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The 10 Best CS2 Maps: Ranked in Order

The 10 Best CS2 Maps: Ranked in Order

CS2 is finally out and Valve is having a field day with adding brand new content to the game. However, there are some things that have carried forward from CS:GO and one of those said things has to be the maps. To ensure you're playing on the best maps for this game, we wanted to rank the ten best ones in order.

While this might be subjective, our ranking for the 10 CS2 maps has to be Dust 2, Mirage, Anubis, Nuke, Ancient, Inferno, Vertigo, Office, Overpass, and Italy. All of these are the maps in the current CS2 map rotation and we're about to explain why they deserve to be exactly where we've put them on the list.

So, before you plan a major custom game for yourself and your friends we recommend you take a look at this ranking for the 10 CS2 maps first.

#1: Dust 2
A sunlit outdoor urban scene with buildings and roadways

Dust 2 holds a special place in the world of Counter-Strike 2 for numerous compelling reasons, making it a beloved and enduring map.

Iconic and Recognizable Design

Dust 2 is an embodiment of classic CS2 gameplay. Its design is instantly recognizable, featuring iconic landmarks like the "A Long" and "B Bombsite." The layout is etched in the memories of CS2 players around the world. This recognition provides a sense of nostalgia for long-time players and an exciting challenge for newcomers.

Timeless Desert Setting

The dusty and arid desert setting of Dust 2 provides a timeless backdrop for intense gameplay. This environment offers a distinctive and atmospheric setting that has become synonymous with CS2. The map's visual design has evolved over the years, yet it retains its unique character and charm, making it a favorite among players.

Balanced Pathways and Firefights

Dust 2's maze of pathways and open spaces create a dynamic gameplay experience. Players must navigate tunnels, cross open ground, and engage in intense firefights. The map's design encourages a variety of tactics and strategies, making each match a unique challenge.

Accessibility for All Skill Levels

One of Dust 2's most remarkable qualities is its simplicity in design. This simplicity makes it an ideal choice for both newcomers and seasoned players. Newcomers can quickly grasp the map's layout, while experienced players can refine their strategies and tactics over time.

#2: Mirage
Digital artwork illustrating a sunny desert fortress with cargo crates and a red marking on ground

Mirage, the Middle Eastern-themed map in CS2, has earned its reputation as a beloved and exceptional map in the map pool for several reasons. We're about to go through our favorite ones below.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the first aspects that capture players' attention in Mirage is its stunning aesthetic. The map transports players to a Middle Eastern town illuminated by warm sunlight. Its architectural design is a captivating blend of traditional and modern elements. The visual appeal of Mirage enhances the gaming experience, making it an enjoyable setting for intense battles.

Balanced Play

Mirage is renowned for its balanced gameplay. It provides both terrorist and counter-terrorist teams with an equal opportunity to secure victory, which is a fundamental aspect of any competitive map. The map features two key areas, "A Side" and "B Side," each offering distinct challenges and strategies.

Strategic Depth

Mirage's layout and design offer a wealth of strategic possibilities. The map's balance of sightlines and chokepoints necessitates a blend of strategy and precision. Players must use tactics to control these critical areas effectively. This strategic depth keeps the gameplay engaging and requires players to think critically and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the map.

Competitive Excellence

Mirage has earned its place among the top CS2 competitive maps due to its ability to foster highly competitive gameplay. With its well-designed architecture and an array of strategic options, Mirage becomes a stage for intense competition. The map encourages players to utilize teamwork and coordination to outmaneuver their opponents, making each round and match a thrilling experience.

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#3: Anubis
Ancient stone architecture with a wooden bridge over a serene pond with water lilies

Anubis, set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt, stands as a captivating battleground within the world of CS2. This map is primarily designed for bomb defusal scenarios and brings forth a unique and challenging gameplay experience

Ancient Egyptian Aesthetics

Anubis immediately draws players into the mysteries of ancient Egypt with its visually captivating design. The map is a testament to intricate detailing and a rich historical theme, which enhances the overall gaming experience. As players navigate through the labyrinthine structures and ancient wonders, they are immersed in a unique and compelling environment that sets Anubis apart from other CS2 maps.

Dynamic Bomb Sites

Anubis offers two primary bomb sites, A and B, each presenting a complex network of angles and strategic opportunities. The intricate design of these sites challenges players to think critically about their approach. The dynamic nature of bomb sites on Anubis ensures that no two rounds play out the same way, creating a sense of excitement and unpredictability.

Central Mid Section

The central mid section of Anubis is divided into upper and lower areas, adding another layer of complexity to the map's layout. This division provides players with unique tactical possibilities. The upper and lower areas can be used for positioning, control, and flanking, requiring teams to adapt their strategies based on their chosen paths and positions.

Versatility and Tactical Depth

Anubis is celebrated for its versatility and tactical depth. The map's design offers a wide array of strategic possibilities for both terrorist and counter-terrorist teams. This versatility challenges players to continually adapt their strategies to outmaneuver their opponents. Anubis encourages creative approaches and tactics, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

#4: Nuke
Interior of a modern nuclear reactor core facility

Nuke, a prominent map in CS2, is known for its unique setting and gameplay dynamics. Immersing players in the heart of a nuclear power plant, Nuke stands out as a distinctive map in the CS2 map pool. There are several reasons why Nuke is considered a great map for CS2 gameplay and we're about to go through some of our favorites right here.

Unconventional Setting

Nuke takes players to the heart of a nuclear power plant, providing a setting that's both unconventional and captivating. This distinctive backdrop challenges the boundaries of what traditional CS2 maps can offer. The industrial and high-stakes atmosphere adds a unique flavor to the gameplay, making it an intriguing choice for players seeking a different kind of challenge.

Stacked Bomb Sites

One of Nuke's defining characteristics is the positioning of the Bomb Sites, which are stacked on top of each other. This unique layout introduces a layer of complexity and strategy to the gameplay. Teams must consider not only how to approach each Bomb Site but also how to defend against potential threats from above or below. This stacking of Bomb Sites encourages players to think in three dimensions, adding depth to the strategic aspect of the map.

Compact Size and Unexpected Encounters

Nuke is notably smaller in size compared to some other CS2 maps. The compact nature of the map often leads opponents to unexpectedly cross paths in close quarters. This dynamic creates an environment where players must be hyper-vigilant, as encounters can occur rapidly and with little warning. The need for heightened awareness and quick reflexes makes Nuke a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience.

Emphasis on Team Coordination

Due to the unique design and layout of Nuke, teamwork and coordination are paramount. Players must work together effectively to secure Bomb Sites, defend against potential breaches, and respond to threats from multiple directions. Nuke reinforces the importance of coordinated team efforts, fostering an environment where communication and collaboration are key to success.

#5: Ancient
Ancient temple complex with stone architecture in a video game

Ancient has quickly established itself as a map that seamlessly blends visual splendor with competitive brilliance.

A Journey Through History

Ancient transports players to an awe-inspiring archaeological site, where lush greenery and intricate ruins provide the backdrop for intense battles. This rich and visually captivating setting immerses players in a world of history and wonder, setting Ancient apart from other CS2 maps. 

The map's meticulous design is not only visually stunning but also historically evocative, offering a unique and immersive experience.

The "A" and "B Bombsites"

Ancient's core gameplay revolves around the "A" and "B Bombsites," which are nestled among the ancient structures. These sites, featuring a mix of open spaces and tight corners, provide the perfect stage for dynamic battles. 

The architectural intricacies and thoughtful layout of the bombsites create a sense of urgency and strategy that keeps players engaged throughout each round.

Competitive Balance

Ancient is designed to deliver competitive balance, a critical factor in any successful competitive map. The map's layout ensures that neither the terrorist nor the counter-terrorist side holds an inherent advantage. The balance extends to the variety of chokepoints, sightlines, and tactical possibilities that both teams can explore.

The result is a map where each side has an equal opportunity to secure victory, making it an ideal setting for CS2's highly competitive gameplay.

Expanding the Map Roster

Ancient contributes to the diversification of CS2's competitive map pool. By introducing a map with unique aesthetics and intricate architecture, it adds variety and fresh challenges to the game. 

As the competitive scene evolves, having maps like Ancient that expand the roster keeps the gameplay interesting and ensures that players can continually explore new strategies and tactics.

#6: Inferno
A scenic Mediterranean courtyard in a video game with ancient architecture and modern elements

Inferno, set in the charming Italian backdrop, stands as an iconic bomb defusal map with a history that dates back to the earliest days of CS2. Throughout its storied history, it has retained its status as a cherished classic, loved by players and competitive enthusiasts alike.

Unique Layout and Design

What sets Inferno apart from other maps is its distinctive layout, which is a captivating fusion of narrow alleyways and expansive open spaces. This unique blend infuses the gameplay with a profound layer of strategic complexity that keeps players engaged and invested in every round. The dynamic contrast between tight, winding paths and open areas creates a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay experience.

Multiple Vital Zones

Inferno is a map that thrives on its pivotal zones, each of which plays a crucial role in shaping the gameplay:

Enduring Classic

Inferno's enduring appeal as a classic map can be attributed to its consistent ability to provide intense, competitive, and strategic gameplay. The map's balanced layout and multiple zones create an environment where players must work closely as a team, employ strategic coordination, and make quick decisions to secure victory.

#7: Vertigo
Industrial construction site with modern structures on a sunny day

Vertigo, a legendary bomb defusal map in CS2, has solidified its status as a beloved and iconic map in the game's history. Its unique setting against the backdrop of a skyscraper under construction and distinctive gameplay elements make Vertigo stand out among its CS2 peers.

Unforgettable Setting

What immediately distinguishes Vertigo from other CS2 maps is its unforgettable setting. The map unfolds on a skyscraper in its final stages of construction, creating an atmosphere of suspense and excitement. 

The towering structure adds a vertical dimension to the gameplay, offering opportunities for ambushes and encounters at various heights. The map's unique setting alone adds an extra layer of thrill to every match played on Vertigo.

High-Stakes Gameplay

One of the standout features of Vertigo is the high-stakes gameplay it offers. Players must be cautious and aware of the map's unique hazard, the ability to plummet from dizzying heights with no hope of survival. 

The fear of falling creates a palpable sense of tension throughout the match, and the consequences of missteps are dire. This hazard adds an element of risk and consequence that sets Vertigo apart from other CS2 maps.

Verticality and Unconventional Sites

Vertigo defies the conventions of most CS2 maps by placing both A Site and B Site on the pinnacle floor of the skyscraper. This unconventional layout introduces a significant vertical element to the gameplay. 

Players must navigate ladders, ramps, and precarious walkways to control these bomb sites. The verticality encourages creative strategies, such as holding elevated positions and using height to your advantage, making Vertigo a map that rewards skill and innovation.

Strategic Complexity

The unique layout and vertical design of Vertigo contribute to its strategic complexity. Teams must carefully plan their movements and coordinate their attacks and defenses. The vertical terrain allows for a wide range of tactics, including surprise drops, rooftop firefights, and mid-air engagements. 

This complexity keeps players engaged and encourages them to adapt their strategies to the map's unique challenges.

#8: Office
First-person view of a military base in a snowy environment with the American flag in the background

Office, a classic hostage map in CS2, has been given a refreshing update with the Source 2 engine. This timeless map has retained its popularity for many years, and the recent changes have further enhanced its appeal.

A Touch of Modernization

The Source 2 engine update has brought a touch of modernization to Office, elevating the overall gaming experience. One notable enhancement is the upgraded way in which glass shatters in-game. 

The map's setting, with its office building surrounded by glass, benefits greatly from this update. The shattering glass not only adds a realistic and immersive element to the gameplay but also provides tactical opportunities for players.

A Unique Hostage Scenario

Office stands out for its unique hostage scenario, making it distinct from other CS2 maps. Hostage maps often provide a thrilling change of pace from the standard bomb-defusal maps. In Office, players must either rescue hostages as counter-terrorists or prevent their rescue as terrorists. 

This dual objective adds depth to the gameplay, requiring teams to devise strategies that are tailored to this specific scenario.

Tactical Challenges for T-Side

One of the defining features of Office is the challenge it presents for the terrorist side (T-side). Winning as terrorists can be exceptionally difficult due to the significant advantage that counter-terrorists (CT) have in terms of positioning with the hostages. This imbalance in gameplay creates a tactical puzzle that players must solve.

Office rewards creative strategies, teamwork, and careful planning for the T-side. It's a map that encourages innovative approaches and adaptability, making each round a fresh challenge.

#9: Overpass
Urban park with a bistro in the background and informational signs in the foreground

Overpass, situated within the picturesque landscapes of Germany, is a standout among the CS2 map pool. As a bomb defusal map, it possesses unique qualities that set it apart from other fan-favorite maps in the Counter-Strike 2 series. Here's why Overpass is celebrated as a distinctive gem within CS2 maps.

Exclusive to CS2

Unlike many renowned maps that have transitioned from previous iterations of Counter-Strike, Overpass is a testament to the excellence and individuality of this version of the game. It is a creation unique to Counter-Strike 2, emphasizing the efforts made to develop fresh and captivating experiences for players within this iteration.

Counter-Terrorist Advantage

One of the defining characteristics of Overpass is its reputation as a map where the Counter-Terrorist faction enjoys a notable advantage. This asymmetrical balance adds depth and variety to the gameplay, as it challenges players to adapt and strategize accordingly. 

It also enhances the competitive aspect of matches, as teams must devise creative tactics to overcome the CT side's edge.

Intricate and Multi-Layered Design

Overpass's design is a triumph of intricate planning and multi-layered complexity. The map's layout and terrain provide a labyrinthine setting that underscores the importance of accurate callouts and communication. Players must navigate a variety of elevations, tight corridors, and open spaces, which demand a combination of strategy and precision.

Unique and Engaging Gameplay

Overpass's unique characteristics and Counter-Terrorist advantage offer a distinct and engaging gameplay experience. The challenges and opportunities provided by the map encourage players to think strategically and develop tactics that suit the map's specific layout. These qualities make Overpass a map that stands out for those seeking a different kind of challenge within the CS2 map pool.

#10: Italy
Picturesque European town with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings

Italy is a map that has captured the curiosity and intrigue of the CS2 community. Although Valve teased it in the lead-up to CS2's launch, little information has surfaced since. However, because it has been present in previous CS installments, we know that it offers a unique and evocative gaming experience.

A Diverse Landscape

Italy's map design is distinctive, characterized by narrow passageways and an iconic marketplace. These narrow paths and alleyways create a dynamic gaming environment, offering both close-quarters combat and opportunities for long-range engagements. The diversity in tactical opportunities within Italy makes it an interesting and multifaceted map.

Iconic Marketplace

The marketplace within Italy serves as a focal point for action and excitement. This area is known for intense firefights and is arguably the most open and spacious part of the map. The marketplace provides players with room to maneuver, strategize, and engage in strategic confrontations. It is a central hub of activity that adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Accessibility and Building Exploration

Italy stands out due to its accessibility. Several buildings and houses are accessible to players, creating dynamic indoor and outdoor skirmishes. This feature enhances the map's complexity and offers a wealth of tactical possibilities for players to explore. The ability to enter buildings and navigate tight interiors contributes to the map's overall depth.

Scenic Ambiance

Italy's scenery is evocative and captivating. The presence of mountains visible on the map suggests a location in the north of Italy. The map's visual design captures the essence of Italy's picturesque landscapes, and it creates a unique ambiance that complements the intense gameplay. 

The incorporation of real-world references, such as the street sign "Bixio," suggests a connection to the town of "Brixen" in the South Tyrol province. This adds an element of authenticity and intrigue.


What is the most disliked CS2 map?

While the most disliked CS2 map is a subjective thing, we can say that Anubis was definitely the least played map back when CS2 was in beta. This is exactly why it was rated high on the maps you should pick and ban in CS2.

What is the most iconic CS2 map?

The most iconic CS2 map has to be Dust 2. Regardless of whether you started your counter-strike journey with CS2 or if you've been playing for a while, it's VERY likely that you've spent a majority of your time on this map.

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