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League of Legends: Riot just teased the New Vastayan Mage

League of Legends: Riot just teased the New Vastayan Mage

After Smolder has hit the live servers and the Scarner rework is around the corner, Riot just teased the imminent arrival of a new champion, a young Vastayan bunny girl residing in the icy expanses of Freljord. 

Boasting clairvoyant abilities and hints of alchemy, she's set to bring a fresh and enchanting playstyle to Summoner's Rift. Captivating players with her bunny-inspired charm, players already anticipate for her to have a bunny hop Dash and unique abilities that reflect her herbal harvestation as an alchemist.

As we eagerly await her debut, let's delve into the teasers, theories, and clues that provide a glimpse into this mystical character.

Decoding the Teasers


A mythical creature running through a snowy forest

The first clue to her identity lies in the teaser text, cleverly spelling out the word "rabbit" when the first letters of each word from the title are read. A nod to her Vastayan lineage, this revelation sets the stage for a bunny-inspired champion, akin to iconic characters like Ahri and Xayah. 


The teaser video further reinforces this theme with a subtle bunny cameo behind Riot Lexical, sparking curiosity about her playful yet enigmatic nature.

Origins of the Design

The journey of this upcoming champion takes an intriguing turn when Riot Games reveals that this champion design has been long in the works. Years ago when a champion of this design was under consideration, the non-fitting champion's kit led to a metamorphosis in its design.

The stealing ability, integral to the champion's kit,  was quite unlike a bubbly bunny girl. This led Riot to shift the design to a darker character that was more akin to stealing other champions' ultimates. Today we know that champion as Sylas. This left the original design collecting dust for years before Riot finally found a fitting champion release for it. 

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Champion Origin


Animated character overlooking a majestic snowy landscape with mountains and a village

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the forests of Freljord, this Vastayan mage is poised to be a solo laner, specializing in mid-range magic. Her love for travel, discovery, and investigation hints at a character with an adventurous spirit, ready to explore the mystical corners of Freljord. 


The teaser image of her house adds another layer to her persona, showcasing a trove of plants, herbs, and books that fuel speculations about her potential as an alchemist.

Clairvoyance and Alchemy

A captivating aspect of this champion's lore is the mention of clairvoyance, suggesting a unique ability to perceive things that others cannot. The teaser image of her house, adorned with hanging herbs, billowing smoke, and mystical drawings, sparks theories about her potential as an alchemist. 

Speculation runs wild within the community, envisioning her as a potion-making mage with the ability to discover special herbs even in the icy realms of Freljord.

Speculations about the Kit

The excitement peaks as we anticipate her in-game abilities. While the community eagerly expects the classic bunny hop Dash, the intrigue deepens with speculations about her potential to find special plants on Summoner's Rift. Could she possess a unique skill set allowing her to craft potions with distinct effects, offering a fresh and dynamic playstyle to the League of Legends experience?

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The League of Legends community is on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the arrival of this enigmatic Vastayan mage from Freljord. The melding of thematic richness, design evolution, and potential alchemical gameplay promises a unique addition to the champion roster.


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