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How to Unlock Old Battle Pass Skins in Valorant


How many times has it happened to you that you wanted to get your hands on a skin only to find out that it was part of an old battle pass which isn’t available to purchase anymore? Well, what if we told you that all was going to change with the launch of Valorant’s Episode 7? That’s right, information for Episode 7 is out, and we have some good news for old battle pass fans.

Riot Games has announced that players will be able to unlock skins that were present in old battle pass skins with the launch of Episode 7. However, with that being said, we don’t know yet how the progression system will work, but we do have some credible leaks that are very likely to be true.

We’re here to go through everything related to old battle pass content in Valorant that has been revealed so far.

Can You Unlock Old Battle Pass Skins in Valorant

In short, no, you can’t. Well, you can’t YET. Riot Games revealed that they were going to add a progression system to Valorant with the launch of Episode 7 which will allow players to get their hands on skins that were available to obtain from old battle passes. Of course, we recommend you take a look at all Valorant episodes and acts.

With that being said, they didn’t go into detail regarding how the progression system will work and how players will actually be able to obtain these old skins. While most players will have to wait for Episode 7 to drop near the end of June, we have an exclusive leak from a credible source for our Eloking family that just might shed some light on this mystery progression system.

This gist of it is that a new currency will be introduced which could be used to progress through contracts and unlock accessories from previous battle passes. Of course, the developers themselves haven’t confirmed any of this yet, so you should take what we say with a grain of salt.

If this is true, however, then you can expect this new currency to have a higher price than VP, as old battle pass content is widely sought after. When putting into consideration the high demand for old battle pass content, it would make sense to have this mystery currency be either very expensive or very rare to get.

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