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Fastest Way to Level Up In League of Legends 2023


Are you someone who has sunk hours and hours of your time in the MOBA behemoth that is League of Legends but still has a rather low summoner level? Well, it might be that you’re doing something wrong in terms of getting XP, and that’s what we’re here to change.

By far the fastest way of leveling up in League of Legends is simply winning games. The longer the game the more experience you’re likely to get. Pair this with some other tricks, like using the first win of the day feature, and playing with beginner level bots to ensure you win and you’ll reach the level you want in no time.

We’ll be going through everything you need to know about leveling up quickly in League of Legends, as well as giving some important XP related information.

How to Level Up Quick in LoL

Now, there isn’t just one specific thing you have to do if you want to maximize your XP gain. Instead, there are a couple of things you should do together. Everything we mention below will increase the speed at which you level up, and the more steps you follow, the more XP you’ll get.

#1: Win Games

This one is pretty straightforward. The more you win games the more XP you’re likely to get, especially when compared to the XP you would get if you lose the match. Because of this, we always recommend you play to win instead of playing to pass time as a lot of players do.

There are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of winning, such as always securing the dragon if you’re playing regular Summoner’s Rift, and having excellent players in your team every time you play a match so you don’t have to be paired up with strangers who may or may not be good.

If you feel like you aren’t winning as consistently as you would hope, then there’s always the option of hiring a professional Eloking coach to teach you how to win more games.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who’s under level 30 and wants to grind XP, then the best thing to do would be to simply repeatedly play games against beginner level bots. Unfortunately, the amount of XP you gain gets cut down by 25% after you reach level 30, but until then it’s the fastest way of reaching that level to unlock ranked mode.

#2: Drag On the Match if You Can Afford To

One little known fact is that the longer a match is, the more XP you’re likely to get. Now, if we told you to try and drag on every single match, it’s a given you would be more likely to risk losing, and therefore getting less XP than you would have gotten if you would have just ended the game.

However, we do recommend that if you’re matched up against players who aren’t all that good, and you’re confident that you’ll win, you try to drag the match on and not end it before the game even hits the 30 minute mark.

#3: Take Full Advantage of The First Win of The Day Feature

Every day, players will notice there’s a first win of the day quest that’s given to them. This quest does exactly what it sounds like, which is to reward you for winning at least one match every single day.

We’re sure a couple of you already know where this is going. Even if you’re someone who isn’t able to play too much, if you log in and win at least one match every day, you’ll be more likely to get enough XP to consistently level up. After all, every time you complete this game, you get 400 XP as a reward.


Now, we thought it would be a good idea to go answer some common XP related questions players have about League of Legends.

How Much XP From Summoner’s Rift

Getting one specific value of XP is a little hard because of the fact that the amount of XP earned is determined by several factors such as how long the game was and whether you won or lost. 

On average, a 30 minute win will earn approximately 204 XP, and a 30 minute loss will earn approximately 167 XP. However, if the game drags on longer, you’ll get more XP, and vice versa if the game ends quicker.

How Much XP From Aram/URF

Aram and URF are both game modes that usually have significantly shorter matches than an average game of Summoner’s Rift. However, the average XP per won match gained from these two game modes is around 175 and can go up to 300 if the game is dragged on longer.

Therefore, playing several short games of Aram or URF can be a good way of grinding XP, especially if you don’t get the time to play a 45 minutes match of Summoner’s Rift.

How Much Time to Level From 0-30

How long it takes for you to get from level 0 to 30 depends on several factors. For example, if you were to play with an XP boost then you would have to win anywhere between 40 and 60 games. When taking into consideration that you might not win every game, you’re looking at 7 to 10 days of grinding.

If you play without boosts, however, then you’ll have to play between 130 and 150 games, which equals around 18 to 20 days of grinding. However, if you take advantage of the first win of the day quests XP, and play against beginner level bots to ensure you don’t lose a single game, you can significantly cut down the time it takes to reach level 30.

What’s next?

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