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How to Get CS:GO Prime For Free

How to Get CS:GO Prime For Free

Every serious CS:GO player wants to get Prime. After all, Prime Status gives players a set of benefits in matchmaking, including the ability to potentially get drops after every single match. However, while acquiring Prime for free might have been rather easy, the same isn't the case anymore and players actually have to pay if they want to get Prime.

Unfortunately, there's no official way for players to get Prime for free anymore. With that being said, there are some external methods of acquiring Prime status for free such as joining giveaways and tournaments that reward players with Prime status that the hosts of the tournaments pay for.

We'll be going through everything you need to know about getting CS:GO prime for free in 2023, including whether or not it's even possible.

Past Method of Getting CS:GO Prime for Free

CSGO Prime's description

In the past, players were able to get CS:GO Prime status through some good old fashioned hard work. CS:GO used to offer a path to earn Prime status through in game progression. By reaching Private Rank 21, players were able to obtain Prime for free. This method required investing time and effort into playing the game regularly and achieving experience points to level up their rank. 

As players progressed, they unlocked additional features and eventually reached the required rank for Prime status. This method is was completely legitimate and endorsed by the game developers. However, since CS:GO has been a free to play game since 2021, Prime status has become a way to weed out cheaters. 

Well, what better way to differentiate potential cheaters from legitimate players than by having legitimate players purchase a special status? Of course, we are talking about Prime status. If there would have been a way to acquire Prime status legitimately then, as you can imagine, cheaters would exploit that method to get it and play against legitimate players who just want to have a good time.

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How Can You Get CS:GO Prime for Free

Purchasing CSGO Prime in Steam

As mentioned above, since 2021 there hasn't been a way of getting Prime status for free legitimately. If you want to get Prime status the legit way then the only way is by paying the required $14.99. Since this is just a one time purchase most would say it's more than worth it since you'll get a bunch of benefits such as being able to play without having to worry about any cheaters ruining your fun.

With that being said, there are actually some ways of acquiring Prime status in CS:GO for free, but they're all external methods that are unreliable and require skill, luck, or both. When you do eventually get Prime status, remember to check out the six best crates to open in CS:GO for 2023.

Participate in Giveaways and Contests

A potential method to acquire CS:GO Prime for free is by participating in giveaways and contests organized by CS:GO content creators, streamers, and gaming communities. These events are often conducted on social media platforms, forums, or even within the game itself. Giveaways can range from simple retweets or share to enter contests to more elaborate competitions where participants need to complete specific tasks or challenges.

To increase your chances of finding these giveaways and contests, it's recommended to follow CS:GO influencers, content creators, and official CS:GO social media accounts. These individuals and organizations often collaborate with sponsors or partners to host events where CS:GO Prime might be offered as a prize. Stay active and engaged in these communities to ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Trade or Obtain Prime Status from Other Players

In certain cases, players who no longer require or want their CS:GO Prime status may be willing to trade or gift it to others. This method involves engaging with the CS:GO trading community and seeking out potential opportunities to acquire Prime status from other players.

To explore this method, you can visit CS:GO trading communities, forums, or dedicated CS:GO subreddits. These platforms provide spaces for players to interact and negotiate trades. Look for individuals who are actively seeking trades involving CS:GO Prime status or express your interest in acquiring it. Engage in open and honest communication with potential trade partners to establish trust and ensure a fair exchange.

When engaging in trades, it's important to exercise caution and adhere to the guidelines and rules of the trading community. Research the reputation of the player you intend to trade with and consider using trusted middlemen to minimize the risk of scams. Always double check the legitimacy of any offers and avoid sharing personal or sensitive information during the trading process.

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