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How To Get ARAM God Title in League of Legends


There are many titles players are able to get in League of Legends to show off their achievements. However, barely any of them are as impressive as the ARAM god title which pretty much shows the world that you’re a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to the ARAM game mode.

To get the ARAM God title in League of Legends, you have to collect a high number of wins in ARAM and also complete a bunch of ARAM related challenges to gather up at least 1850 points in the collective challenges. What the second requirement pretty much means is you need to be Diamond or Masters level in a vast majority of the challenges to get the title.

We’ll be going in depth regarding the requirements for getting the ARAM God title as well as giving various tips that should help you get it quicker.

How to Get the ARAM God Title

Okay, so how can you get your hands on the title? Before anything, you should know that a title in League of Legends is the text displayed under your name, both on your profile as well as on the loading screen. Because of this, you can rest assured that the entire lobby will see the title you set for yourself, and the ARAM God title is pretty much the cream of the crop.

How do you get the title, though? Well, you have to complete a bunch of ARAM related challenges if you want to unlock the title. To be more specific, you need to gather a total of 1850 overall challenge points for the title to be in your metaphorical hands.

As you can imagine, a number this high means you’ll have to be playing (and winning) a lot of ARAM matches. There are a couple of players who have been able to unlock this title, but all of them had to play at least 1,000 matches, so you have to REALLY like the game mode to unlock this title.

Tips For Getting The ARAM God Title

Now that you know just how to get the ARAM God title, we thought we’d give you some tips to make the process at least a little easier.

1. Expect A Challenge

The first tip is that you should go on this journey of getting the ARAM God title while expecting a challenge. As we mentioned before, this isn’t an easy title to get, and will most likely require you to play upwards of one thousand ARAM games.

A bunch of players try to get the title but end up giving up halfway either because of burnout or because it seems like they aren’t making any progress. Well, there’s nothing at all wrong with that. So many League of Legends players, and even professionals, go their entire LoL lives without getting this title but still end up enjoying their time.

2. Multitasking is Key

Perhaps the best tip anyone trying to get the ARAM God title can have is to try their best to multitask when going for this title. What this means is that in one game you should make progress on multiple challenges if possible.

For example, if you’re going for the Solo Carry challenge(Deal 40%+ of the damage on your team) then try going for the Farm Champions Not Minions challenge (Get takedowns) as well. Of course, this is a pretty broad example, but players can get creative.

As you can imagine, completing every challenge one at a time would take way too long, and even players with the strongest of wills would eventually give up. Because of this, be sure to go through all the challenges before a long ARAM grinding session to see which ones you can progress in at the same time.

3. Don’t Play Alone

As it is with pretty much everything else in League of Legends, playing most of the ARAM games with friends can really make the entire process more enjoyable. Of course, it has other benefits as well.

For starters, with a friend, you’ll be able to coordinate with them to ensure you’re able to progress more with challenges. For example, if a challenge requires you to get kills, your friend can support you to ensure you’re able to get them easier.

Additionally, having a friend who’s really good at playing can help you knock out some of the harder challenges, like the one that requires you to destroy a tower in the first five minutes. If you don’t have anyone like that, then we recommend you hire a professional teammate from Eloking.

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