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Best Maps to Pick and Ban In Premier Mode

Best Maps to Pick and Ban In Premier Mode

CS2 has a lot of maps on which players can play all sorts of matches. However, with the recent ban feature Valve has added in CS2's premier mode, it's only natural that players will want to capitalize on it to fully ban the worst maps possible, especially if they want to win their promotional matches. Well, that's what we're here to help you with.

We're here to highlight four specific maps in CS2 that are most commonly banned. In addition to naming the best maps to pick and ban in premier mode, we will also be expanding on what makes these maps disliked by the player base in the first place.

So, if you've been wondering what maps would be the best to ban in CS2 then keep reading.

1. Inferno


Inferno has long been a staple in the Counter-Strike series, known for its tight, winding pathways and intense firefights around the bomb sites. While it has a rich competitive history, it also presents a unique set of challenges that may prompt teams to ban it when competing in CS2 Premier mode.

Limited Strategic Diversity

One of the defining characteristics of Inferno is its relatively limited strategic diversity compared to some other maps. The map's layout, with its narrow choke points and compact bombsites, often leads to similar strategies being employed. This predictability can work against teams in Premier mode, where adaptability is a prized asset.

Teams that thrive on diverse strategies and innovative approaches may find themselves somewhat handcuffed by the map's layout. The close-quarters nature of Inferno often necessitates a more direct and combative style of play, which might not align with certain team dynamics and preferences.

Navigating the Choke Points

Inferno's choke points are notorious for creating intense skirmishes and tight engagements. While this can lead to thrilling moments, it can also become a source of frustration for teams. The narrowness of these pathways makes it challenging to control map areas effectively, often resulting in bottlenecks where firefights erupt in close proximity.

For teams seeking a more fluid and open style of gameplay, Inferno's cramped corridors can feel confining. Coordination and precision become paramount, as a single misstep or miscalculation in these tight spaces can quickly tip the scales in favor of the opposition.

Heavy Reliance on Utility Usage

Inferno places a heavy emphasis on effective utility usage. Smoke grenades, flashbangs, and molotovs are essential tools for controlling map areas and executing successful bombsite takeovers. In CS2 Premier mode, where communication and teamwork can vary, relying on coordinated utility usage can be a double-edged sword.

Teams with well-established chemistry and communication may excel on Inferno, but for others, the map's reliance on tactical utility can be challenging to master. Successful execution of strategies hinges on precise utility deployment, and teams not well-versed in these tactics may struggle to find their footing.

2. Anubis 


Anubis was a custom map that was added to the game through the Steam Workshop and eventually became an official map in CS:GO's map pool. It's set in an Egyptian-themed environment and offers a unique layout with various bombsites, choke points, and routes for players to navigate.

However, what some players might not know is that this was the least played map during the CS2 beta destiny, which gives an idea of how much players dislike it.

Complex Map Layout:

Anubis is characterized by its intricate and labyrinthine layout. The map features a myriad of paths, corridors, and rooms, which can be both a blessing and a curse. While complexity can offer unique strategic opportunities, it can also make navigation and map control a daunting task. 

Teams that are less familiar with Anubis may find themselves overwhelmed by its intricate design, leading to mistakes and miscommunication during matches.

Limited Competitive Exposure:

Compared to well-established maps like Mirage or Inferno, Anubis has seen limited competitive exposure in the CS2 scene. This relative unfamiliarity can put teams at a disadvantage, as they may not have had ample opportunities to refine their strategies and tactics on this map. 

In CS2 Premier mode, where every round counts, choosing a map that your team has a deeper understanding of can be pivotal.

Risk of Strategic Staleness:

Anubis is not as widely played as some of the classic CS:GO maps, and this can lead to a risk of strategic staleness. Teams that predominantly practice on more popular maps may find themselves unprepared to face opponents who have developed intricate Anubis-specific strategies. In a competitive environment that demands innovation and adaptability, opting to ban Anubis can be a way to avoid falling into a strategic rut.

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3. Vertigo


Vertigo is renowned for its distinctive multi-level layout and unique map design, setting it apart from other maps in the CS2 Premier mode map pool. While Vertigo's verticality offers a fresh and innovative gameplay experience, it also brings its own set of challenges and considerations for teams.

Vertical Challenges

One of the defining features of Vertigo is its multi-level structure. The map is divided into upper and lower levels, connected by a series of staircases, ladders, and catwalks. This verticality introduces a unique dynamic that can be both exciting and disorienting. 

Players must constantly adjust their positioning and be aware of threats from above and below. This creates a constant need for vigilance, making Vertigo a map that truly tests a team's spatial awareness and coordination.

Balance Concerns

Throughout its history in the CS:GO competitive scene, Vertigo has faced balance issues. This has often manifested as an advantage for the Counter-Terrorist side. In CS2 Premier mode, where teamwork and coordination are paramount, the balance of the map can have a significant impact on match outcomes. Teams may find it challenging to maintain a competitive edge when faced with CT-sided dominance, especially in high-stakes competitive play.

Less Familiarity

While Vertigo has been a part of the CS:GO map pool for some time, it remains less familiar to many players and teams compared to more established maps like Dust II or Mirage. This unfamiliarity can work both ways, it can be an opportunity for innovative strategies, but it can also lead to uncertainty and hesitation. 

Teams that have not dedicated significant practice time to Vertigo may feel less confident in their ability to navigate its complex layout and execute effective strategies.

4. Nuke


Nuke has long been a staple in the Counter-Strike series, known for its multi-level layout and distinctive design elements. In CS2 Premier mode, Nuke stands as a map that truly tests a team's coordination, strategy, and adaptability. However, it is precisely these qualities that can prompt teams to consider banning it from their rotation.

The Three-Dimensional Challenge

One of Nuke's defining features is its verticality. The map comprises multiple levels, including bomb sites located on different floors. This intricate three-dimensional layout introduces a level of complexity rarely seen in other CS2 maps. Navigating this maze-like environment demands precise teamwork and communication.

In CS2 Premier mode, where synergy among teammates is paramount, managing the vertical aspect of Nuke can be an uphill battle. Teams must excel not only in horizontal map control but also in understanding the vertical connections and lines of sight that the map offers.

The Tug-of-War of Balance

Historically, Nuke has faced its share of balance concerns, particularly in favor of the Counter-Terrorist (CT) side. The inherent advantages for CTs, such as shorter rotations between bombsites and advantageous positions for defending, have often led to CT-sided dominance.

In CS2 Premier mode, where every round counts, a map with a noticeable CT-sided bias can be a significant challenge. Teams may find themselves struggling to secure rounds on the Terrorist side, which can result in frustration and a lack of momentum.

Mastering the Vertical Gameplay

Successfully mastering Nuke requires teams to excel in vertical gameplay. Teams must coordinate bombsite takes, retakes, and post-plant situations effectively. Vertical control, such as holding rafters or securing the lower bombsite from upper control, becomes paramount.

However, this mastery doesn't come easily. It demands hours of practice, in-depth knowledge of the map's nuances, and a high level of communication and teamwork.

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