one. It can be used to make slight adjustments in the air, align your car with the ball, or even juke past an opponent in a challenging aerial battle.

To initiate a barrel roll, you first need to get your car off the ground. This can be achieved by jumping and simultaneously tilting the nose of your car upward. While your car is airborne, use the left joystick on your controller to push it either to the left or right. The direction you push the joystick will determine the direction of the roll, whether it be left or right.

Remember that timing is essential when performing barrel rolls. Make sure to initiate the roll at the right moment to maintain control and prevent over-rotation.

The Aileron Roll

The aileron roll takes the concept of spinning to a new level by adding a sideways twist. Like the barrel roll, you need to start by getting your car into the air. Jump and tilt your car to achieve liftoff.

While airborne, use the left joystick to tilt it either to the left or right, depending on the direction you want to roll. Unlike the barrel roll, the aileron roll adds a graceful side-spin to your car's aerial maneuver. It's particularly effective for confusing opponents during aerial duels and can be used creatively to set up scoring opportunities.

Practice maintaining control during the aileron roll. It can be challenging to stabilize your car after performing this move, so mastering recovery techniques is crucial.

The Tornado Spin

The tornado spin is an advanced and visually stunning technique that involves your car performing a full 360-degree spin in the air. 

Begin by launching your car into the air. Jump and adjust your car's orientation to be parallel to the ground. While in the air, execute a circular motion with the left joystick. This motion should be continuous and create a complete rotation, causing your car to spin in a mesmerizing tornado-like fashion.

The tornado spin requires precise joystick control. Practice the circular motion to achieve consistent and controlled spins. However, when you get it down, the tornado spin adds flair to your aerial gameplay. It can be a great way to showcase your skills to spectators and opponents alike.

Advanced Aerial Spinning Strategies

Now that you've learned the basic spinning techniques let's explore some advanced strategies to take your aerial spinning game to the next level.

Combining Spins

To truly dazzle your opponents, combine different spins in mid-air. For example, you can start with a barrel roll and transition into an aileron roll, creating a mesmerizing display of control.

Aerial Dribbling

Aerial dribbling involves maintaining possession of the ball while spinning in the air. It's a skill that requires precision and finesse. While you aren't spinning your car, you're spinning the ball around so we say it qualifies to be present in this article by technicality. Naturally, you'll have to know how you can lob the ball first.

Defensive Spins

Spinning isn't just for offense; it's an invaluable tool for defense as well. Learn to spin while saving goals to keep the ball out of your net, even in the most challenging situations.

What’s next?

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