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5 Best LOL Junglers to Carry In Ranked


If you asked us which role in League of Legends is the most important, we’d have no choice but to say jungler. After all, a jungler’s job is to ensure all three lanes are winning, all the while getting strong on their own. However, in order to do so effectively, it’s very important to have a champion that has the potential to win you matches, especially ranked ones.

We’ve gone through every single jungle champion in League of Legends and finally made a list of the five best ones that are sure to help you win more matches. Those champions are Rengar, Master Yi, Kha’Zix, Amumu, and Jarvan IV.

We’ll be going through all five of the bet jungler carry champions as well as their pros and cons to ensure you’re able to find the best champion to help you carry your team in ranked.

#5: Rengar

First on this list is Rengar, the feral champion. While he was always rather dangerous for every champion, with the changes he’s had over the years to his stats and abilities, it’s now more than possible for him to take out squishy champions with just one shot. Pair this with the fact that it’s possible to max out his first ability at level 9, and you have yourself a monster jungle champion.

Rengar's objective control is phenomenal since he can easily gank a lane because of high mobility. Even if he isn’t able to get some kills, he’ll still be able to force the enemy to back off, hopefully allowing his team to take the objective.

Rengar is a rather unique champion in the sense that the creativity of the player controlling him determines how useful he is in a match. One thing’s for certain, however. If you want to win a 1v1 duel then make sure the champion you’re up against isn’t a Rengar, because chances are you won’t come out as the victor.

#4: Master Yi

Ah yes, the champion most players think is overrated and overused, but can you really blame anyone for playing Master Yi? Many who haven’t tried him assume that he’s a champion for ‘noobs’ when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although he really is easy to play, he’s very difficult to master.

After all, his abilities are those that, while they sound good on paper, require precise timing and usage to pull off properly. Additionally, perhaps his biggest weakness is that he needs to spend a lot of the early game farming, and it’s difficult for him to gank a lane properly if the enemy team takes his red buff.

Although high level players have come up with several counters for him by now, if you’re playing against low Elo players and want to easily dominate the jungle in ranked, then Master Yi is definitely the champion to play as.

#3: Amumu

Although Amumu looks like a rather weak champion, only players that have actually played as him can know how useful he can be when placed in the right hands. Fortunately, those hands don’t have to be too trained because Amumu is also one of the easiest champions to master in the game.

Of course, his best weapon is his Q, which not only stuns any enemy it hits which allows his teammates to finish the job, but it also instantly brings him to the fight. If an enemy champion tries to get away from an Amumu in the middle of a gank, well, let’s just say it probably won’t end well for that champion.

Although in the past it wouldn’t be a viable option to pick Amumu in higher level games, with the introduction of items like Demonic Embrace in his build, players going up against Amumu have been finding themselves losing against him 1v1. Why? Well, because of the simple reason that Amumu can potentially beat most champions by simply having better raw stats.

#2: Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is probably the most unique champion on this list because of his evolution system. This evolution system allows this champion to be far more flexible than most champions as he has four different skills he can choose to evolve depending on the circumstances of the match.

His low level knowledge requirement and high damage make it so that pretty much anyone can pick this champion up and find themselves one shotting squishy enemy players with ease. Of course, where Kha’Zix really excels as a jungler is claiming objectives like the Baron or dragons because of his unique skill set.

One thing to keep in mind is that it might be a good idea to focus on both survivability and damage output to ensure you’re able to make the most of Kha’Zix and his incredibly powerful Q attack.

#1: Jarvan IV

Although Jarvan IV used to be pretty overlooked in the past, because of a couple of buffs he’s received over the years, he has become one of the most powerful jungle champions in the entire game. With an over 50% win rate, a bunch of players have started playing him as their mains, and here’s why.

Perhaps his biggest strength is his mobility which allows him to not only rush into battle quickly but also escape from a losing battle if needed. For a position that requires you to be in the right place at the right time constantly, whether it’s for pulling off ganks, taking objectives, or supporting teammates, you can imagine that high mobility is extremely valuable.

Jarvan IV is really good when it comes to the early game, because of which players tend to try and give the rest of their team a good starting boost using effective ganks and getting in early skirmishes when playing as Jarvan to ensure the rest of the match goes smoothly.

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