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League of Legends: Briar Can Ward Hop Now!

League of Legends: Briar Can Ward Hop Now!

Briar, the thorny huntress of League of Legends, has recently undergone some significant changes and adjustments. August, one of Riot Games' designers, highlighted that Briar's dominance in low elo warranted attention due to her soaring ban rate. As a result, Briar has received a mix of nerfs and a notable enhancement to her gameplay mechanics.

Briar's most notable alteration allows her to utilize her Q ability to hop on both allied and enemy wards, plants, and traps. This newfound agility grants players unparalleled mobility, enabling strategic maneuvers, swift escapes, and surprise ganks. Apart from that, Briar's other abilities are subjected to some very much-needed healing and damage nerfs. 

So without further delay, let us dive into all the changes, and pray for the champ to be balanced this time around.

The "Lee Syndrome" Buff to Briar's Q

League of Legends: Briar Can Ward Hop Now! - Image 1

Arguably the most impactful change in Briar's kit is the introduction of a new feature to her Q ability. Briar can now utilize her Q (Head Rush) on both allied and enemy wards. This newfound ability allows Briar players to execute swift and strategic movements, enabling them to traverse over walls at will. 

This enhancement significantly elevates Briar's skill ceiling, particularly in higher Elo matches, where precise positioning and map control are paramount.

Moreover, this ability extends beyond wards, encompassing plants and traps as well. This means that Briar can coordinate plays with her teammates more effectively, leveraging allied Teemo mushrooms or other traps to initiate or escape engagements. 

Nerfs to Briar's Healing and Ultimate Damage

League of Legends: Briar Can Ward Hop Now! - Image 2

Firstly, Briar's W (Healing Bite) has seen a slight reduction in its effectiveness. Previously, the healing from the bite scaled from 25% to 45% of the damage dealt. Now, following the adjustment, it ranges from 24% to 40%. While not an enormous nerf, it does introduce a noticeable decrease in sustain during engagements.

Additionally, Briar's ult, which initially started with 150 base damage at rank one, previously scaled up to 300 and 450 damage at ranks 2 and 3, respectively. Now, the scaling has been moderated, with the ultimate reaching a maximum of 250 and 350 damage at ranks 2 and 3. 

Despite this adjustment, the primary purpose of Briar's ultimate remains unchanged, as it primarily serves as a crowd control tool rather than a significant source of damage.

Implications for Gameplay and Strategy

With Briar's newfound ability to hop over wards, plants, and traps, players can expect a surge in creative strategies and outplays. Skilled Briar enthusiasts will have the opportunity to exhibit remarkable skill expression, manipulating the map in ways previously unattainable. From surprise ganks to daring escapes, the possibilities are boundless.

Furthermore, this change underscores Riot Games' commitment to fostering dynamic and engaging gameplay experiences. By providing champions with innovative mechanics, they continuously refresh the meta and keep the game exciting for both players and spectators alike.

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In conclusion, Briar's recent adjustments may have tempered her potency slightly, but the introduction of ward hopping to her kit opens up a realm of strategic possibilities. As players adapt to these changes, we can anticipate a resurgence of interest in Briar's gameplay, as well as a renaissance of creative and skillful plays on the Rift.

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