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OP: What does OP or overpowered mean in competitive games?

Understanding the jargon of video games is important if you want to have discussions surrounding them without being left out of the loop. One term that gets thrown around a lot, especially when discussing anything new in video games, is OP or overpowered.

Usually, players call abilities, weapons, or enemies overpowered because they feel like going against them is harder than it should be. Similarly, if the overpowered thing or character is playable, then they feel like using it gives them an advantage that might be unfair.

Another term that usually accompanies overpowered is ‘nerf’. To nerf something is to weaken something with the intention of making the game more balanced for everyone. For example, in early Fortnite, the double pump shotgun strategy was considered overpowered. Because of this, Epic Games ended up nerfing the strategy by making the buffer when switching guns longer.

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