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League of Legends Ranks Explained (2023)

League of Legends Ranks Explained (2023)

As with any other game or sport, you play against people/players with a similar rank, you compete against each other to determine who is the best in this skill group, and if you prove that you're not in this skill group anymore, you get a higher skill group. For example, English football has 7 levels, and just like that, League of Legends also has a bunch of ranks, with the higher rank players having higher skills as well.

League of Legends has 10 Rank Tiers, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. To play in Ranked you first need to get level 30 in the game then you get to play 10 Placement matches for the system to determine your rank. There are 4 divisions in League of Legends: IV, III, II, and I with one being the best.

Today, we're here to go through all the different ranks you can hit in League of Legends.


Iron IV rank helmet icon with 55 wins displayed in a competitive gaming ranking

At the Iron rank, players are still in the early stages of their League of Legends journey. If you find yourself in Iron, your primary focus should be on mastering the fundamental aspects of the game. While Iron players need to learn various elements, grasping these basics might not be as simple as some experienced players believe. 

Those who have been playing League of Legends for a long time may forget the challenges faced by newcomers. To improve at this stage, it's essential to concentrate on areas like farming, monitoring cooldowns, adapting playstyle according to cooldowns, as well as trading, farming, and efficiently navigating the jungle if you're a jungler

Eventually, you will also need to start learning wave management. However, you do not need to master all these skills to progress beyond Iron. The key is consistent practice and gradual development, which will eventually enable you to climb out of the Iron rank.


Floating mechanical mask on a dark background

Congratulations on making it out of Iron and reaching the Bronze rank! This achievement indicates that you have a basic understanding of the game's fundamentals, which is a great starting point. However, to continue your climb, we have two valuable tips that can help you improve further.

Firstly, make the most out of your minimap. The minimap is a powerful tool that provides crucial information about the positions of both allies and enemies. As a Bronze player, developing strong map awareness can significantly impact your gameplay. Be attentive to the minimap and use it to track enemy movements, anticipate ganks, and coordinate with your team. Remember that vision plays a crucial role in making the minimap effective. Encourage your team to place wards strategically, as vision is a collective effort that influences the entire flow of the game.

Secondly, embrace a more aggressive playstyle. To make this approach successful, focus on learning from your actions. After a game, take the time to review your plays and analyze the decisions you made. If you find yourself in unfavorable situations due to aggressive moves, try to understand why they didn't work out. Was it a lack of vision? Poor positioning? Understanding the reasons behind your actions is vital for growth. Watching replays and reflecting on your gameplay will help you identify areas for improvement and allow you to fine-tune your play style.

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Mystical armor emblem on a dark smoky background

Silver is undeniably the most widely populated rank in the League of Legends community, and breaking free from its clutches can prove to be quite a challenge. If you find yourself stuck in Silver and are eager to climb higher, it's crucial to adopt a strategic mindset that involves considering your opponents' perspectives. This principle applies in multiple aspects of the game.

Competitive games like League of Legends place immense importance on having a solid plan for your own gameplay, but it's equally essential to anticipate and understand what your opponents are trying to achieve. Gaining insight into their intentions and predicting their moves can provide you with a significant advantage. This means paying close attention to their playstyle, positioning, and overall behavior on the battlefield.

Remember, getting out of Silver requires not just individual skill and knowledge of your own champion but also the ability to adapt to your opponents' strategies. Embrace the art of prediction and use it as a powerful tool in your arsenal. By anticipating their moves and countering effectively, you can tilt the odds in your favor and secure more wins on your path to climbing the ranked ladder.

Gold and Platinum

In-game promotion screen showing advancement to Platinum IV, featuring a metallic emblem with glowing green accents

If you find yourself in the Gold or Platinum ranks of League of Legends, enhancing your macro-play becomes crucial to advance further. Climbing out of these ranks requires a consistent ability to make informed decisions, prioritize the right objectives, and understand which opportunities to seize after team fights. 

Additionally, knowing where you should be positioned during various stages of the game is vital for success. Mastering these concepts will significantly contribute to your victories. However, in the midst of your journey, you may encounter toxic players who can disrupt team cohesion and morale. In such situations, it's wise to mute them all and direct your focus solely on your gameplay, fostering a positive environment for personal growth and progress. Remember, a resilient mindset and strategic finesse are key ingredients for success in your ranked matches.


Emerald green fantasy logo on a blurred gaming background

If you don't remember there being an Emerald rank in League of Legends, then don't worry, you aren't losing your mind or anything. Emerald is a brand new rank that Riot has decided to add to the game in an effort to change things up.

To be more specific, they commented that they wanted to even out the bottom-heavy rank distribution in League of Legends. According to a spokesperson of Riot Games:

''-the rank distribution should center around Gold, with Bronze and Silver representing the below-average/average players, while Gold and Platinum should be populated by above-average players.

As of now, though, those four ranks are far from even in size, with Silver being overpopulated. To even out the distribution, the Emerald rank will be introduced with the upcoming LoL split. If it can fulfill its purpose, League players should now be distributed into their intended ranks, based on their skill level.''

While this rank is not yet an official thing at the time of writing and is expected to be added in an upcoming season split, we'll be sure to update this article depending on what direction Riot decides to take in this change.


Futuristic armor design with purple and blue hues on a dark background

Achieving the Diamond rank in League of Legends places you in the top 1.5% of players, showcasing your impressive skill and dedication. However, if your aspiration is to reach the prestigious Master rank or even higher tiers, it's essential to adopt a strategy of consistent and dedicated gameplay.

Embracing the concept of "spamming" the game, in a positive sense, by playing as much as possible, becomes a key factor in pushing through the higher ranks. The more you play, the greater experience you gain, and the more your skills improve. Time invested in the game allows you to refine your mechanics, understand various champion matchups, and develop a deeper game sense. 

This continuous practice and commitment are the primary drivers for climbing up the ladder and challenging yourself to exceed expectations. As you progress through the ranks, the competition becomes fiercer, requiring continuous effort and adaptability to overcome skilled opponents. Remember, consistency and persistence in your gameplay will unlock the potential to ascend to greater heights in the competitive world of League of Legends.

Master and Grandmaster

Promoted to Grandmaster in Ranked Solo/Duo

As players progress to higher ranks in League of Legends, the game transforms from a casual pastime into a more serious endeavor. Achieving these elevated ranks opens up the possibility of turning one's passion for the game into a potential source of income. By excelling at the highest tiers, players increase their chances of exploring various avenues to earn money through their gaming skills. 

They may opt to stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch, entertaining and educating their audience while also generating revenue through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. Additionally, players could venture into the world of boosting services, where they help others climb the ranked ladder for a fee. By demonstrating their expertise and exceptional gameplay, they can attract customers and turn their skills into profitable business opportunities. 

As the gaming industry continues to grow, opportunities for professional players, content creators, and coaches are becoming more accessible, making it increasingly feasible for talented individuals to capitalize on their prowess in League of Legends and secure a stable income through their passion for the game.


Challenger rank emblem in a gaming context

Made it through Challenger? Congratulation, you're officially a professional League of Legends player and you should start looking for a team and compete in big stages with the big boys. Make a Twitter and make yourself known and let the whole world know that you've achieved this rank because trust me, this is not an easy thing to do and you're definitely something else.

What’s next?

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