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League of Legends Ranks


As with any other game or sport, you play against people/players with a similar rank, you compete against each other to determine who is the best in this skill group, and if you prove that you're not in this skill group anymore, you get a higher skill group. For example, English football has 7 levels. League of Legends has 9 Rank Tiers, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. To play in Ranked you first need to get level 30 in the game then you get to play 10 Placement matches for the system to determine your rank. There are 4 divisions in League of Legends: IV, III, II, and I with one being the best.

Ranks Distribution

  1. Iron: 1.8%
  2. Bronze: 18%
  3. Silver: 36%
  4. Gold: 29%
  5. Platinum: 12%
  6. Diamond: 1.5%
  7. Master: 0.13%
  8. Grandmaster: 0.025%
  9. Challenger: 0.010%


This is where players are still in the learning stages of the game. If you're Iron, the main thing you have to focus on is, learning the fundamentals, because as an Iron, you have to learn a lot of different things, however, understanding those basics is not as easy as some players think it is. People who think that probably have been playing League of Legends games for quite a while now so it's easy to forget how hard it is to pick up this stuff when you're first starting off. You really want to focus on farming, paying attention to cooldowns, and adjusting your playstyle based on the cooldowns themselves as well as trading, farming, and knowing how to path efficiently if you're jungling. Something like wave management is also a thing you'll have to start learning eventually but you're not expected to master any of these things to get out of Iron, all you have to do is start practicing them and then begin developing them and at some point, you'll simply get good enough to climb out of iron.


If you're Bronze, congrats since you made it out of Iron. At the very least, this means you have a rudimentary understanding of the game's fundamentals, but we've got two tips that you should start working on, if you're in Bronze, you should start getting the maximum out of your minimap, unfortunately, the mini-map isn't going to be as effective if you don't have any vision, while vision is a team effort that affects the entire flow of games. The second tip is that you need to learn to play more aggressively, what's essential to make this tip work is that you need to be learning something while you can easily watch a replay and tell yourself that you ran it down, you should be learning why you ran it down, what circumstances made your aggression a bad play, so you should think about your plays and review them to improve your gameplay.


Silver is definitely the most popular rank in League of Legends, and getting out of Silver isn't that easy. If you're Silver and you would like to get out of it then you should start thinking about things from your opponents' perspective, this applies in several different ways, you probably have a good idea of what your own game plan is, you want to win your lane or scale up by doing whatever your champion is strong at, by now you should easily recognize that your opponents have an idea of what they want to be doing as well. In Competitive games, like LoL, knowing what you're going to do is very important but it's equally as important to know what your opponent wants to do, so start predicting and win games.

Gold and Platinum

If you're Gold or Platinum then you should focus on your macro-play, if you want to make it out of Gold or Platinum, you need to be able to consistently make the right choice, prioritizing the correct objectives, knowing which objectives that you can take after a team fight and where you need to be at certain stages of the game, those are all concepts that will help you win your games. If you get to find toxic players in your games then mute them all and focus on your game.


Being Diamond makes you better than 98.5% of the players. If you would like to reach Master or even further ranks then you should consider spamming the game as much as you could, that's probably the only way that could make you exceed through higher ranks, the more you play, the more experience you get and the much better you get.

Master and Grandmaster

Now that's where things start to get serious and League of Legends doesn't become a game that you only play for fun, by only getting those high ranks, the chances of having an income from the game is very high, you could possibly stream or even start working for a boosting site and start making some money from your pwnage skills.


Made it through Challenger? Congratulation, you're officially a professional League of Legends player and you should start looking for a team and compete in big stages with the big boys. Make a Twitter and make yourself known and let the whole world know that you've achieved this rank because trust me, this is not an easy thing to do and you're definitely something else.

What’s next?

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