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CSGO Settings Keep Resetting? Fixed


CSGO is a game that players like to personalize to suit their own personal preferences. Whether you’re changing the sensitivity settingsvisibility settings, or any other settings, chances are that you might have changed at least one setting in your time playing this game. This is exactly why it can get extremely infuriating when your game constantly resets the settings to the factory default ones every time you boot the game.

To make your CSGO stop resetting settings, you first have to identify the cause of the problem. Now, it’s very likely that your settings are being reset for one of three reasons. Either there was a new update, your configuration files are corrupted, or any third party software you have is messing with it. With the cause identified, all that’s left to do is to fix it.

To ensure you don’t have to change your settings again and again, we’re here to go through everything related to this issue.

Common Causes of Settings Reset in CS:GO

Before we dive into the solutions, let's first understand the potential reasons behind CS:GO resetting your settings

Game Updates and Patches

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a dynamic game with frequent updates and patches released by its developer, Valve Corporation. While these updates often bring new features, bug fixes, and balance adjustments, they can also be a source of frustration for players whose settings get reset.

Sometimes, updates can introduce changes to the game's code or settings structure. When this happens, the game might struggle to adapt your existing settings to the new version, leading to a reset. It's essential to remember that developers aim to improve the overall gaming experience, even if it means altering certain configurations.

Corrupted Configuration Files

Configuration files in CS:GO hold your personalized settings, key bindings, and graphical preferences. These files can become corrupted due to various reasons:

Third Party Software and Background Applications

Finally, your CS:GO settings can be affected by other software running on your computer. Now, these software can be many and not all of them are necessarily nefarious. Third party overlays, such as Discord or NVIDIA GeForce Experience, can occasionally interfere with CS:GO, causing settings to reset.

Alternatively, programs used for recording gameplay, like OBS Studio or Fraps, might conflict with CS:GO settings. Finally, sometimes, graphics card driver updates can lead to unexpected changes in CS:GO settings. It's a good practice to check your GPU driver settings and ensure they are compatible with the game.

Solutions to Fix CS:GO Settings Reset Issue

With all the potential causes of your problem listed, it’s time to get into the actual meat and potatoes of this article. We are, of course, talking about potential solutions to your CSGO settings being reset again and again.

Verify Game Files

Verifying the game files through Steam is a crucial first step in troubleshooting CS:GO settings resets. This process ensures that all game files are intact and not corrupted. 

When CS:GO settings are constantly resetting, it's possible that some essential configuration files have become damaged or missing. Verifying game files scans your game installation and replaces any corrupted or missing files.

This solution is highly effective because it addresses the root cause of the problem - file corruption. Once you've verified your game files, you can be confident that CS:GO is running on a stable and complete set of files, reducing the likelihood of settings resets.

Disable Steam Cloud Sync

Steam Cloud synchronization is a handy feature for saving your game settings and progress in the cloud. However, when it comes to CS:GO settings resets, it can sometimes do more harm than good. Steam Cloud might overwrite your local settings with cloud-saved settings, leading to unexpected changes.

Disabling Steam Cloud synchronization for CS:GO can be a reliable solution if you suspect that it's causing the problem. By doing this, you take control of your settings and prevent them from being altered without your consent.

Manually Edit Configuration Files

Manually editing CS:GO configuration files gives you complete control over your in-game settings. The "config.cfg" file, located in the game's installation directory, contains various settings, including graphics, controls, and crosshair preferences.

This solution is highly effective because it allows you to customize your settings precisely the way you want them and ensures they remain consistent. By marking the "config.cfg" file as read-only after making your changes, you prevent the game from overwriting your settings with default values or cloud-synced data.

Disable Background Applications

Background applications running on your computer can sometimes interfere with CS:GO's performance and settings. They can consume system resources, leading to conflicts that result in settings resets or game crashes.

This solution is effective in optimizing your gaming experience. By closing unnecessary background applications while playing CS:GO, you free up system resources for the game to run smoothly. 

This reduces the chances of settings resets caused by resource conflicts and allows you to maintain a stable gaming environment.

Monitor Updates and Community Forums

Staying informed about CS:GO updates and actively participating in community forums is a proactive approach to addressing settings reset issues. Game developers often release patches and updates to address various in game problems, including settings resets.

This solution is valuable because it keeps you in the loop regarding the latest developments and solutions within the CS:GO community. By regularly checking forums and patch notes, you can identify if your issue is a known bug and learn about official fixes or workarounds provided by the developer or the community.

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