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League of Legends: Top 10 Hardest Champions To Master

League of Legends: Top 10 Hardest Champions To Master

League of Legends has no shortage of champions to play. From long-range champions like Ashe and Ezreal to close-range ones like Riven and Garen, there's no shortage of champions to choose from for players. However, that doesn't mean all of them have the same learning curve, as some of them are significantly more difficult to master than others.

Since we've already gone through the top 10 easiest to master champions in League of Legends, today we'll be flipping the script and going through the champions we believe are the most difficult to master. While mastering these champions may take a lot of time, it'll eventually be worth it.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 hardest champions to master in League of Legends. If you want to make mastering these champions much easier, there's always the option to hire a professional-level coach from Eloking. Just use the code "BoostToday" when checking out to avail a banger 20% discount too. 

10. Akali

Futuristic anime girl with colorful hair riding a stylish motorbike

Akali is not for beginners. Animation cancels, quick reactions and fast hands are integral to her gameplay. She uses fast combos combined with quick animation cancels to be super effective. Understanding her kit might not be an issue, but not everyone can execute her skillset efficiently. Managing her health and cooldowns while being quick and precise can be annoying.

Players can only use Akali optimally after trying and failing again and again. Players might get annoyed, but the results speak for themselves.  

9. Gangplank

Mystical warrior casting spells in a fantasy setting

Gangplank requires players to have good timing and quick reflexes. His difficulty also lies in the fact that he does not engage in early battles and prefers a more defensive approach. Using his barrel is the real challenge, as there are many combos. His ultimate requires exceptional map awareness, and his lack of movability does not help.

He is a squishy top laner with a high skill ceiling. Timing is everything, and using the right combo at the right time requires skill, as it can be the difference between survival and death.

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8. Qiyana

Fantasy artwork of a fire dancer casting flames with festive background

Qiyana is all about mobility and crowd control. She has low cooldowns and demands quick decision-making. Knowing the elements and when and where to use her Q requires practice. There are many combos to master, and the player must execute them with fluidity to have maximum results. Qiyana is suitable for more than one role, adding to her complexity.

Qiyana has faced many nerfs in recent years, adding to her difficulty. She can terrorize her opponents, but it takes practice. 

7. Kalista

A dynamic illustration of a fantasy warrior clad in red and black armor, engaging in battle

Kalista demands constant movement while auto-attacking at the same time. Kiting is a must for optimal gameplay. Her movement depends on her attacks, and the player must position and time her combos accordingly. She also can move her allies, and it can get confusing. Opponents can evade her attacks if there is no coordination with other teammates.

Kalista depends on a hit-and-run tactic, requiring good map awareness and reaction speed.

She also needs compatible support at all times to have an impact.

6. Thresh

Mystical warrior wielding blue energy in a fantasy setting

Thresh plays the role of a support. It is all about decision-making when it comes to Thresh. The champion can be super effective, depending on the situation. Using his hook optimally is most impressive, but a player must also understand his kit to be useful afterward. Creating a strategy to ensure that Thresh provides maximum support to his teammates requires a lot of thinking.

Players must make many decisions when playing as Thresh. It can be daunting to decide when and where to use which one of his skills.

5. Aphelios

Fantasy anime characters casting spells in a mystical forest

Using Aphelios to his full potential is straining. He does not have any movement boosts and is almost immobile. You must also manage ammo while switching between five skills constantly. No room for error exists, as choosing the right skill at the right moment demands precision. A player must do all this while balancing Attack Damage and Ability Damage.

Aphelios requires management skills and precision switching, and players can only achieve this after many games.

4. Lee Sin

Fantasy warrior wielding magic in dynamic battle scene

The blind monk is a super effective jungler. His Q skillshot requires precise timing and decision-making. Lee Sin is not made for flashy gameplay but requires patience and timing. Creating a strategy to combine the right combos with good positioning can be arduous. Dealing with his resource bar and depending on passives is taxing while ganking and stealing buffs.

Lee Sin is impressive when properly used, but not everyone can do that. Patience with in-depth knowledge of his skillset is a must.

3. Yasuo

Mystical warrior with a magic sword in a fantasy setting

Mastering Yasuo can be a hassle. His skill set is not an issue, but executing it is. Yasuo is an offensive champion and is a super effective mid-laner. Good reaction time and decision-making are necessary as Yasuo is effective in later stages, but surviving until then can be very challenging, as he is squishy. Yasuo demands a strategic mindset and patience.

Executing Yasuo's combos can require timing and good positioning. Players can only learn this through trial and error. 

2. Riven

Dynamic warrior in action with a magical sword and ethereal background

Riven appears simple and easy to master, but this is not true. She is an exceptional top laner who can dish out impressive combos. Executing her combos in a smooth and orderly manner is an arduous task. The player must also be good with animation cancel and know when to use abilities like shield, dash, and stun. Players must practice again and again to achieve success.

Riven requires good controlling and reactive abilities. Mastering her can be rewarding, but it takes time.

1. Azir

Fantasy warrior holding a magical weapon in an arena

It is straining to use Azir mechanically. A player must have a detailed understanding of his kit to use Azir effectively. Azir is squishy and depends on his ranged attacks, so he must be positioned correctly. Dividing time between his summoned soldiers, him, and his ranged attacks while trading with opponents constantly and lasting till the later stages can be a hassle.

Azir is a mid laner and a control mage, which demands experience only achieved after practicing and fighting many battles.

What’s next?

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