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Rocket League: How to get Free Credits

Rocket League: How to get Free Credits

Rocket League boasts an incredible number of cosmetics, with over a billion combinations that players can make. You can get these cosmetics through item drops, depending on your luck. But if you want specific items, you're going to have to spend credits.

For those who don't know, Rocket League credits are an in-game currency used to buy items in the title, alongside upgrading the Rocket Pass or unlocking blueprints. You obtain credits through various ways, with most methods involving spending money. However, there are some ways to get them for free.

Today, we'll be going through all of the ways you can get credits in Rocket League, from methods that require you to spend actual money, to those that you can utilize to potentially get your hands on some free credits. 

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Easier methods to get credits in Rocket League

Rocket League: How to get Free Credits - Image 1

Let's start with easy ways to get credits in the game.

Buying credits

The most straightforward way to get credits is by buying them. You can either purchase them in-game or through the Epic Games Store.

Grinding the Rocket Pass

If you bought the Rocket Pass, you can grind through the entire thing by progressing through the premium tiers. Going through them will occasionally give you credits, and if you unlock all of the tiers without spending anything, you'll have enough to buy the next premium pass.


Rocket League occasionally gets limited-time events where you can complete challenges to unlock credits, such as the Birthday Ball Event which took place on the game's birthday. So keep an eye on these events so you don't miss out on free credit opportunities.

How to get credits for free in Rocket League

Rocket League: How to get Free Credits - Image 2

Now, onto how to get free items in Rocket League. To get cosmetics, you must trade your stuff, which can net you in-game currency. 

Firstly, it's important to note that to unlock the trading feature, you must spend at least $5. If you purchased the game on Steam before it went free-to-play, this will not apply to you and you'll have the ability to trade without having to meet any prerequisite.

You can trade items you find in supply drops in exchange for Rocket League credits. While it's simple trading your common items for credits, you can trade up multiple of them for something of a higher rarity, which will then go for many more credits. Of course, partaking in toxic or unfair practices can potentially get you banned from Rocket League.

How to get Cosmetics for free

If you want cosmetic items instead of credits, then you can trade items with others. First, find a trading partner and link up. It's worth noting that you can only trade with people on the same platform as you, but don't worry because Rocket League has cross-progression, so all of your stuff will show up.

Once you've found a partner, invite them to your Rocket League party, and then send an invite to trade. Then, both of you need to add items you want to trade and confirm them. After that, a countdown will commence. You can cancel your trade before the countdown ends, but if you don't, then the trade will proceed, so be mindful of what you're sending and what others are sending.

What’s next?

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