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Valorant: New Agent Clove’s Abilities - Are They Overpowered?

Valorant: New Agent Clove’s Abilities - Are They Overpowered?

Clove, the latest addition to Valorant's roster of agents, has stirred up considerable excitement and debate within the community. With unique abilities and a mysterious aura, Clove has captured the attention of players eager to explore their potential impact on the game.

Many are speculating that Clove's abilities are overpowered, particularly due to their self-revive mechanic and other unique features. However, upon closer examination of Clove's kit and gameplay footage, it becomes apparent that there are nuances and limitations to each ability that may balance out their power.

Let's delve into an analysis of Clove's abilities to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and overall impact on the Valorant meta.

E Ability - Ruse

Valorant: New Agent Clove’s Abilities - Are They Overpowered? - Image 1

Clove's signature ability, Ruse, allows them to deploy smoke screens even after they've been eliminated. While this ability may seem incredibly powerful at first glance, there are some drawbacks to consider. The duration of Clove's smoke is shorter compared to Omen's, lasting only 12-13 seconds, and it shares the same cooldown as Omen's smoke at 30 seconds. 

Additionally, the smoke originates from where Clove died and remains locked in that position, limiting its versatility. While Ruse has potential for strategic postmortem impact, it requires careful positioning and may not always be effective depending on the location of Clove's death.

C Ability - Pick Me Up

After eliminating an opponent, Clove can activate Pick Me Up to gain a temporary overheal and speed boost. Despite its low cost of 100 credits, the overheal does not linger like Reyna's, and Clove will return to their original health after its duration. 

The speed boost, however, can be advantageous for aggressive play, but it requires Clove to secure a kill to activate. Overall, while Pick Me Up offers some benefits, it's not inherently OP and requires skillful execution to maximize its effectiveness.

Q Ability - Meddle  

Valorant: New Agent Clove’s Abilities - Are They Overpowered? - Image 2

Clove's Meddle ability allows them to launch an explosive projectile that deals damage and applies a decay effect to enemies within its radius. While Meddle may seem straightforward, it has limitations that prevent it from being overly dominant. 

The damage dealt is significant but temporary, and the projectile automatically explodes after a short duration, limiting its potential for precise timing or long-range usage. Additionally, line of sight is essential for Meddle to affect enemies, further restricting its effectiveness in certain scenarios.

Ultimate Ability - Not Dead Yet  

Clove's ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, grants them a second chance at life upon death. After respawning, Clove briefly gains an opportunity to reposition before rejoining the fight. However, they must secure a kill or assist within a tight timeframe to maintain their newfound lease on life. 

While Not Dead Yet offers a unique strategic advantage, it comes with risks, such as potentially granting enemies additional ultimate orbs if Clove is eliminated again. Additionally, Clove's kit lacks the defensive utility of other agents like Omen, making them more self-centered in their abilities.

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Are Cloves Abilities Really Broken?

While Clove's abilities may initially appear formidable, a closer examination reveals their nuances and limitations. Despite the community's concerns about Clove being overpowered, their kit has inherent weaknesses that balance out their strengths. 

Clove may excel in aggressive playstyles and provide a refreshing addition to team compositions, but they are not without their vulnerabilities. As players continue to explore and adapt to Clove's presence in Valorant, it will become clearer how they fit into the game's meta and strategic landscape.

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