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Does LoL Vanguard Brick PCs? Riot Responds

Does LoL Vanguard Brick PCs? Riot Responds

The moment so many League of Legends players were dreading but also awaiting is finally here; Riot has introduced Vanguard for the MOBA League of Legends. However, while the anti-cheat system is no doubt doing its job to rid the game of cheaters, it seems that isn’t all it's doing.

According to various sources, many players are claiming that Vanguard for League of Legends actually bricked their PCs. We’re here to dive more into this topic to discover whether there’s actually any truth to this matter or if it’s just some players spreading false rumors so Riot doesn’t make Vanguard mandatory.

So, without further ado, here’s whether LoL Vanguard is bricking PCs. Of course, now that cheaters are gone it’s easier than ever to climb the ranks, and by hiring a professional booster from Eloking to get you to the rank you want by using the code “BoostToday” to get a 20% discount you can rank up and save money in the process.

Why did Riot Games add Vanguard to League Of Legends?

Cheater detected, match terminated notification screen

Since Riot has decided to throw in their anti-cheat system from Valorant over to League, let's first talk about the potential reasons they might’ve done this. Firstly, let's all admit that nobody likes a cheater ruining their experience, no matter the game. Adding Vanguard has ensured that fair play is always maintained across each match. Whether it be someone using a script or third-party programs, Vanguard detects it all and makes sure everyone is playing by the rules.

Talking about preventing unfair play, a highly competitive game like League always needed a strict system. Imagine you’re grinding to climb those ranks, and then suddenly you get done and dusted by a cheater, thus pouring water over all that effort. If this starts happening on a wider scale, it could slowly drive the entire community away from the game, hence the need for Vanguard.

While implementing it sounds relatively simple, it was never going to be easy for Riot. Several issues have, and will, arise from this implementation, like privacy, performance, and system compatibility. The Vanguard update is relatively recent, and it usually takes time for the developers to address everything, figure things out, and resolve all reported problems.

Is Vanguard bricking PCs?

Red warning screen in a video game announcing 'Game Terminated: Cheater Detected'

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘bricking’, it refers to a situation where a piece of hardware, such as a motherboard or graphics card, sees its last light and becomes unusable, essentially turning into, well, a ‘brick’. Several things can cause a brick, such as a faulty software update, physical damage, improper modifications like overclocking, and power issues like an electrical spike. Our case however is connected to Riot’s anti-cheat software. 

Despite several claims of Vanguard bricking hardware, Riot Games, in a subreddit post, has denied confirming any instances of this happening. In the post, Riot claims to have looked into a few cases and has not claimed responsibility for any hardware failures.

“We’ve individually resolved a few of the major threads you may have seen so far of users claiming this with their machines and have confirmed that Vanguard wasn’t the cause of the issues they were facing.”

The post further goes on to state that Riot encountered a small issue where enabling TPM 2.0 and switching to UEFI mode was causing problems for a few players, mainly due to differences in BIOS settings and partition types. They suggested that players who enable TPM 2.0 and switch to UEFI should have their Windows 11 installed on a GPT partition, and in case of an MBR partition, they should use a Microsoft tool to make the transition easier. The post further confirms that Vanguard cannot tamper with the bios settings. 

“This requires a change to a BIOS setting, which differs based on the manufacturer. Vanguard does not and cannot make changes to the BIOS itself.”

Another potential cause for a hardware issue caused by BIOS settings was enabling SecureBoot. Riot mentions interacting with a player who used a set of custom settings to enable it, which ended up causing an issue. While Vanguard does use SecureBoot on Valorant, Riot decided not to implement it for League. As the majority of the player base uses older hardware, there would’ve been a lot more compatibility issues at hand had it been used. 

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Are there any other issues caused by Vanguard?

Players have reported facing a range of problems ever since Vanguard was rolled out. These range from blue screens of death and restart prompts to automatic disabling of touch screen drivers. 

Right now, it is hard to say just exactly how long it'll take to get all these issues patched up, though it's safe to say Riot needs a lot of time to iron everything out. In any case, they'll have to be fast, as players facing these issues are getting more restless by the minute, some flat-out admitting to uninstalling the game out of pure frustration. 

What’s next?

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