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Deep dive into the boosting industry

Deep dive into the boosting industry

Over the past year, we have completed more than 4000 boosting orders and have gained a wealth of insights into the trends and patterns within these games. In this blog post, we will share some of the most interesting facts and trends that we have observed while providing boosting services to our customers.

Even though boosting has been a thing since the beginning of gaming, it is increasingly getting more popular. Many players turn to boosting services as a way to quickly improve their skills or rankings in competitive games like League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, Overwatch 2, and Dota 2.

While game companies are aware of the existence of boosting services, they have generally done little to prevent it. Boosting services operate in somewhat of an underground market, with a large number of companies offering these services to players. The market is also highly competitive and it being an underground market, there are a lot of issues that pretty much divide the market into 2 categories - legitimate companies and scam sites (either scamming customers or boosters).

What is the typical order like?

We at Eloking have seen a wide range of orders for our boosting services, with order values ranging from as low as 10 EUR to as high as 1000+ EUR. The median order value is around 50 EUR, although we do see a significant number of orders at both the lower and higher end of the price range. In terms of the specific games that our customers request boosting for, we have observed that orders for League of Legends tend to have the highest value on average. This could be due to the fact that League of Legends is a highly competitive game and their high-end ranks require exceptional skill and also time involvement.

Additionally, we have noticed a high reorder rate among our customers, with most of them returning to us for additional boosting services after their initial order. This suggests that the demand for boosting services is strong and consistent. Of course, as any company, we work hard to provide exceptional service, therefore increasing the likelihood of customers reordering.

Why are people purchasing boosts?

One of the primary reasons that many customers turn to boosting services is that they play alone and are unable to rank up fast on their own (i.e., they have a win rate of only 55-60%). This can be frustrating for players who are skilled but are unable to find a consistent team to play with. By hiring a booster, these players can improve their win rates and reach their desired rank more quickly. For many players, having a higher rank is seen as a badge of honor and a way to show off their skills to their friends and other players.

In some cases, players may turn to boosting services out of frustration with their in-game experiences. For example, they may have encountered a high number of smurf accounts in their games, which can be frustrating and demoralizing. Alternatively, players may have experienced a high number of trolls or poorly skilled players on their team, making it difficult for them to win games and rank up. In these situations, boosting services can provide a quick and effective way to improve their ranking and have a more enjoyable in-game experience.

There are also some customers that purchase boosts for the entertainment value. For example, they may be interested in watching a professional player stream their gameplay while they play on their account, providing a private and personalized viewing experience. This can be especially appealing for players who are interested in learning from top players and picking up new strategies and techniques. We have even had customers who hire multiple boosters to play together as a team and dominate their opponents.

Where are the boosters usually located?

At Eloking, we have boosters from all over the world, including countries in the European Union, the United States, and other regions. While many of our boosters are highly skilled players who enjoy the competitive nature of boosting and the chance to earn some extra money by doing something they are good at, a significant portion of boosters in the industry come from low-income countries where this type of work can provide a living. In many cases, these boosters are able to earn more through boosting services than they would in their local job market, making it an attractive option for them.

It's important to note that boosters come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, and not all of them are motivated solely by financial rewards. Some boosters enjoy the challenge and excitement of competing at a high level and are drawn to the competitive nature of boosting services. Others may see boosting as a hobby or a way to earn some extra money while doing something they enjoy. Regardless of their motivations, all of our boosters are highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-quality boosting services to our customers.

What are the typical challenges for a boosting company?

Running a boosting company can come with a number of challenges, including:

What is Eloking's look at the ethics of boosting?

At Eloking, we believe that boosting, while often controversial, can be a completely ethical practice in certain circumstances. Boosting has been a part of the gaming industry for a long time, and it's likely that it will continue to exist regardless of whether companies like ours exist or not. In many cases, the existence of boosting services is a result of the inactions of game developers themselves. For example, if a game does not have strong enough anti-cheat measures or does not do enough to combat smurfing, players may turn to boosting services as a way to level the playing field.

We believe that boosting can be completely ethical in situations where game developers make it excessively time-consuming or difficult to reach certain ranks or progress through the game. In these cases, boosting can provide a way for players to achieve their goals more quickly or efficiently. However, we are also supportive of game companies that work to prevent cheating, smurfing, and boosting. In fact, if game developers took a more proactive stance on these issues, we would be open to shifting our focus more towards coaching services rather than boosting. Ultimately, we believe that players should be able to choose how they want to improve their skills and rankings, and that boosting can be a legitimate and ethical option in certain circumstances.

Why is it good that companies like Eloking exist?

We exist to provide a platform for boosting services, which can be beneficial for both those who provide the services and those who receive them. By offering a safe and secure platform for boosting services, we are able to improve the overall experience for both - boosters and customers.

For boosters, we provide a way for them to earn money doing something they are skilled at and enjoy. This can be especially valuable for boosters who come from low-income countries and may not have many other opportunities to earn a higher income. Also, we take away different aspects of concern for boosters, such as automated invoice generation for accounting purposes, payment handling for them, finding customers, etc.

For customers, we offer a way to level the playing field against smurfs and cheaters, providing an alternative to cheating that can still help them improve their skills and rankings. We also provide a way for players to get a pro teammate, even if they don't have any friends who are skilled enough to play at that level. And on top of that, a platform like Eloking is safe and protects the customer from scams or underperformance of boosters.

Ultimately, we believe that the existence of boosting companies can be beneficial for the gaming industry as a whole. If boosting becomes more popular, it's possible that game developers will work harder to reduce smurfing, cheating, and boosting, which can ultimately lead to a better overall gaming experience for all players.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new - it’s time you start playing and get better. Choose a game to purchase Eloking Boost for. Purchase ELO Boost at Eloking and start playing at the rank you deserve!

Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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