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League of Legends banned for no reason? Fixed

League of Legends banned for no reason? Fixed

League of Legends is an immensely huge and iconic MOBA by Riot Games, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fair share of issues. As more people keep entering the virtual arena, more people get banned proportionately.

If you or any of your friends have recently been victims of an undeserved League of Legends ban, then fret not! We'll help you navigate through this conundrum and tell you what you can do. This article will include reasons you might have been banned, as well as what steps you can take to hopefully lift the ban permanently.

So, if you want to find out how you can get unbanned from League of Legends, just continue reading. When you do hopefully get your account unbanned, how about using code "BoostToday" and getting a 20% discount when hiring a professional-level coach who can teach you the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do if you want to avoid getting banned again?

Why were you banned in League of Legends?

Screenshot of an account suspended notification for a gaming platform

Let's start this off by figuring out why you got banned from League of Legends. 

As you know, LoL is very strict with its Terms of Service so it's important to note that if anyone violates it, that person is hit with the ban hammer. Riot Games is notorious for banning players for even the slightest misconduct. Fans of Valorant have also been a victim of this.

There are many different kinds of reasons for banning a player, and based on how serious of a violation it is, can affect how long you'll stay banned. 

The reasons for someone getting banned are:

  1. Toxic behavior
  2. Account sharing
  3. Cheating
  4. Suspicious Activity
  5. False Positives

and more.

Contacting Riot Games using a support ticket

League of Legends support page with search bar and support options

Now that you're banned, what can you do about it? Well, let's start with contacting Riot Support as it's gonna be your first line of defense. Send them a ticket with clear and concise details, explaining your problems. 

Try not to ramble and vent in the support ticket, or drop random accusations as that can hurt your case, but instead, just try to explain clearly why your ban is in error. Be very detailed about it and try to include what you were doing when it happened, send screenshots, and time stamps, and most importantly try to make sure that you submit relevant evidence that can help your case.

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Figure out what happened

You've sent the ticket and now you're waiting for a human response from Riot, and understandably the time spent waiting before their support contacts you can cause lots of anxiety and stress for players. 

While we wait, let's do a bit of reflection and wonder what happened. Have you may have accidentally installed any third-party software that could have tampered with the game? Maybe your account was hacked, so try to make sure by checking your login activity and looking for weird login attempts by requesting your account details. 

Perhaps you were too toxic, which in that case, you need to be more careful later on. Thinking about this earlier can help you if you really are a victim of a false ban. Until you get a response, just hope for the best while expecting the worst to save yourselves from disappointment.

Finally, an answer from Riot Games

Once Riot eventually sends a response for your ticket, there are only two things that they can say.


If your ban stays, Riot will probably reply with a description of why they banned you, what violation you broke, and how long the penalty will last. While there isn't much more you can do after this, just take it as a chance to learn from your mistake to make sure it does not happen again. 

It's important to note that permanent bans are very rare, so you'll just have to wait for a bit until your ban ends so you can demolish your opponents in the arena again. In case you are permanently banned, you can simply make another account using a different email. Just make sure you select the correct region.


If your ban is removed, it's time to celebrate! You can go ahead and play with your friends to cook your enemies in the game! However, use this as a fresh start to try and make sure this does not happen again. Stay committed to positive behavior, and sportsmanship, and treat your fellow players with respect.

If you ever see yourself getting angry and failing to follow Riot's ToS, you can always cool yourself down by muting other players. Try chat commands like /fullmute, /muteself, and /deafen to get rid of the unnecessary noise. Alternatively, there's always the option of playing with some professional-level teammates from Eloking which will ensure you never have to worry about toxic teammates again. You can even use this service with a 20% discount by using code "BoostToday".


Why was my League of Legends account banned for no reason?

Account bans in League of Legends are typically issued based on violations of the game's terms of service, including cheating, toxic behavior, or using third-party software. If you believe your ban was unjust, contact Riot Games support with specific details about your case for a thorough investigation.

How can I resolve a wrongful League of Legends ban?

If you've been banned and believe it was a mistake, submit a support ticket to Riot Games. Provide as much information as possible, including your account details and any evidence supporting your innocence. Riot Games will review your case, and if the ban was indeed unwarranted, they will take appropriate actions to lift the ban and restore your account.

What’s next?

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