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Overwatch 2 Best DPS to Climb Ranked

Overwatch 2 Best DPS to Climb Ranked

Overwatch 2 has a super diverse and unique cast of playable characters called heroes. However, not all of them are fit to climb ranked, at least when compared to some of the better choices. Today, out of all the roles in the game, we want to focus on the role of DPS to go through which heroes you should play as to maximize your chances of winning competitive matches.

While, at the end of the day, how you play the hero matters more than what hero you play as, we still want to highlight five DPS heroes that can lead you to victory easily. These heroes include Tracer, Genji, Hanzo, Echo, and Pharah. Naturally, we'll also be discussing the reasoning behind our selections.

If you want to start winning more competitive games in Overwatch 2 then keep reading because we're going through the best DPS heroes.

#5: Tracer


Female video game character in an action pose with futuristic armor


With her distinctive Blink ability, Tracer can teleport short distances in any direction, making her incredibly elusive and difficult to pin down. This unique mobility allows her to quickly traverse the battlefield, darting in and out of engagements while peppering enemies with her rapid-fire dual pulse pistols.

One of Tracer's defining strengths lies in her ability to harass and dismantle the enemy backline. She excels at taking down vulnerable support heroes and disrupting snipers who find it challenging to track her rapid movements. 

Her Recall ability lets her travel back in time by a few seconds, restoring her health and ammunition to a previous state, a lifeline that can save her from deadly situations.

Tracer's ultimate ability, Pulse Bomb, is a small but devastating explosive that sticks to enemies and deals massive damage. Skilled Tracer players can use this ability to eliminate key targets, break up enemy formations, or clear a path for their team's push.

There are, however, two things you should keep in mind before you start playing as this hero. Firstly, Tracer doesn't do too much damage, which means you'll need to put in quite a lot of practice to master this hero before taking her to competitive. 

Secondly, we recommend you learn how to counter Tracer in Overwatch 2 to ensure you can protect yourself better.

#4: Genji


Futuristic robot warrior in an urban environment


Genji's agile movements, including his double jump and wall climb abilities, enable him to navigate the terrain with finesse. His primary weapon, a set of shurikens, can be thrown individually or in a spread pattern, providing him with versatility at different ranges.

The hallmark of Genji's kit is his Deflect ability, which allows him to reflect incoming projectiles back at his enemies. A well-timed Deflect can turn the tide of a battle by neutralizing key abilities or even eliminating opponents. 

Genji's ultimate, Dragonblade, transforms his katana into a lethal weapon capable of cleaving through multiple enemies in quick succession. Coordinating Dragonblade with your team's crowd control abilities can lead to devastating team wipes.

However, Genji's high skill floor and ceiling make him a challenging hero to master. Swiftly switching between throwing shurikens, using Swift Strike to engage or disengage, and managing Deflect requires quick reflexes and game sense. A proficient Genji player can be a nightmare for the enemy team, while a struggling one might find themselves easily countered.

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#3: Hanzo


Heroic game character with a bow on a cloudy sky background


Hey, we put Genji on this list so we just HAVE to put his brother, Hanzo, on it too. His Storm Bow charges over time, allowing players to take precise shots for maximum impact. 

The Sonic Arrow ability is a critical tool that grants vision in an area, aiding your team's coordination and offering valuable insight into enemy positions.

Hanzo's Scatter Arrow has been replaced with Storm Arrows, allowing him to rapidly fire a set of arrows for concentrated damage. This change has made him more consistent in dealing damage, particularly against tanks and barriers. 

His ultimate, Dragonstrike, sends forth a massive energy dragon that travels through the terrain, dealing significant damage to anyone caught in its path.

A skilled Hanzo player can control sightlines, contest high ground, and secure key picks for their team. However, Hanzo's effectiveness relies heavily on your ability to land accurate shots, so consistent practice and a keen eye are essential.

Keep in mind that Hanzo is a rather difficult to master hero. Precision is key when it comes to this hero, because of this we recommend you to ensure you have the best aim assist settings for yourself.

#2: Echo


Futuristic robot with a glowing face and expressive eyes


Echo brings a dynamic and versatile playstyle to the DPS role. Echo's primary fire, Tri-Shot, launches three projectiles simultaneously, allowing her to excel at both single-target elimination and area denial. Her Flight ability grants her temporary aerial mobility, enabling her to reach high ground and escape danger quickly.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Echo's kit is her ultimate ability, Duplicate. This ability allows Echo to transform into an enemy hero, gaining access to their abilities for a short duration. This adaptability can turn the tide of battles as Echo temporarily takes on the role of a tank, support, or DPS hero, depending on the situation.

Playing Echo effectively requires the ability to quickly assess the enemy team's composition and choose the right hero to duplicate for maximum impact. Her unique playstyle rewards players who can think on their feet and adjust their approach as the match evolves.

#1: Pharah


Futuristic soldier in blue and white armor holding a weapon


Finally, the best DPS to climb competitive with in Overwatch 2 just has to be Pharah. Armed with a rocket launcher that deals splash damage, she can quickly eliminate grouped-up enemies and pressure backlines from above. 

Her Jump Jet ability allows her to launch herself into the air, while Hover lets her maintain a steady position and rain rockets down on foes.

Pharah's Concussive Blast ability can boop enemies away or create environmental kills by pushing them off ledges. Her ultimate, Barrage, unleashes a hail of rockets in a concentrated area, capable of obliterating enemies caught in its fire. 

However, using Barrage requires careful positioning and timing, as Pharah becomes vulnerable while channeling the ability.

The best way to play Pharah is by having a Mercy constantly healing and damage boosting you. If you've been playing Overwatch or Overwatch 2 for a while now then you probably know about the infamous Pharah and Mercy combo. Hey, if it isn't broken then don't fix it, right?

While Pharah's aerial advantage can be a game-changer, hitscan heroes like Widowmaker and Cassidy can pose a significant threat to her airborne assaults. Effective communication with your team to coordinate engagements and ensure your safety is crucial when playing Pharah.



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