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Best Visibility Settings for CS:GO


There are many super important factors that determine how well you’re able to play in an FPS game like CS:GO. Of course, internal factors like your aim, reaction time, and movement ability are important, but they’re made moot if you don’t have the necessary visibility to pull everything off. Fortunately, there are some settings that can improve your visibility.

The best visibility settings depend on how strong your computer or laptop is. Weak PCs have to turn several video settings such as effect and shader details to low otherwise they might have constant FPS drops and stutters.

We’ll be going through the best settings you can apply if you want to maximize visibility without having to sacrifice the game’s performance.

Why Should You Change Visibility Settings

Before going through the best visibility settings, we believe it’s important to first clarify what the settings aim to do. You see, as mentioned above, the most important factor when you want to pull off good gameplay is visibility. After all, if you can’t see the enemy, how are you supposed to react quickly enough? How are you supposed to aim accurately?

That’s where these visibility settings come into play. They make it so that regardless of where the enemy comes from, how far they are, and which corner they peak from, you’re able to clearly identify them and react accordingly. In some instances, certain settings can also make it so it’s easier to see players through smoke as well, which you can imagine is a huge advantage in comp.

Of course, if only looks mattered, then we would just recommend you to turn every visibility related setting up, but that isn’t the case, as if you do this while not having a strong enough PC or laptop, then the game performance will take a major hit.

CS:GO is an extremely fast paced game, and even the slightest of lags or stutters can mean the difference between winning and losing a round. There’s nothing worse than losing a competitive round because you had a random drop in your FPS.

Best Settings for Visibility 

With that being said, what are the best settings for visibility? Well, the thing is that the best settings vary from person to person depending on how powerful the system or platform they’re playing on is.

Because of this, it’s hard to narrow down one specific combination of settings and label them the best for visibility. Therefore, we’re listing down the generally accepted best settings for visibility first, then we’ll expand on them a little and go in depth on what changes you should make depending on the strength and capabilities of your system.

The generally best settings for visibility when it comes to CS:GO for platforms with average specs are:

Settings You Can Change

As we said above, the settings above are those that are generally recommended for players wanting higher visibility and they have average specs for their computers or laptops. However, you can change some of these settings around according to your priorities.

Perhaps the biggest example of this is the aspect ratio option. Although the most common setting players apply is 16:9, you might have noticed some streamers and competitive players having a bit of a stretched screen with lower resolution. If you want to learn more about this, then check out what stretched resolution fo CS:GO professional players use.

Just like this, the effect and shader detail settings depend on how strong the device you use is. If it’s powerful enough, then we definitely recommend you keep it on high for added visibility, and an overall better visual experience for the player. If it isn’t powerful enough, however, then you should keep it turned down.

Although laptop power saving is something most laptop players feel is necessary, what a lot of them don’t know is that the power saving option usually makes the visual experience of the game worse. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep the laptop on charge when playing.

Finally, motion blur has been a topic of debate since FPS games first came out. Although most players agree that it makes for a more visually appealing experience, professional players usually turn it off because it increases the time spent on the game when enabled.

What’s next?

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