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How to change enemy color in Valorant

How to change enemy color in Valorant

Visuals in Valorant are arguably more important when compared to most of the other senses. After all, how are you supposed to shoot someone if you can't properly see them fast enough to get that headshot on them, even if you know the approximate direction an enemy agent is? To help with this, enemy agents are given a different color highlight compared to ally agents, but what if you want to change the color?

Today, we're here to go through everything you need to know about changing the enemy color in Valorant. This includes the step-by-step directions you must follow if you want to change the color enemy agents are highlighted by, as well as the colors most professional-level players tend to go for.

So, if you want to learn how you can change enemy color in Valorant, keep reading! Of course, if you want to change your visuals based on your personal preferences and want a helping hand you can always hire a professional coach from Eloking to show you the ropes. You can also use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

How to change the enemy highlight color

Video game settings menu displaying accessibility options

Without dillydallying, how can you change enemy colors in Valorant? Well, the first thing to do is to launch the Valorant app on your device and get to the main menu, then follow the below steps:

As you can see, changing the enemy highlight color is fairly straightforward, especially since it's such an important setting that can potentially determine how quickly you can see an agent on the enemy team.

Why are enemy colors important?

First-person view of a player in a sci-fi shooter game confronting robots

If you're a beginner then you might be wondering why the enemy's color plays such a huge role in the game. Well, the thing about Valorant is that both your team and the enemy team can choose from an array of the same agents. Therefore, if you choose a Reyna, then you might come across one on the enemy team.

Since Valorant is such a fast-paced game, every single second counts. Therefore, it's crucial for you to start shooting as soon as you see someone from the enemy team if you want to win a 1v1 fight. That's where enemy colors come into play. To ensure players don't confuse an enemy agent as an ally and vice-versa, enemy agents are highlighted in a specific color.

Now, the enemy color is set to red by default. However, not every player likes seeing the red color pop up, and some even go as far as to change it.

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
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What is the best enemy color in Valorant?

Now, determining which enemy color is the best for you is as subjective as it gets. After all, a color that works for you might not work for someone else. As you can imagine, red is the most common color since it's the default option. However, many players go for a brighter option like yellow to ensure they see the enemy even from afar.

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