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Faceit: What is Faceit?

FACEIT is an esports platform that originated in London, United Kingdom, by the founders, Niccolo Maisto, Michele Attisani, and Alessandro Avallone. However, it has since been sold alongside ESL, which is another well-known esports platform. You can learn more about the deal in our dedicated article on ESL and FACEIT being sold in 2022.

FACEIT is probably most known for giving players, specifically CS:GO players, a chance to play in FACEIT organized matches, tournaments, and ladders. The appeal of this is that FACEIT has an anti-cheat system that has identified and banned over 100,000 players since its origin.

What many people don’t know, however, is that FACEIT has also organized one of the biggest CS:GO majors to date which was the FACEIT Major: London 2018. A momentous moment in CS:GO history that had a prize pool of a million united states dollars.

In May 2022, FACEIT announced a multi-million dollar partnership agreement with the cryptocurrency platform Cake DeFi. The agreement was that players participating in FACEIT matchups and tournaments will receive cryptocurrency rewards instead of the usual cash prizes.

While it is unknown where FACEIT will go in the future, the official ESLFACEIT website has announced that the two acquired companies (FACEIT and ESL) are to merge in the near future to create the ‘leading competitive gaming platform’, where, as the ESL CEO has said, they want to create a gaming world where everybody can become somebody.

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