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Will League Ever Get Bahrain Servers?

Will League Ever Get Bahrain Servers?

With League of Legends having millions of players logging into the game to play on a monthly basis, it's a no brainer that players from all over the world dedicate their time to playing this game. However, despite the huge number of players that play from the Middle East, Riot has yet to add a server for Bahrain.

Although there have been many rumors of Riot planning on adding a Bahrain server to the game, there hasn't been any official statement from there. Regardless, because of Riot's mission to make the game as accessible as possible, we're expecting them to drop a Bahrain server eventually, just not any time soon.

We'll be going through everything related to League of Legends getting a Bahrain server, including why they haven't added them yet as well as why they should get to it pronto.

Does League Have Bahrain Servers

Before anything, does League of Legends currently have Bahrain servers? No, they do not. This is something that's been bugging the fanbase for a while, especially when you consider the fact that a large majority of the player base for League of Legends comes from the Middle East. Even though they get a ping in the triple digits most of the time, they still continue to play the game.

All this does is hurt the game's image and the faith of a large majority of the player base because it more or less isolates them from being able to enjoy the game as someone from, say North America can. 

As a matter of fact, League of Legends reportedly lost quite a number of players back in January of 2023 when they released a bunch of new servers for various locations. Although places like Taiwan and Vietnam managed to get their own servers, the entire Middle East continues to have to rely on other servers to play, and it looks like some players had enough.

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Will Riot Games Add Bahrain Servers to League

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With that being said, will Riot Games even add Bahrain servers to the game? Well, seeing as how it's been over a decade at this point and Bahrain servers still haven't been added, we honestly really doubt they'll be adding them any time soon.

However, people representing Riot have said multiple times in the past that they want to make the game more accessible for as many people as possible, and the best way to do this would be to ensure more people around the world have their own dedicated servers to ensure they're able to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Additionally, it isn't like Riot has no experience with making servers in the Middle East, as Valorant has MENA servers which are located in, you guessed it, Bahrain. Because of this, Valorant players in the Middle East are able to play the game with decent ping, allowing them to enjoy the game to the fullest. Unfortunately, this is something League players from the Middle East aren't able to do as of yet.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that several factors have to be considered before Riot even thinks of adding new servers to the game. Those factors include player demand, technical feasibility, and financial viability. Because of this, only Riot is able to know whether it would even make sense for them to introduce Bahrain servers. Therefore, it's impossible for us to accurately predict this.

Regardless, we do believe that Riot Games adding Bahrain servers would benefit the entire Middle East greatly, and would also be a very good look for the company in general.

Are the Rumors About League Getting Bahrain Servers True

We're aware that various websites have claimed to have heard a Riot spokesperson say that the company was working on releasing League servers for the Middle East, but the fact of the matter is that there's no clear evidence of that.

Therefore, we believe that the rumors are just those. Rumors. Of course, if Riot Games does come out with Bahrain servers, then we'll be the first to tell you guys as the one thing we want is for more of our customers to be able to enjoy the games they play.

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