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League of Legends: New Runan's Hurricane Rework

League of Legends: New Runan's Hurricane Rework

League of Legends players are left scratching their heads as Riot Games introduced a groundbreaking change to Runan's Hurricane. This unforeseen alteration has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many players eager to explore the potential implications of this new development.

As of the latest PBE patch, Runan's Hurricane can now be purchased and utilized by melee champions, shaking up the meta in a rather unexpected manner. Some champions can even abuse it for their on-hit ability effects, e.g. Trydamere's Rage, Master Yi's on-hit cooldown reduction, etc.

Let's dive deeper into this near game-breaking change and discuss its potential impact on the rift.

Runan's Works on Melee Champions Now

League of Legends: New Runan's Hurricane Rework - Image 1

The once exclusively ranged champion item, Runan's Hurricane, has undergone a significant transformation with this latest update. Previously limited to champions with ranged attacks, the item now accommodates melee champions as well. 

One of the key adjustments includes the bolts having a minimum range of 350, ensuring that even melee champions can effectively utilize the item's unique properties. Given the typically shorter auto-attack range of melee champions, the bolts have been engineered to reach targets within close proximity to the main target. 

Moreover, the reworked Runan's Hurricane synergizes seamlessly with on-hit effects, opening up a plethora of new and potentially game-changing interactions across various champions.

Champions That Can Abuse These Changes

League of Legends: New Runan's Hurricane Rework - Image 2

This unprecedented modification to Runan's Hurricane has sparked intense speculation regarding its optimal usage among melee champions. Several champions have emerged as prime candidates for exploiting the newfound potential of this item, thanks to their unique abilities and playstyles. Here's a breakdown of some champions that may become OP benefiting from this item:

Note: While these champions demonstrate the potential of Runan's Hurricane in the hands of melee combatants, it's essential to note that not all champions are equally suited to leverage its benefits. For example, the passive effects of champions like Darius and Jax do not benefit from Runan's extra attacks.

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The introduction of Runan's Hurricane to melee champions promises to inject fresh excitement into League of Legends. The item is still under testing and subjected to player feedback. Therefore, some balancing changes from Riot can still be anticipated. But for now, players can experiment with novel strategies and compositions to make the best out of this item.

What’s next?

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