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Can you get banned for boosting in Valorant


If you ask a Valorant player why they haven’t purchased a boost from any one of the many high-level players offering their services online, nine out of ten times, they’ll say, “What if it isn’t safe and you get banned?” After all, if Riot’s terms of service are to be believed, then boosting is considered to be a bannable offense.

And that isn’t even mentioning the risks that come from boosters themselves. What if the booster runs off with your account? What if they get your account banned for no reason other than to troll you? What guarantee is there that some other player in a match won’t find out you’re cheating?

These are all valid worries to have, but boosting isn’t as black and white as people make it out to be. Leading boosting sites, such as Eloking, have taken multiple necessary steps to ensure the customer’s safety is their number one priority, and that’s exactly why thousands of Valorant players regularly purchase our services.

Can you get banned for boosting in Valorant?

Before anything, let us address the elephant in the room. Can you get banned for boosting in Valorant? Yes. Will you get banned? Most likely not, that is, if you’re smart about it. It’s a given that trusting just any self-proclaimed booster is the furthest thing from being safe. However, purchasing boosts from verified boosting sites, such as Eloking, is completely safe. This is because they take several precautionary steps to ensure their customer’s account is as safe as possible.

Some of those many steps are

Additionally, many off-site ‘boosters’ offering private boosting are trolls who, as soon as they get the login credentials of unsuspecting players, either get it banned on purpose or change the details, effectively locking the original owners from the account. All the more reason to only trust Eloking with your account and money since we take the utmost care of the account credentials of our customers and complete the orders as quickly as possible.

Finally, it’s much more difficult for Riot to detect that you’re rank boosting if, instead of giving your account credentials to boosters or boosting sites, you opt to use the unique ‘Play with booster’ option in our calculator. This will make it so that the booster will carry your account to further ranks by playing together with you, highly reducing the risk of your account getting banned. Therefore, this option is HIGHLY recommended when purchasing a Valorant boost.

How does offline mode work?

Offline mode is another safety precaution that boosters affiliated with sites use to ensure their customer’s accounts don’t get banned. Because the booster appears offline while playing, no one on your friend list can tell someone’s playing on your account at that time. Moreover, Eloking offers this service for free, so there’s no downside to selecting it, just in case.

If you’re wondering how our players do this since there’s no official way to appear offline in Valorant, they use a software called deceive that, when installed and activated, displays your status as offline to your friends.

It’s important to mention that it is entirely safe to use deceive, and your account can’t get banned while using this plugin.

Can Valorant boosting sites be trusted?

Even if you find a boosting site that looks legitimate, chances are there might still be distress in the back of your mind that stops you from purchasing the boost. For starters, what guarantee is there that the booster assigned to you will even be any good? Well, this is one thing you don’t have to worry about at all, as Eloking hires only highly skilled players after doing extensive background research to verify their legitimacy.

Secondly, there’s the fear of either people from the site or boosters themselves using your account information for malicious purposes. Thousands of players use our services and trust us because the risk is minimized as much as it can be. However, if that isn’t enough to sate your worries, then, as mentioned above, there’s always the option of not giving your account information and instead playing with the booster in the same team (DUO boosting).

If you’re concerned about what would happen if something goes wrong on our end or if unforeseen circumstances cause you to change your mind halfway through an order, then worry not. Eloking has an extremely flexible refund policy where if the order hasn’t started, or if the booster cannot complete it for whatever reason, you get a full refund. Even if the order is stopped halfway through, we are willing to take the extra step for our customers and offer a reasonable refund.

Finally, let us say you purchased five wins, but on the fifth one, the booster lost. In this case, according to Eloking's website, the booster will win two more games. One to offset the loss and the other to complete the order, so your account will have the five wins you asked for at the end of the day.

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