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Top 12 Best Companion Apps For LoL


Although League of Legends is a complete package in itself, there are certain applications players can install as companion apps. These apps can either serve to improve the experience of the players or provide detailed analytics that the League client isn’t able to.

Although the positioning could change depending on the personal preference and requirements of the player using the apps, the 12 bests apps for LoL range from quality of life ones like the Baron Timer to full blown analytical apps like which analyzes your gameplay and tells you where you can improve on.

Below you’ll find a list of the top 12 best apps for LoL. We used several factors to make this list, including how useful the apps are, how many players use them, and how many substitutes they have.

#12: LoL Sumo

First up on this list is LoL Sumo, which was a rather lesser known LoL companion app. If you haven’t ever heard of it then that’s pretty understandable as you can no longer download the application from app stores due to it being dead. 

When it did work, however, it pretty much provided you in game advice based on your gameplay recordings that it analyzed. This advice was then used to improve specific areas of your gameplay.

#11: Jungle Timer

Have you ever ended up losing the opportunity to get the Baron or any other jungle monster in a match because you forgot when they spawn? Well, in that case maybe you should use Jungle Timer, the next companion LoL app on the list.

Yes, it does exactly what the name suggests. It allows you to track the respawn timer of every single jungle monster and alerts you when they’re about to spawn via a message on the screen. By using it, you can start preparing to go for the monsters beforehand.

#10: LoL Catalysts

Next comes LoL Catalysts, which is highly recommended for players who have trouble coming up with suitable builds for their champions. This app analyzes your gameplay and recommends builds accordingly. 

Additionally, it can also be used to track your progress and statistics, though the reason it isn’t higher on the list is that there are a bunch of substitutes to this app that perform better.

#9 Facecheck

Here’s a unique app that can be EXTREMELY advantageous when used by the right players. Basically, by using Facecheck, not only are you able to get in game advice and tips on what you should do, but those said advice and tips are formed after analyzing the ENEMY’S champions and playstyles.

As you can imagine, knowing what to expect from the enemy can give you a major headstart against the enemy team, especially if you share the knowledge with your teammates.

#8: LoLwiz

The enemy’s common champions, playstyles, and win rates are things professional players analyze when preparing for high stake matches. Well, while their research can take several hours, what if we told you that by simply using LoLwiz, you’ll get the same results?

LoLwiz is n LoL app that provides you with real time information on all the players in the enemy team so that you can know what to expect and build your items accordingly.

#7: is a LoL app that a bunch of players use, and there’s no surprise as to why. Not only does it provide you with information on the players you match up against, but it can also be used to view the profile of any LoL player

Additionally, it can also be used to get statistics on your gameplay that the League of Legends client might not be able to give you. You can then use those statistics to determine which areas you need to focus on if you want to play better. Basically, think of it as a professional Eloking coach, just not as good.

#6: LoL Championify

LoL Championify is another top rated League of Legends app that gives you information on what item builds you should use if you want to get the upper hand on the enemy. This information is gathered after determining several factors such as the statistics of the enemy players, your own statistics, and the champion everyone on the team is using.

#5: League Friends

Some of you guys who are familiar with League Friends might be surprised to see this app ranked so low but hear us out. Yes, it allows you to communicate with other League players just like any other messaging app but it has way too many substitutes.

One major plus, however, is that you can install it on your phone and view the profiles of League players at any time.

#4: Mobalytics

Mobalytics is one of the most used League of Legends companion apps out there because it gives players information on their win rates, KDAs, and CS scores, and offers advice on how to improve their performance. It prides itself in helping players improve their gameplay, and many high level players have admitted to using it as well.

#3: is an app that allows you to view the builds of hundreds of professional players as well as know the ins and outs of the strategies they’re best known for. This information can then be used to try and emulate the strategies of your favorite professional players in actual matches.


While there have been many apps on this list which analyze the gameplay of players in order to help them improve, we believe none of them do it as well as After all, it’s one of, if not the most popular LoL app around.

#1: Porofessor

Porofessor gives players the most in depth information on the enemy team players when compared to the other League of Legends companion apps. Not only does it provide the usuals (most common champions, K/D/A, and playstyles) but it also lets the players know whether or not the enemy team members are on winning streaks.

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