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Everything New in League of Legends Season 14

Everything New in League of Legends Season 14

League of Legends, a game that frequently redefines itself with each new season, unleashes its fourteenth season during intense anticipation. Riot Games, the masterminds behind this gaming sensation, have not disappointed. Season 14 brings an array of transformative features, redefining the gameplay experience for millions worldwide.

As anticipation builds for Season 14 in League of Legends, Riot Games gears up for the Preseason 2024 following the thrilling conclusion of the 2023 World Championship. In this upcoming phase, Riot is set to implement substantial gameplay alterations, including significant adjustments to terrain and map objectives. Additionally, they aim to enhance core game systems, with plans to introduce a three-split ranked structure aimed at expediting the ranked progression experience. 

Let's explore the exciting features awaiting players in the League of Legends 2024 Season 14. When the season starts, if you want to get a head start against the other players, then be sure to hire a professional booster from Eloking to play your placement matches for you. What's more, you can use code ''BoostToday'' for 20% off all of our services.

Ranked System Changes

Mystical glowing armor with emblem surrounded by sparks

In Season 14, Riot Games is set to revolutionize the ranked experience by introducing a three-split structure, departing from the traditional year-long ranked system. This transformative change aims to address player concerns about the arduous grind and the prolonged wait for a fresh climb. With ranked resets scheduled for January, May, and September of 2024, players will now have three distinct opportunities to embark on their ranked journey.

The motivation behind this shift is to inject more dynamism into the ranked environment, allowing players to experience the thrill of climbing the ladder multiple times a year. The shorter split durations not only promise more frequent resets but also elevate the stakes, making each split more impactful and exciting. 

Players can anticipate increased competitiveness, a more responsive matchmaking system, and greater opportunities to showcase their skills as they navigate the ranks in this new and improved system. Speaking of ranks, if you want to climb the ranks quickly then hire a professional-level League of Legends player from Eloking by using code ''BoostToday'' for an epic 20% discount.

Item System Overhaul

Animated female character in dynamic battle scene with magical elements

The item landscape in League of Legends is undergoing a monumental transformation as Riot Games bids farewell to Mythic items in Season 14. Initially introduced in 2021 to diversify item builds, Mythic items unintentionally led to a more streamlined approach, limiting creativity and strategic diversity. 

Riot acknowledges the need for change, opting to remove Mythic items to rejuvenate the item system and bring back the freedom for players to experiment with various build paths.

The overarching goal of this item system overhaul is to shift the balance of power away from items and back to the champions themselves. Riot aims to demystify the itemization process, providing players with greater flexibility and agency in choosing their build paths. 

This significant departure from the Mythic items system promises to reinvigorate gameplay, encouraging players to explore new and inventive strategies to outsmart their opponents. With a focus on enhancing strategic diversity, the item system overhaul is poised to be a game-changer, offering a fresh and engaging experience for veterans and newcomers alike.

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Revamped Jungle Paths

Mysterious creatures in a lush magical forest

One of the primary focuses of the map changes is the jungle. Riot is introducing new jungle paths that not only diversify jungle gameplay but also offer more secure routes between lanes. These adjustments aim to provide junglers with increased agency and strategic options while also allowing laners to traverse the map with greater confidence. 

By reshaping the jungle, Riot seeks to create an environment where unexpected plays and counterplays can unfold, injecting more excitement and dynamism into each match.

Symmetry and Balance

Summoner's Rift is set to become more symmetrical, with changes designed to put both the red and blue sides on equal footing. The goal is to eliminate potential imbalances between the two sides, ensuring that neither team has a significant advantage based solely on their starting position. 

This symmetry extends to various aspects of the map, including new jungle and gank paths, adjustments to the midlane brushes, and the addition of a wide wall across major objectives. By promoting symmetry, Riot aims to create a fair and competitive environment where skill and strategy take center stage.

Changes to Map Objectives: A Baron and Rift Herald Evolution

Giant alien creature in a video game landscape

Map objectives are the focal points of strategic decision-making in League of Legends, and Season 14 brings a massive rework to two pivotal entities: Baron Nashor and Rift Herald.

Baron Nashor's Dynamic Forms

In Season 14 of League of Legends, Baron Nashor will no longer maintain a static appearance throughout the match. Instead, he will assume one of three dynamic forms, each influencing the way he fights and the shape of the pit. While below is general information on all three forms, you can learn more about it in an in-depth article we wrote for all of the changes being made to the Baron in Season 14.

Hunting Baron: With lightning attacks, this Baron form blasts all nearby enemies from above. The pit remains unchanged, offering a familiar battleground for teams.

Territorial Baron: This Baron creates a wall in front of the pit, pulling champions near him with newly added hands. The altered pit dynamics force teams to adapt their engagement strategies, considering the defensive obstacles introduced by this form.

All-Seeing Baron: Opening a Void Rift, this Baron form creates a "damage over time" zone within the tunnel-like pit. The front of the pit closes off, while both sides open up. Teams must navigate this altered terrain strategically to secure the Baron buff, adding a layer of complexity to Baron fights.

To learn more about everything new when it comes to the Baron, you can get some one on one coaching done with a professional level coach by using code 'BoostToday' and getting 20% off.

Rift Herald's Evolution

Rift Herald, affectionately known as Shelly, is also undergoing significant changes. While specific details about Shelly's modifications remain scarce, Riot Games has teased an evolution in her design and functionality. These changes are expected to impact how teams prioritize and contest Rift Herald, potentially altering the flow of early-game strategies.

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