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Overwatch 2 won’t be pay-to-win anymore

Overwatch 2 won’t be pay-to-win anymore

Overwatch 2 hasn't really seen the best launch. While the first Overwatch was loved worldwide and even got the title of the game of the year for the year 2016, Overwatch 2 hasn't seen nearly as much success. However, it seems Blizzard might be thinking of changing the game's formula to make it more like the prequel.

The single biggest feature Blizzard is confirmed to be changing about Overwatch 2 is the way players can acquire new heroes. The game will be shifting from having players grind the battle pass to unlock new heroes to simply giving every player access to them as they launch, just like it was in the first game.

So, without further ado, here's how Blizzard is hoping to rectify the mistakes of Overwatch 2. If you want to get to a high rank before the inevitable onslaught of newcomers and returning players, we recommend you hire a professional-level booster from Eloking to get you to the rank you deserve. Of course, you can also use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount when you do so.

What is Blizzard changing for Overwatch 2?

Overwatch game screen showing Sombra character selection

In the past, Overwatch 2 required players to grind the battle pass if they wanted to unlock any new character/hero. However, that will all change with the upcoming update as players will instantly acquire every single hero, both present and future, without having to pay anything.

As a matter of fact, the first Overwatch also had a feature that allowed players to play as any hero as soon as that hero came out. However, weirdly enough, when Overwatch 2 was released it required players to grind the battle pass if they wanted to unlock new heroes. Without doing so, players wouldn't get access to new heroes as they came out.

The initial reception of Overwatch 2 wasn't without its challenges, evident from its low ratings on platforms like Steam, where it garnered an "overwhelmingly negative" status following extensive user reviews. Criticisms ranged from the absence of promised PvE content and character imbalances to aggressive monetization tactics. Notably, players were discontented with having to pay for PvE missions and expensive character skins, which reached prices as high as $40.

One of the most contentious changes from the original Overwatch was the introduction of a grind-based system for unlocking characters through the battle pass. Unlike its predecessor, which granted access to all characters upfront, Overwatch 2 required players to invest time and effort into leveling up the battle pass, leaving those unable to commit extensive hours at a disadvantage. This move stirred debates, transforming what was once a prominent esports title into what some deemed a pay-to-win affair. However, the forthcoming Season 10 aims to address this issue with the release of Venture and the subsequent removal of hero gating behind the battle pass.

What Else is Blizzard Bringing in the Update?

Futuristic female warrior with striking face paint in a cityscape

Starting April 16, 2024, Season 10 of Overwatch 2 will mark a significant shift by granting players immediate access to all heroes, beginning with Venture. Additionally, the season will introduce the Mythic Shop, providing a venue for acquiring cosmetics from previous seasons without the need for rigorous grinding. Moreover, players can anticipate a limited-time playtest of the upcoming Clash mode on the Hanaoka map, offering a glimpse into the game's evolving landscape.

Game director Aaron Keller emphasized the desire to ensure accessibility for all players, stressing the elimination of hero gating through the battle pass. He also hinted at the possibility of purchasing golden weapons alongside mythic skins, encouraging players to accumulate competitive currency in anticipation of future updates.

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Will existing Overwatch 2 players need to pay to access the new heroes introduced in Season 10?

No, all heroes introduced in Season 10 and beyond will be available for free to existing Overwatch 2 players, eliminating the need for any additional purchases or grinding through the battle pass.

How can players obtain cosmetics from previous seasons without grinding through weekly quests?

The introduction of the Mythic Shop in Season 10 provides a convenient avenue for players to acquire cosmetics from previous seasons directly, bypassing the need for extensive grinding.

What’s next?

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