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How League of Legends and TFT are celebrating Pride Month

How League of Legends and TFT are celebrating Pride Month

Pride Month is finally here, and Riot Games is reputable for being one of the most inclusive video game companies out there. This year is no different as Riot is celebrating Pride Month for all of its games with some cool in-game goodies and other cosmetics players can acquire. Today, we want to focus on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, although Valorant players are getting goodies too.

Here, we’ll go through everything players need to know about how Riot Games is celebrating Pride Month in 2024. This includes every in-game cosmetics players can acquire and the methods they can use to get their hands on them.

So, here’s how Riot Games is celebrating Pride Month 2024 in League of Legends and TFT.

What’s coming in patch 14.11 in League of Legends?

Colorful fantasy battle scene with dynamic characters

The League of Legends Pride Event starts on May 30, 2024, and it introduces many things to the game like new emotes and icons.

New Emote:

One of the major additions in patch 14./11 is the introduction of the “United” emote. This new emote has the characters Twisted Fate and Neeko, and it’s made to celebrate pride and inclusivity to celebrate the month. Players can unlock this emote by playing together in a premade group.

Returning Emotes:

Rit has brought back older pride emotes from previous years’ Pride events so players who missed out on them can get it again. These emotes are available for purchase, and each will cost 1 Blue Essence, so all players can easily get them.

The list of returning emotes is as follows:

Pride Player Icons:

Fantasy scenario with colorful portals and characters

Pride Player Icons are also getting introduced in the game, and they’ll be able to be purchased until July 8, 2024. These icons will change players’ homeguard animation on Summoner’s Rift to showcase Pride aspects through colorful homeguard trails. Each Pride Player Icon costs 1 Blue Essence, so those who want to buy them can get it easily.

The list of available Pride Player Icons are:

One of the final things coming is a Community Pride Hub where players can post everything they want, like fan art and cosplays. The Community Pride Hub will launch on May 31, 2024.

Everything coming to Teamfight Tactics to celebrate Pride Month

Fantasy game character casting a colorful spell on a stone bridge

The Pride event in TFT starts on the same day as League of Legends, May 30, 2024, and will end on June 11, 2024.

New Missions

In TFT, some of the Price celebrations in-game include a set of new missions that players can complete to get rewards. One of the main rewards is the new High Five emote that people can use in-game. Here’s a list of every new mission and what the rewards are:

Pride trail changes

One of the final changes to come to TFT is how they get equipped. Previously, it was difficult for Mobile-only players to equip Pride trails due to the previous system, but starting from Patch 14.11, players can activate the Pride trail effect by equipping the respective Pride Booms. Pride trails in TFT are active for the whole year.

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How League of Legends and TFT are celebrating Pride Month
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How League of Legends and TFT are celebrating Pride Month

Pride Month is finally here, and Riot Games is reputable for being one of the most inclusi…

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