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CS:GO Moan Command: How to moan in CS:GO


With recent game update, developers have added a new voice command you can use to make your game even more fun, this command is the MOAN command? Yes you've read it right, now you can moan in CS:GO if you follow the steps below:

  1. Open the console: (if you don't have it on, go to Options > find Enable Developer Console and turn it on by changing the option to "Yes") - The default key binding for the console is the tilde key (~).
  2. Write in the console (bind -your button- "playerradio deathcry Moan"). For example "bind z "playerradio deathcry Moan".
  3. Press the specified key (in our example, key z) to moan.

Here is a video tutorial for it: YouTube: How to moan in CS:GO

What’s next?

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