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League of Legends best on-hit builds for Season 14

League of Legends best on-hit builds for Season 14

Many items and champions in League of Legends have abilities that trigger damage effects whenever they are hit successfully. These "on-hit" effects are powerful and cause much damage if used with the right champion. Combining the right item with a powerful champion is necessary for this to occur.

Today, we're here to go through some of the absolute best on-hit builds you can go for in League of Legends Season 14 to ensure you win every single match you load into. Of course, we'll also be going through some important know-how of on-hit builds, including what sets them apart and why they're loved.

So, if you want to know what the best on-hit builds in LoL are, keep reading. If you want to make a build specifically tailored to your playstyle, then you can always hire a professional-level coach from Eloking to show you the ropes. You can also use the code "BoostToday" for an excellent 20% discount.

What are "on-hit" Effects?

Female fantasy warrior with glowing sword and futuristic armor

These are abilities that trigger right after an auto attack and come with items or champion abilities. These abilities are common in champions more reliant on their single abilities for powerful attacks. The use of "on-hit" can enable your champion to get maximum damage output from an attack.

Champions best suited for "on-hit" builds

Fantasy warrior woman wielding a glowing energy weapon in a mystical dark landscape

There are many different types of champions and each one is suited for a different purpose. Some of the common types that are very compatible with "on-hit" effects are the following:

Champions with inherent on-hit abilities:

Such champions capitalize on innate on-hit abilities. Adding one or two extra on-hit abilities increases the potential by a large margin. Combining champions like Nasus and Jayce with oh-hit abilities can have much-desired effects but they are dependent on their AP and DP abilities so that should be kept in mind when using this type.

ADCs focused on speed:

These champions are known to cause regular damage using their basic attack and are meant to cause as much damage as possible in a timeframe that is very short. These champions with on-hit abilities are a match made in heaven as they specialize in speed and combining that with on-hit effects results in a scary combo that causes havoc in any battle it is involved. 

Tank champions:

Tanks and utility champions sacrifice their attack power for crowd control. They are more focused on building their defense instead of offense. Tanks are not meant to engage in battle as they are often known to distract enemies and take damage to create openings for their allies. That said, a Tank with powerful crowd control can be very effective as an offensive option if combined with several on-hit items. 

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The Best LoL On-Hit Builds for Season 14

Two warriors engaged in an intense battle in a fantasy game landscape

The best On-Hit builds depend on combining your champion with the best-suited items.

To get the maximum on-hit effect from your support champions depends on your team's structure and requirements. Considering the changes and new patches these items are the ones most compatible to create the best on-hit build for your champion.

Dream Maker:

Dream Maker is a legendary item that grants the user both offensive and defensive stats. This item is optimal for champions who need to survive the initial stages of gameplay and take an offensive position in later stages. This item grants all-around on-hit abilities suited for all the stages as the gameplay proceeds. 

Blade of the Ruined King:

Best suited for AD on-hit builds, this item is compatible with champions that use powerful successive attacks at great speed. The first successful auto-attack slows down your enemy and creates an opening for successive later attacks. This item is for champions more reliant on their basic attacks which makes them super effective against champions with high health.


This new item, introduced in season 14 is very similar to Dream Maker. It provides great offensive and defensive stats. This item also provides resistance against assassins and burst attacks. These defensive stats with an offensive ability grant Terminus a great all-around performance. 

Guinsoo's Rageblade:

This item is best when used with ADCs, as it grants attack speed and doubles the on-hit trigger after every three attacks. At the same time, the critical strike chance is converted to on-hit damage. Combining such an item with an attack-focused champion will create a monster ready to wreak havoc in any battle.

Titanic Hydra:

Titanic Hydra will help your champion stack much more quickly while providing health. The items help you survive assassin attacks and are useful when you are trying to be defensive, waiting for the right opportunity. This item is useful with tank champions and this is mainly due to its compatibility with the defensive stats of a tank champion.

What’s next?

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