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League of Legends: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes

League of Legends: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes

The winds of change have swept across the Summoner's Rift, and AD Carries stand poised to reap the rewards. The latest League of Legends update brings a wave of buffs specifically targeted at critical strike items, breathing new life into champions who rely on those devastating hits. 

This update isn't messing around - ADCs are getting a big power boost! Infinity Edge, their damage dealer of choice, now hits way harder with critical strikes. Tanks used to be a nightmare, but not anymore - armor-shredding items are getting stronger. Building another great item, Navori Quickblade, just got easier too.

Buckle up, marksmen, for a deep dive into the changes and how they'll reshape the Rift.

Infinity Edge Revival

League of Legends: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes - Image 1

Once considered a shadow of its former self, Infinity Edge emerges from the update reborn. The core concern revolved around its underwhelming impact. However, Riot Games has addressed this head-on, delivering a substantial buff to its bonus critical damage. 

This key stat jumps from a respectable 40% to a staggering 50%. The math is simple: critical strikes will now deal a whopping 225% damage, up from the previous 215%. This seemingly small increase translates to a noticeable power spike, especially for champions whose kits revolve around critical strikes.

The champions who will benefit the most from this change are ADCs such as Jhin, Draven, Caitlyn, as well as fighters like Yasuo, and Gangplank. These champions, along with others who prioritize critical strikes, will experience a significant increase in their overall damage output.

Armor Penetration Buffs

League of Legends: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes - Image 2

The update doesn't stop at Infinity Edge. Two other critical strike staples, Lord Dominik's Regards and Mortal Reminder, have received a buff to their armor penetration. These items are crucial for dealing with the game's formidable tanks, whose immense defenses can often render ADCs powerless. 

Previously, these items offered a respectable 30% armor penetration. However, this value climbs to a more potent 35% with the update.

This seemingly minor increase has a significant impact. With 35% armor penetration, ADCs can carve through even the most heavily armored opponents with greater ease. This empowers them to take down enemy frontlines more effectively, tipping the scales of teamfights in their favor. 

Navori Quickblade Changes

League of Legends: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes - Image 3

While not as impactful as the changes to Infinity Edge and armor penetration items, Navori Quickblade also receives a subtle but welcome tweak. Previously, its build path lacked a BF Sword, a key component that grants a significant amount of attack damage. This often made the itemization path for Navori Quickblade feel clunky. However, the update addresses this by incorporating the BF Sword into its recipe.

This change might seem insignificant, but it offers a crucial benefit: an additional 5 attack damage for AD Carries. This small boost comes at no extra cost, maintaining the item's gold efficiency. More importantly, it streamlines the build path, making it easier for players to transition into Navori Quickblade without sacrificing early game power. 

A New Dawn for Crit-Building Champs

The cumulative effect of these buffs is undeniable. ADCs stand to gain a significant advantage in the current meta. Infinity Edge's resurgence as a damage amplifier, coupled with improved armor penetration and a smoother build path for Navori Quickblade, paves the way for a critical strike renaissance. 

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In conclusion, the recent League of Legends update marks a turning point for AD Carries. With critical strike items receiving a much-needed boost, these champions are poised to reclaim their rightful place as dominant forces on the battlefield. The game is about to witness a storm of critical strikes, and it's up to players to adapt and navigate the winds of change. 


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