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How to Use One-Way Smokes in Valorant?

How to Use One-Way Smokes in Valorant?

Valorant is one of the most competitive FPS games out there, and as such, players are always coming out with new strategies to get the upper hand against the competition. 

One such strategy is called one-way smoke, which has taken off recently because of its implementation in professional play. However, not everyone knows how it works.

One-way smoke is a strategy that blocks the vision of your enemy while giving you a comparatively clearer line of sight. The most important thing to understand if you want to use one-way smokes is how the map works. That's right, we mean map knowledge. With good map knowledge, you'll be able to identify the unique spots where one-way smokes can be effectively employed.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using one-way smokes in Valorant.

What Are One-Way Smokes in Valorant

Player using a rifle in a first person shooter game, approaching a site with a large purple orb obstructing the path

Before anything, it's crucial that we're on the same page in terms of what one-way smokes are. A one-way smoke refers to a specific placement of a smoke ability that allows you to see your enemies while they remain largely blinded by the smoke. This can be achieved by exploiting the smoke's visual mechanics, which obscure vision from one side while preserving visibility from another.

This advanced technique hinges not only on precise execution but also on a deep understanding of the game's mechanics, maps, and opponent behaviors. To truly master one-way smokes, it's vital to grasp their core mechanics. A one-way smoke operates on the principle of manipulating the visual obscurity provided by smoke abilities. 

The smoke itself becomes a two-sided barrier: one side drastically reduces visibility while the other remains relatively clear. By positioning yourself strategically behind this veil, you can spot and engage enemies who are essentially blinded on their side of the smoke.

How to Use One-Way Smokes

First person shooter game view aiming down sights

Now that you know what one-way smokes are, it's time to go through how you can use them. You see, two things are crucial if you want to be able to use one-way smokes properly. Those two things are map knowledge and agent ability knowledge. Naturally, we'll be going through both of them to help you better understand their importance.

Map Knowledge is Key

Fantasy landscape with an enchanted garden, mystical water ponds, and blooming pink flowers

The foundation of successfully using one-way smokes lies in your understanding of the maps. You need to know the angles, common player positions, and potential sightlines that opponents might use. Each map in Valorant has unique spots where one-way smokes can be effectively employed. 

Valorant's maps are meticulously designed with distinct pathways, chokepoints, and elevated positions that can be exploited with one-way smokes. Whether it's the tight corridors of Bind, the open areas of Haven, or the verticality of Split, each map offers unique opportunities for this advanced technique.

Learning the common player positions, high-traffic areas, and typical sightlines is paramount. This knowledge enables you to identify the spots where one-way smokes can be most advantageous. Spending time in custom games or using the game's practice modes to explore various angles and sightlines will pay off exponentially in actual matches.

Agent Abilities and Their Impact

Valorant game characters standing together

The next thing you want to be familiar with to use one-way smokes are agent abilities. In Valorant, the diversity of agent abilities plays a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience. When it comes to one-way smokes, certain agents and their abilities shine as the foundation for this tactic.

Some of the most common agents that are used for one way smokes are:

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How to Get Better at Using One-Way Smokes

Player holding a futuristic rifle facing an energy sphere in a stone-walled pathway of a video game

So, you know how one-way smokes work in Valorant but you want to improve your usage? Well, we have some tips for you. For starters, Executing one-way smokes successfully goes beyond individual skill as it requires a harmonious synergy with your team. 

Effective communication is the backbone of tactical gameplay, and this rings true for one-way smokes. Informing your teammates of your intended strategy, placement, and timing helps them align their actions accordingly. This teamwork can transform a potential advantage into a game-deciding factor.

Additionally, Mastery of one-way smokes comes through practice. Spend time in custom games or practice modes to fine-tune your smoke placements and angles. Pay attention to details such as your agent's positioning, the crosshair placement, and the timing of your smoke deployment.

However, you have to keep in mind that just as you can use one-way smokes to your advantage, opponents can also find ways to counter them. Keep an eye out for enemy tendencies and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you notice enemies consistently countering your one-way smokes, consider switching up your approach to keep them guessing.

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