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LoL: Barrier vs Heal: Which One is Better?


League of Legends offers various summoner spells that can be used to enhance a champion's survivability and support their team. Two popular options for defensive utility are Barrier and Heal,  and both spells provide a temporary boost to the champion's health. With that being said, they have distinct characteristics and situational advantages.

Heal is a spell that heals both you and your nearest or targetted ally champion all the while giving a boost in speed. Barrier, on the other hand, grants a temporary shield to the champion that uses the spell. Both spells have their distinct uses and advantages that make one better than the other in certain situations.

We’ll be going through both the barrier and heal spells and then explaining which one you should choose. For more similar comparisons, check out our comparisons of Infinity Edge vs Navori Quickblade and quick cast vs normal cast.

Heal Spell

The first spell we’re going through is the heal spell. Heal is a summoner spell in League of Legends that provides both health restoration and a movement speed bonus to the champion and an allied champion within range. It is a versatile defensive and supportive tool that offers sustained survivability and mobility advantages.
Additionally, the amount of healing provided by Heal scales with the champion's level, making it more effective as the game progresses.

Now that you know what the heal spell does, we’ll be going through some of the benefits of this spell that make it appealing to players.

Health Restoration and Movement Speed Bonus

One of the primary advantages of Heal is its ability to restore a portion of the champion's health. This can be crucial in situations where sustained survivability is needed, such as during prolonged engagements, team fights, or when facing opponents with persistent damage over time effects. By activating Heal, you can quickly regain lost health, potentially turning the tide of battle in your favor.

In addition to healing, Heal also grants a movement speed bonus to the champion and a nearby allied champion. This can provide a significant mobility advantage, allowing you to either chase down fleeing opponents or escape dangerous situations. The movement speed bonus can be particularly helpful for immobile champions who lack natural mobility in their kit.

Benefits Extend to Teammates Too

Heal's versatility isn’t limited to just individual benefits either, as it also offers support to an allied champion within range. This makes it an excellent choice for champions who prioritize team utility and want to contribute to their team's overall survivability. By healing an allied champion, you can provide them with a burst of health that may be crucial in clutch moments, ensuring they can continue fighting or retreat safely. The ability to assist a teammate during critical situations makes Heal a valuable tool for coordinated team play.

Works As a Good Counter

Taking Heal as a summoner spell can also help to counter opponents with healing reduction abilities or items. For example, if you are facing champions like Ignite, Executioner's Calling, or Bramble Vest that apply Grievous Wounds to reduce healing, the burst of health provided by Heal can be invaluable. It offers an additional burst of healing that cannot be easily countered, helping to offset the reduced effectiveness of other healing sources.

Barrier Spell

The second spell we’re talking about today is the barrier spell. Barrier is a summoner spell in League of Legends that provides an instant shield to the champion, absorbing a certain amount of damage. It is a defensive tool that can be used to mitigate incoming burst damage and increase survivability in critical moments. 

Since you should now have a good grasp of how this spell functions, below are several benefits of using it.

Immediate Protection

One of the primary advantages of Barrier is its ability to offer immediate burst protection. When activated, Barrier instantly creates a shield that absorbs a portion of the incoming damage. This can be crucial in situations where the champion is at risk of being burst down or eliminated in a short period. For example, when facing an assassin champion like Zed or Talon, who can quickly unleash a high amount of burst damage, using Barrier at the right moment can prevent them from securing a kill and allow you to turn the fight in your favor.

Barrier is particularly effective during early laning phases when champions have relatively low health pools and limited defensive options. It can serve as a reliable tool to survive aggressive trades, tower dives, or ganks from the enemy jungler. By activating Barrier at the opportune time, you can create a temporary buffer that absorbs incoming damage and grants you a chance to retaliate or escape.

Very Easy to Use

Another advantage of Barrier is its simplicity and ease of use. Unlike some other summoner spells that require precise timing or positioning, Barrier can be activated instantly. This makes it accessible to players of all skill levels and ensures that its protective benefits are readily available when needed. Additionally, the cooldown of Barrier is relatively short, allowing you to use it multiple times in a single game, especially during team fights or crucial objectives.

Which One is Better?

With the advantages of both barrier and heal spells gone through, it’s time for the million dollar question. Which spell of the two is better? Well, it really depends on several factors. Do you want a spell that’s quick and easy to use? One that can be used in any situation and can get you out of tough spots instantly? Well, then you can pick any of the two.

However, if you want a spell that can assist your teammates along with yourself then you should go for heal and not barrier. Finally, Some champions synergize better with specific summoner spells based on their playstyle and abilities. Additionally, in certain lanes or matchups, one summoner spell may be more effective than the other. Assessing the specific champion you are playing, the lane dynamics, and the opponent's playstyle can help inform your decision.

With all of this being said, heal is the spell that players typically choose. This is because it’s overall more useful and can be used in more scenarios than barrier can, so that might be something to think about.

What’s next?

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