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Can You Play FACEIT on CS2?

Can You Play FACEIT on CS2?

Counter-Strike has been a cornerstone of competitive gaming for decades, and its latest iteration, CS2, has taken the gaming world by storm. As CS2 continues to evolve, so does the gaming ecosystem around it. One such ecosystem is FACEIT, and we're here to highlight whether or not it has upgraded itself the way one would expect.

We're pleased to tell you that you can indeed play FACEIT on CS2. In addition to FACEIT completely supporting CS2, it has also added several new features to celebrate the launch of CS2. These features include new weekly missions, more events and promos, and more! Naturally, we'll highlight everything you need to know here too.

So, if you're an avid FACEIT player then keep reading because we're here to tell you everything you need to know about FACEIT and CS2.

Does FACEIT Support CS2?

FACEIT's CS2 announcement

Getting right into the meat and potatoes of this article, FACEIT, one of the most prominent platforms for competitive gaming, has embraced CS2 with open arms. This means you can play CS2 on FACEIT without any issues whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, things are better than ever before. FACEIT has completely revamped their entire service by adding so many new things that players will feel like they're using a different, much better service.

To mark the release of CS2 on FACEIT, players can expect a more engaging and rewarding experience than ever before:

Closing Smurf and Multi-Account Loopholes

FACEIT's CS2 Launch Contents

Smurfing and the proliferation of multiple accounts have been long-standing issues in competitive gaming, undermining the integrity of fair play. To combat these problems, FACEIT has implemented several new features aimed at closing smurf and multi-account loopholes:

Mandatory FACEIT Anti-Cheat

To access FACEIT CS2 Matchmaking, all players are now required to use the FACEIT Anti-Cheat. This mandatory measure aims to catch both cheaters and multi-account users among newly registered players.

Expanded ID Verification

Suspicious accounts, both new and old, are now required to undergo ID verification. Accounts flagged for verification must prove their legitimacy before accessing matchmaking. This change ensures that players are who they claim to be, adding a layer of trust to the community.

24/7 Priority Verified Matching

Verified accounts will receive priority when it comes to matchmaking, decreasing the likelihood of encountering unverified players. This adjustment contributes to more balanced and fair matches.

Elo Penalties for Unbalanced Parties

The Elo rating system has been revamped to penalize parties with significant differences in Elo. This change encourages players to queue with friends close to their skill level, discouraging the practice of smurfing and boosting.

Play Fair and Win the Right Amount of Elo


One of the most significant changes introduced by FACEIT is the adjustment to the Elo rating system. This change not only promotes fair play but also addresses the Elo abuse loophole:

This penalty applies regardless of the match's skill balance, making the system more equitable for all players and discouraging the exploitation of Elo for smurfing and boosting purposes.

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Best Way to Increase CS2 FACEIT Elo

Eloking FACEIT Boosting

While FACEIT has taken significant steps to address smurfing and improve the fairness of its Elo rating system, some players may still seek alternative methods to increase their Elo quickly. One such option is to hire a professional booster from reputable services like Eloking. Eloking offers boosting services not only for the base CS2 but also specifically for CS2 on FACEIT.

Professional boosters from Eloking are experienced and skilled players who can help you climb the ranks on FACEIT. They can assist in achieving your desired Elo rating efficiently, saving you time and effort.

What's more, is that Eloking is the ideal boosting website to hire boosters from. To learn more about this, we recommend you read our article on the best CS2 boosting websites as we've detailed the pros and cons of every popular CS2 boosting website that you should consider.


Was FACEIT CS:GO the same as FACEIT CS2?

While the core concept of both versions of FACEIT was definitely the same, the fact of the matter is that FACEIT on CS2 is just better. Not only does it have multiple quality of life features, but it also has increased security and measures taken against smurfs.

Is FACEIT Better Than ESEA?

While which service is better is indeed a subjective matter, FACEIT has a significantly higher number of active players. Additionally, FACEIT is constantly updated and kept up to date, while the same can't be said for ESEA.

What’s next?

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