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Counter-Strike 2: How to Inspect Skins


While CS2 is indeed rather new and a sequel to CSGO, there are still things that have carried over from the predecessor. One of those such things is the love for skins that players have. I guess the skin marketplace won’t be dwindling anytime soon. With that being said, we’re sure many CS2 players might be wondering how to inspect their skins. Well, that’s where we come in.

Now, there are two ways of inspecting skins we want to highlight today. The

first way is inspecting a skin you own, which can be done fairly easily. The second way relates to inspecting a skin that a different player owns, in which case you’ll have to first get the inspect link for that weapon from their Steam inventory.

Worry not, as we’ll be going through both of these methods as well as briefly discussing why players might want to inspect skins.

Why Players Might Want to Inspect Skins in CS2

Inspecting a skin in CS2 offers players a firsthand opportunity to intimately explore the intricate details and craftsmanship that have gone into creating each unique weapon skin. It enables them to closely examine the aesthetic qualities of the skin, appreciating its color palette, design motifs, and special features. This scrutiny not only deepens the player's connection to the game but also allows them to showcase their personal style and taste within the CS2 community.

Beyond mere visual appeal, inspecting a skin can also be a practical endeavor. By closely examining the skin, players can evaluate its wear level, which is crucial for determining its rarity and market value. Additionally, inspecting stickers and their placement on the weapon allows players to gauge the historical significance or personalization of a skin, adding a layer of narrative and history to their CS2 items. 

Overall, skin inspection is a multifaceted activity that combines aesthetics, economics, and personal expression, making it a compelling aspect of the CS2 experience.

Inspecting Your Own Skin

Inspecting your own skins in-game is the most direct and convenient method for appreciating the intricate details of your CS2 weapon skins. To do so, you simply have to follow the below steps:

  1. Start by launching CS2 from your Steam library. Ensure that you are logged into your Steam account.
  2. Once you are in the CS2 main menu, click on the "Inventory" button. This will take you to your Steam inventory, where all your CS2 items are stored.
  3. In your inventory, scroll through your CS2 items until you find the skin you wish to inspect. Skins are usually categorized under "CS2" in your inventory.
  4. Right-click on the skin you want to inspect. A context menu will appear, offering several options. From this menu, select "Inspect in-game."
  5. After selecting "Inspect in-game," your screen will transition into inspection mode. You'll now see a 3D model of the weapon skin, which you can rotate and zoom in on to examine closely.

Remember, this method can only be done for skins you own yourself.

Inspecting Skins Other Players Own

If you want to inspect a skin that another player owns in CS2, then it’s possible to do that too. However, the steps are a little different and might be complicated for some people.

What’s next?

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Counter-Strike 2: How to Inspect Skins
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While CS2 is indeed rather new and a sequel to CSGO, there are still things that have carr…

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