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Everything You Need to Know About Iso! Valorant Episode 7 Act 3

Everything You Need to Know About Iso! Valorant Episode 7 Act 3

This is not a drill! The newest agent to join the Valorant roster has been leaked and he seems to be a game-changer. A recent tweet by ValorLeaks has set the Valorant community abuzz with anticipation, hinting at the arrival of a fresh agent named ISO to Valorant's agent roster.

Fans have eagerly awaited the introduction of new agents, especially following the somewhat underwhelming launch of Deadlock in Episode 7 Act 1. While Riot Games has remained tight-lipped about ISO's abilities and design, data miners and dedicated leakers closely monitoring the game's developments have uncovered intriguing sneak peeks at the upcoming Agent 24.

We're here to go through everything we currently know about this brand new agent, Iso.

ISO: The New Face in Valorant

An anime character wielding a sword with futuristic armor

Recently, the well-known leaker KLaboratories on Twitter dropped the bombshell, revealing the agent's name, ISO. This revelation immediately sparked speculation and curiosity within the Valorant community. Subsequently, new leaks surfaced online, offering the community its first glimpse of Valorant's soon-to-arrive Duelist.

The initial teaser image of ISO showcases the agent in a stylish pose, with one knee raised in front of a violet polygon that bears a striking resemblance to a portal, akin to the artwork featured on the "Bulletproof" player card. ISO stands with one hand tucked in the grey hoodie pocket and the other hand extended forward, releasing a veil of smoke.

Agent 24's Abilities and Speculations

Character holding a futuristic device with a glowing screen

While the full scope of Agent 24's abilities remains shrouded in mystery, the community's speculation centers on a player card named "Bulletproof" from Episode 7 Act 2's Battle Pass. 

This card features a portal-like image, hinting at one of the agent's potential abilities. Additionally, the color scheme of violet, black, white, and red seems to align with ISO's initial look, as depicted in the teaser image.

In a move that has escalated excitement to new heights, Riot Games has distributed promotional materials to content creators for Valorant's upcoming Agent 24. These materials include jackets and badges adorned with four ability icons, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the design and potential abilities of the forthcoming Duelist.

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A Shift in Gameplay Dynamics

As Valorant enthusiasts eagerly await ISO's official reveal, speculations run rife about the agent's potential abilities. Some speculate that ISO's toolkit might involve elements of teleportation, akin to Chamber's Rendezvous and Yoru's Gatecrash. 

However, Riot Games has hinted at innovation in their State of the Agents blog, suggesting that Agent 24 will introduce new gameplay elements that could alter how players approach familiar scenarios. This alludes to the potential introduction of a fresh game mechanic that may have a significant impact on the meta.

The In-Game Teaser

Purple glowing crystal formation in a game environment

The excitement doesn't stop there. Valorant developers have gone the extra mile by integrating an in-game teaser into one of the maps. Players can discover this intriguing Easter egg near the defense-side spawn on the Sunset map. 

The conspicuous violet polygon, reminiscent of previous hints, has left the community abuzz with speculation, giving players yet another intriguing clue about the upcoming content.

Stay Tuned for the Agent Reveal Trailer

Silhouette of a new agent from Valorant titled 'Evolution', featured in the ISO agent reveal trailer

The excitement and anticipation within the Valorant community are reaching a fever pitch, and all eyes are now set on the upcoming Agent Reveal Trailer. Riot Games is set to unveil ISO in all its glory on 19th October 2023 at 11 AM EDT. 

Until then, Valorant players can only wonder what exciting changes and innovations ISO will bring to the game. The countdown to Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 has never felt more thrilling!


How many agents will Valorant have after Iso?

There are currently 22 agents in Valorant at the time of writing this article. Therefore, Iso's addition to the roster will make it 23. We want to see if he ends up being good enough to join the ranks of the best 1v5 agents in this game.

Who was the last duelist to join the game?

Iso marks the first addition to the Duelist class since Neon's arrival nearly two years ago. That's right, duelist fans have had to wait a while for another agent to join their ranks but they won't have to wait much longer.

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