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Everything New in Dota 2’s 7.35 Patch

Everything New in Dota 2’s 7.35 Patch

In Dota 2's 7.35 patch, sweeping changes have arrived, reshaping the game's dynamics from neutral creep behaviors to the introduction of new items. This review explores the key highlights, dissecting the impact of each modification on the meta and player strategies.

A standout change centers around Roshan, now wielding the Roar of Retribution ability. This global roar, triggered when Roshan's health falls below 80%, damages units in a wide area, amplifying incoming damage. The addition of Roshan's Banner and altered drop mechanics brings fresh layers to strategic gameplay, promising a dynamic shift in Dota 2's competitive landscape.

With this being said, we'll be going through everything important in the new patch, and let us warn you, there's a lot. If you want to learn every new item and hero change easily then you can always hire a professional-level Dota 2 coach from Eloking to teach you the ropes, something you can do with a 20% discount if you use the code "BoostToday".

General Gameplay Changes

Intense online multiplayer game with various characters engaged in a battle in a forest area

Neutral Creeps

The balance of power in the jungle has shifted as neutral creeps see a two-unit reduction in bounty across the board. This change aims to fine-tune the economy of players relying on jungle farming strategies, introducing a subtle yet impactful adjustment to resource accumulation.

Mines and Buffs

Neutral Creeps are no longer influenced by Mines, Graveyard, Statue, and Well buffs. This modification reframes how players can leverage these buffs strategically, emphasizing other aspects of gameplay for enhanced tactical depth.

Super Creeps and Mega Creeps

The offensive capabilities of Super Creeps and Mega Creeps have been elevated with a five-point increase in attack damage. This boost introduces a more formidable challenge for players facing these formidable foes, potentially influencing the pace and intensity of high-stakes clashes in the late game.

Courier Mechanics

A significant overhaul has been applied to couriers, replacing the traditional health pool with a novel "attacks to kill" system. Now, couriers succumb to a single melee hero attack, two ranged hero attacks, or six attacks from creeps or towers. This alteration not only streamlines courier dynamics but also introduces a heightened vulnerability, prompting teams to reevaluate their courier management strategies.

Fountain Splash Damage

The fountain, once considered a sanctuary, now poses an additional threat. Fountain attacks now release a 25 percent splash damage in a 250-radius around the target, adding an extra layer of caution for players diving deep into enemy territory. This adjustment aims to balance the risk and reward associated with aggressive plays around the fountain.

Watchers and Teleportation

Watchers have been strategically positioned in Mines and Well areas to enhance map awareness and strategic mobility. Simultaneously, teleport times to Outposts in the Radiant and Dire jungles have been slashed from six to four seconds. These changes collectively aim to foster a more dynamic and responsive gameplay experience.

Map and Teleportation Adjustments

Players engaging in a strategic online game battle

Teleportation Times to Outposts

One of the notable changes in the patch is the reduction in teleportation times to Outposts. Players can now swiftly respond to map events with a decrease from six to four seconds, emphasizing the importance of map control and strategic positioning.

Twin Gates Mana Cost and Usage

The introduction of Twin Gates adds a new layer to strategic plays. We'll explore the mana cost associated with using Twin Gates and the implications of this ability on unit movement. Additionally, the patch allows units without mana to utilize Twin Gates for free, potentially altering early-game strategies.

New Roshan Ability and Drops

Roshan, the coveted objective in Dota 2, receives a fresh update with the introduction of Roar of Retribution. Delving into the details, we'll discuss the global impact of Roshan's roar, the debuff applied to attackers, and the altered drop mechanics with the addition of Roshan's Banner, Refresher Shard, and Aghanim's Blessing.

Rune Modifications

Colorful crystals and creatures on a virtual game board

Amplify Damage Rune (formerly Double Damage Rune)

The Double Damage Rune transforms the 7.35 patch, now known as the Amplify Damage Rune. With this change, the base damage bonus has been adjusted, decreasing from 100 percent to 80 percent. Additionally, the rune now provides an extra layer of strategic depth by offering 15 percent Spell Amplification.

Invisibility Rune Adjustments

The Invisibility Rune, a staple for surprise attacks and evasive maneuvers, has undergone adjustments. It now grants a 25 percent damage reduction while invisible. Moreover, for each full rune cycle, an additional five percent damage reduction is added, emphasizing the rune's defensive potential.

Haste Rune Duration Extension

One of the most sought-after runes for swift engagements, the Haste Rune, receives a duration extension in the 7.35 patch. Its base duration is now set at 22 seconds, and for each rune cycle, an extra three seconds are added. This alteration encourages the strategic use of the rune for prolonged benefits.

Arcane Rune Cooldown Reduction Decrease

The Arcane Rune, known for its impactful cooldown reduction, experiences a slight adjustment in the 7.35 update. The cooldown reduction is decreased from 30 percent to 25 percent. This change prompts players to be more discerning in utilizing the rune for spellcasting advantages.

Regeneration Rune Changes

The Regeneration Rune undergoes a fundamental behavior change. Unlike its previous state, the rune is no longer disabled by taking damage. Instead, it now lowers the regeneration rate to one percent HP/MP per second, allowing for a more flexible and strategic approach to health and mana restoration.

Map Changes in Dota 2 7.35 Patch

Detailed vintage fantasy map illuminated by a lamp

Top of Dire's Tier Two Mid Tower

A strategic adjustment on the Dire side involves the removal of a tree in the area atop the Tier Two Mid Tower. This modification opens up new possibilities for vision, rotations, and surprise attacks, impacting the overall flow of the mid-lane engagements.

Top of Radiant's Tier One Mid Tower

Similarly, on the Radiant side, a tree has been removed from the area atop the Tier One Mid Tower. This change influences the positioning and vision control for both offensive and defensive maneuvers in the mid-lane, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

Top of Dire's Tier One Top Tower

A tree that previously stood near the Medium Neutral camp on top of Dire's Tier One Top Tower has been removed. This alteration affects jungle control and rotations, impacting how players approach farming and skirmishes in this region of the map.

Path Below Radiant's Tier Two Bottom Tower

A significant map adjustment occurs with the removal of a tree on the path below the Radiant's Tier Two Bottom Tower. This modification directly influences access points, vision, and potential ganking routes, reshaping how teams navigate and control the bottom lane.

Game Mechanics and Balance Adjustments

Intense multiplayer online battle in strategic gameplay

Neutral Creep Adjustments

In a bid to recalibrate early-game dynamics, neutral creeps now have their bounties decreased by two across the board. This change is poised to impact jungling strategies and resource management in the early phases of the game. Additionally, neutral creeps are no longer affected by Mines, Graveyard, Statue, and Well buffs.

Courier Mechanics Overhaul

The Courier undergoes a substantial overhaul in the 7.35 patch. Courier health is replaced with "attacks to kill." Now, the courier succumbs after one melee hero attack, two ranged hero attacks, or six creep or tower attacks. Furthermore, couriers can no longer be healed or regenerate health, except in the fountain. The fountain now deals 25 percent splash damage in a 250-radius around the target, adding an extra layer of risk when using the courier.

Roshan's New Abilities

Roshan, the formidable neutral boss, receives new abilities in the 7.35 patch. A notable addition is "Roar of Retribution," triggered when Roshan's health drops below 80 percent. This global roar damages all units in a 900 AoE, applying a debuff that increases incoming damage by 25

percent. Additionally, Roshan now drops "Roshan's Banner," a strategic item that buffs allied lane creeps for 45 seconds, increasing their health by 75 percent and damage by 50 percent. The banner lasts for five minutes, providing teams with a new tool for map control and lane dominance.

Changes to Runes and Map Dynamics

The rune system undergoes notable adjustments in the 7.35 patch. The Double Damage Rune is renamed to the Amplify Damage Rune, with its base damage bonus reduced from 100 percent to 80 percent. To add versatility, it now also provides 15 percent Spell Amplification.

The Invisibility Rune gains a defensive edge, granting a 25 percent damage reduction while invisible, with an additional five percent for each full rune cycle. Haste Rune now lasts for 22 seconds, with an additional three seconds for each rune cycle, encouraging strategic use of this coveted buff.

Arcane Rune's cooldown reduction is tweaked from 30 percent to 25 percent, prompting players to reconsider spell usage and cooldown management. The Regeneration Rune no longer disables on taking damage, opting instead for a lower regeneration rate.

Map Adjustments and AOE Radius Bonus

The Dota 2 map witnesses strategic alterations in tree placements, with the removal of specific trees around towers and camps. Additionally, a new bonus is introduced: AoE Radius. This bonus affects areas of effect, increasing the width and radius of spells. Notably, it is currently provided only by the Bloodstone item.

Bug Fixes and Armor Adjustments

The 7.35 patch addresses a longstanding and game-breaking bug related to hero melee damage block. The chance for hero melee damage block is corrected to 50 percent from the erroneous 49 percent.

Tormentor, a neutral creep, sees adjustments, ensuring it can no longer have less than zero armor. Additionally, Tormentor gains a new ability called "The Shining," dealing damage per second in intervals and distributing it evenly among all units within a 1,200-range.

Item Changes

Detailed categorization of fantasy game items including consumables, attributes, and weapons

While the item changes made in this path might seem overwhelming at first, you can always use code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on our professional-level Dota 2 services.

Ring of TarrasqueMaking a return to the game, the Ring of Tarrasque is now available for purchase from the basic shop at a cost of 1,800 gold. It provides a substantial +12 health regeneration, enhancing sustain in the early stages of the game.
Tiara of SelemeneA newly introduced item, the Tiara of Selemene, priced at 1,800 gold, offers +6 mana regeneration. This addition aims to provide mana sustainability for heroes with a focus on magical abilities.
KhandaThis new item, requiring Crystalys, Phylactery, and a recipe with a total cost of 5,000 gold, brings a mix of offensive and defensive attributes. It provides +50 damage, +200 health, +200 mana, and eight to all attributes. It also includes a critical strike passive and an empower spell akin to Phylactery.
ParasmaCrafted from Witch Blade and Mystic Staff, the Parasma, costing 5,575 gold, brings intelligence and attack speed to the table. With +45 intelligence, +40 attack speed, +8 armor, and +300 attack projectile speed, it introduces a magic resistance debuff on attacks.
JavelinThe cost of Javelin is decreased from 1,100 to 900 gold, while the pierce damage is reduced from 70 to 60. This aims to balance the affordability and impact of the item in the early game.
QuarterstaffThe Quarterstaff is removed from the game, leading to a shift in the itemization landscape.
Ring of HealthMoved from the Secret Shop to the miscellaneous category in the main shop, the Ring of Health undergoes a location adjustment for more convenient access.
Ultimate OrbThe cost of the Ultimate Orb is increased from 2,050 to 2,800 gold, with the all-attributes bonus raised from +10 to +15. This adjustment aims to balance the item's cost and stat benefits.
Void StoneSimilar to the Ring of Health, the Void Stone is moved from the Secret Shop to the miscellaneous category in the main shop for easier accessibility.
Arcane BootsUndergoing a significant rework, Arcane Boots now require Boots of Speed, Ring of Basilius, and a recipe, maintaining the total cost while no longer providing +250 mana. It introduces Basilius Aura, offering +1 mana regeneration to all allied units within a 1,200 radius.
BloodstoneBeyond its previous attributes, Bloodstone now provides +75 area of effect increase, adding a strategic dimension to its usage.
BloodthornThis item receives a comprehensive rework, with changes to its recipe, bonuses, and effects. Notably, the intelligence bonus, mana regen bonus, and damage bonus are adjusted, and it no longer provides +25 percent magic resistance.
ButterflyThe recipe for Butterfly is changed, now requiring Claymore instead of Quarterstaff. This modification is accompanied by adjustments to attack speed bonuses.
Crystalys and DaedalusBoth Crystalys and Daedalus see changes in their recipes and cost, influencing the critical strike mechanics and overall impact.
Echo SabreThe Echo Sabre undergoes a recipe change, now requiring Ogre Axe, Broadsword, and Void Stone. It no longer provides intelligence or attack speed, but its damage bonus is increased.
Eternal ShroudWith adjustments to its recipe and bonuses, the Eternal Shroud now introduces an additional passive, Eternal Endurance, enhancing its durability in prolonged engagements.
Ethereal BladeThe Ethereal Blade is reworked, now requiring Aether Lens, Ghost Scepter, and a recipe. Its attributes and effects are adjusted for a more balanced and strategic use.
Eye of SkadiThe Eye of Skadi sees changes in its recipe requirements, affecting its attack speed reduction.
GleipnirThe Gleipnir undergoes a recipe cost decrease, now providing additional attack speed derived from the updated Maelstrom.
Guardian GreavesThe Guardian Greaves no longer provide +250 mana but introduce +1.5 mana regen. The Guardian Aura now offers additional mana regen to allies and a bonus to allies below 25 percent health.
HarpoonA reworked item, the Harpoon sees a total cost increase, accompanied by adjustments to attack speed, damage bonus, and cooldown for a more balanced impact.
Heart of TarrasqueThe recipe for Heart of Tarrasque is changed, now requiring Reaver, Ring of Tarrasque, and a recipe. Notably, it no longer grants


What are the key changes to the neutral items in Dota 2 7.35?

Dota 2 7.35 introduces several new neutral items, such as Safety Bubble, Royal Jelly, Light Collector, Whisper of the Dread, Doubloon, Nemesis Curse, Ancient Guardian, Aviana's Feather, Rattlecage, Unwavering Condition, and Magic Lamp. These items bring diverse effects and strategies to the game.

How have the itemization dynamics shifted in Dota 2 7.35?

Dota 2 7.35 brings notable changes to various items, including reworks and adjustments. New additions like Tiara of Selemene, Khanda, Parasma, and others reshape hero builds. The reworked items, such as Bloodthorn, Echo Sabre, and Eternal Shroud, present players with fresh considerations for optimal itemization in different scenarios.

What’s next?

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