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Best CS:GO Launch Option Settings 2023

Best CS:GO Launch Option Settings 2023

CS:GO has consistently been one of, if not THE most popular FPS game around. However, with popularity comes competition, and players are always looking to get every advantage they can against the opposition, Naturally, this includes minor advantages as well such as benefits from having the best launch options.

Now, there are several launch options for CS:GO that could be labeled as the best in 2023. The reason for this is that different launch option settings do different things. Therefore, we’re highlighting some of the best launch option settings you should use in the game. We will also be going through what these launch options do and how they can help you.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the perfect launch option for yourself then look no further, because we have them all.

What Are Launch Options in CS:GO?

Best CS:GO Launch Option Settings 2023 - Image 1

Launch options are the technical settings your game starts with, such as max FPS and tick rate for offline matches. You only need to enter them one time and it will be applied every time you launch Valve’s game. Basically, launch options allow you to modify various settings that can affect how the game runs and looks. These options are added to the game's launch parameters through platforms like Steam

How Do You Set Launch Options in CSGO?

Best CS:GO Launch Option Settings 2023 - Image 2

Before we expand on the specific launch options, let's quickly go over how to set them in CS:GO. To set launch options in CSGO you have to:

  1. First, you have to launch the Steam client on your computer.
  2. From there, click on the "Library" tab at the top of the Steam window.
  3. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your list of games and right click on it.
  4. From the drop down menu, choose "Properties."
  5. In the Properties window, click on the "Set Launch Options" button.
  6. In the launch options field, add the command line parameters you wish to use. Each command should be separated by a space.
  7. Once you've added the desired launch options, click "OK" to apply the changes and close the Properties window.

One VERY important thing to remember is that inputting the launch command incorrectly can potentially cause problems. To ensure this doesn't happen, we highly recommend you simply copy and paste the launch option code you want from here.

Best Launch Options in CSGO

To make things easier, we’ll be going through ten of the best launch options in CSGO in the table below. You’ll also find information on what the launch option does right beside the code.


This command disables the introduction video when launching CS:GO, allowing you to jump straight into the game.

-tickrate 128

If you often play on community servers with a 128 tickrate, this command sets the game's tickrate accordingly for smoother gameplay.


This sets the game's priority to "high" in the Windows task manager, potentially allocating more system resources to CS:GO for improved performance.

-freq [monitor refresh rate]

Replace "[monitor refresh rate]" with the actual refresh rate of your monitor (e.g., -freq 144). This command ensures that CS:GO runs at the specified refresh rate.


Disables the use of Direct3D 9Ex, which can help reduce alt-tabbing delays.


If you don't use a joystick or controller, this command disables joystick support, potentially freeing up system resources.

-threads [number]

Specifies the number of CPU threads CS:GO should use. Be cautious with this option, as setting it too high could lead to performance issues.


Opens the in-game console automatically when launching the game.

-language [language code]

Allows you to set the game's language. Replace "[language code]" with the appropriate language code (e.g., -language french).


Similar to -nod3d9ex, this command disables the use of Direct3D 9Ex but in a different mode. Test both commands to see which works better for you.

How to Choose the Best Launch Option

Best CS:GO Launch Option Settings 2023 - Image 3

Choosing the best CS:GO launch options requires a combination of understanding their effects and tailoring them to your specific setup. These launch options can significantly influence your gameplay experience, so making informed choices is crucial.

To begin, consider your system's hardware and software configuration. Some launch options, such as "-tickrate 128," can enhance gameplay on servers with a higher tickrate. If you frequently play on such servers, this option might be beneficial. Conversely, if you're using an older system, options like "-high" might allocate more resources to CS:GO, potentially improving performance.

Evaluate your monitor's capabilities. The "-freq [monitor refresh rate]" option ensures CS:GO runs at your monitor's refresh rate, promoting smoother visuals. If you're unsure of your monitor's refresh rate, this information can usually be found in its specifications.

Address specific needs. If alt-tabbing causes delays, "-nod3d9ex" can mitigate this issue. Similarly, if you don't use a joystick or controller, "-nojoy" can free up resources. For those who frequently communicate through the in-game console, "-console" opens it automatically, streamlining your experience.

What’s next?

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