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Rocket League: Controller VS Keyboard, Which is better?

Rocket League: Controller VS Keyboard, Which is better?

One debate that has been ongoing since the start of time is which way to play games is better. Is playing with a mouse and keyboard better or is it more preferred to play with a controller? What about a game like Rocket League that isn't either like a traditional car game or like a traditional football game?

Today, we're here to go through everything you need to know about choosing the better option between the controller and keyboard when playing Rocket League. To do this, we'll be going through the pros and cons of both the controller and keyboard to ensure you're able to better decide what you should use to control your car.

So, if you've been wondering whether you want to go for a controller or keyboard, keep reading. If you have to switch to a new type of control and want to have a professional-level player play with you then you can always hire an Eloking booster to play with you. You can also use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount.

What is this Keyboard vs Controller Debate, and why does it matter?

Futuristic blue car with neon highlights on a soccer-like arena

Rocket League has a Competitive Multiplayer

Rocket League is a competitive multiplayer video game with a phenomenal rise in popularity since its release. The game is unlike anything, as there are small vehicles that the players use to play soccer. This can sound weird at first glance, but the game has become a household name due to its unique take on the soccer genre.

Deciding between KBM and the Controller will determine everything

The competition is tough, and everyone wants to be on the top. The competitions are no joke as all that prize money ensures players give their best. The game has a difficult learning curve and your choice will remain permanent. It is not favorable to try a keyboard after mastering a controller. Here are the things to consider before deciding:

Controller: Pros and Cons

Futuristic cars playing soccer in an action-packed game

A controller is a more common choice in the Rocket League community. For many, the controller meets the optimal requirements as it is the first choice for most games with driving elements. Here is a list of things to understand before using a controller:

Pro- Better input design: 

A controller is much smaller than a KBM setup. Every command is compact on a single device.

This design creates a map of commands that closely fit together. Reacting at the right time can be a huge advantage and a controller's compact design enables this much better than a separate mouse and keyboard. 

Pro- Easier Commands:

A controller has fewer commands compared to a keyboard. For example, you need a single joystick for directional control while a keyboard needs 8 different keys. This enables faster and more precise reactions. 

Pro- Precision and Maneuverability:

A controller uses joystick control and this provides greater maneuverability and precision. This is more apparent when you try to control the ball in mid-air. In such situations, a keyboard only provides eight directional inputs while a controller gives more freedom and precision to hit the ball and a far greater chance of making a shot. 

Con- Might be costly:

A controller can cost more than a keyboard and mouse. Many gamers are PC users and a keyboard and a mouse are essential parts of setup but a controller is not common if you do not own a console. 

Con- Learning Curve:

If you are new to the controller, then learning it can take trial and error. It can be compatible once you get used to it but it takes time to master.

Con- Battery and Connectivity:

Most modern controllers come with a battery and wireless connectivity. This results in ease of control and movement. Still, in an online game connectivity is an essential part of gameplay, and controllers can disconnect without any heads-up. This can ruin the gameplay and you also have to charge your controller before using it.

Keyboard: Pros and Cons

Futuristic car playing soccer in an arena

A keyboard and a mouse are not the first choice for many. Keyboard-mouse combination might not look promising but have its advantages over a controller. Here are the things to consider if you are using a keyboard:

Pro- Greater Customization:

A keyboard has a greater variety. It has a larger number of keys and offers a greater customization option. You can choose the keys and commands you are most comfortable with. A controller has a similar option but a keyboard has greater variety.

Pro- Accessibility:

A keyboard is more readily available with most setups as it fulfills other purposes. A controller costs more and is used with consoles most of the time but a keyboard is a common input device for most users.

Pro- Better connectivity:

Most controllers have become wireless and battery-based but keyboards still provide the wired option. Most gamers buy the wired ones because they have better connectivity in every sense. Wired keyboards have a faster output time and do not disconnect.

Con- Limited Movement:

A keyboard provides a large number of customizations but it is not able to meet the same level of maneuverability and precision. These limited movements can greatly affect the gameplay if you are not an experienced player.

Con- Poor Steering:

A greater number of keys are needed to steer with a keyboard and the results are nowhere near as good as a controller's. When using a controller, steering looks flawless and smooth.

Con- Ergonomics:

Using a keyboard and a mouse is much more straining than using a Controller. A controller fits in the palm of your hand while you need you use a keyboard and mouse separately and this can affect response time and decision making.

What’s next?

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