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How Much Does CS:GO Boosting Cost in 2022


When thinking of purchasing a CS:GO boost for your account, the deciding factor is almost always the cost. It gets difficult to pinpoint an exact amount because different sites have different prices, not to mention the addition or subtraction of extra services majorly affect the final price.

As such, we’ve gone through the top boosting sites to estimate how much you could expect to pay when purchasing a CS:GO account boost.

Factors affecting boosting price

There are multiple factors affecting the final price of the boosting order. For starters, if you select additional services such as having the booster live stream their matches, or choose to play with the booster instead of giving your account credentials, then you could expect to pay more than you would without them.

Additionally, which site you choose to buy the boost from also determines how much you’ll have to pay. For example, Eloking, besides being the most trusted boosting site, provides its services much cheaper than its competitors. Therefore, if you buy the CS:GO boost from somewhere else, you most likely won’t be saving as much as you could have.

Finally, the most obvious factor affecting the final order price is how much of a jump in rank you want. Whether it’s a matchmaking order, a Faceit order, or an ESEA order, the more significant the gap between your current rank and your desired rank, the more you will have to pay for the boosting order.

How much does CS:GO matchmaking boost cost?

Matchmaking or rank boosting is the most common type of ELO boosting when it comes to CS:GO, with the highest possible rank being global elite. While the prices start low, such as an average of $7 per rank in silver (without additional services) and an average of $9 per rank in gold (without additional services), they drastically increase in the later ranks.

For example, if your current rank is Legendary Eagle, and you purchase a boost to get your account to Legendary Eagle Master, you can expect to pay around $35 from most sites. Of course, on Eloking, the price will be lower than $30.

If the gap between your current rank and desired rank is high, then these prices will increase by a large margin. A Silver Elite wanting to get boosted to Supreme Master First Class will have to pay around $200 for their order. Add in the ‘Play with booster’ option, and you’re looking at approximately a $300 order. Make it a priority order, and it goes even higher at around $350.

If you’re instead looking to have the booster play your placement matches, then the cost will depend on how many matches you want them to play. Purchasing an order for all ten placement matches will cost around $60, which is a little less than what you would have to pay if you bought regular matches.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a booster play all ten of your placement matches to ensure you get as good a rank as possible from the get-go.

How Much Does CS:GO Faceit Boosting Cost?

Faceit ELO boosting is more or less the same as matchmaking boosting, except for being for your Faceit account. However, it is quite costly and can take around $350 to complete a full ELO level 1 to ELO level 10 order, with any extra services costing even higher. To learn more about what it is and how much it costs, check out our in-depth guide on everything you need to know about Faceit Boosting.

How Much Does CS:GO ESEA Boosting Cost?

Last on the list is ESEA, or E-Sports Entertainment Association boosting. It is highly recommended you select a boosting site with skilled players for this, such as Eloking.

As for how much it costs, as expected, it starts cheap, taking only $15 to get from rank C to rank C+. However, it gradually gets more expensive.

To know more about ESEA boosting and its cost, check our complete ESEA boosting guide.

Which CS:GO boosting site is the cheapest?

To help you choose the best site, we’ve calculated an average cost price of multiple leading boosting sites to show you how much you could save by picking a specific site’s services.

To make it fair, we’re comparing the same order’s prices for every site, a boost from Silver Elite to Supreme Master First Class with only the ‘play with booster’ option turned on.

Placement Boosting Site Cost of Order (as of Sept 2022)
#1 Eloking $260
#2 MyBoosting $270
#3 BoostCSGO $270
#4 BuyBoosting $372

Other sites are not worth including since their boosters are sub-par, just like the services they offer.

What’s next?

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